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    Review Questions Brave New World

    1. What psychologist performed studies dealing with dogs and salivating? A. Pavolov 2. Sleep teaching A. hypnopaedia

    3. Which island group does Helmholtz prefer to be sent? A. Falkland

    4. What island is where an experiment with an all Alph + society failed? A. Cyprus 5. What famous English writer is illegal in the Brave New World? A. Shakespeare 6. What character sometimes imagines he has the power to write what he feels? A. Helmholtz 7. What is the name of the Indian whom is stabbed by John? A. Pope

    8. The famous big game photographer who is responsible for “The Savage of Surrey”? A. Darwain


    9. What famous feelie makes John’s whipping famous? A. “The Savage of Surrey”

    10. What Hatchery employee helps the DHC lead the tour at the beginning of the novel? A. Henry 11. Who wrote “My Life and Work”? A. Our Ford

    12. Which character readily accepts freedom and manhood, even if they entail pain, anger, and

    worry with them? A. John

    13. Who is so preoccupied daydreaming about John that he/she is responsible for failing to

    vaccinate an embryo? A. Lenina

    14. What is the name of the Savage Reservation in New Mexico? A. Malpais

    15. How did Linda die? A. Too much soma stopped her breathing

    16. Who does Linda think John is right before her death? A. Pope

    17. Why is the Head Nurse upset with John? A. Because he throws a twin who disgraces his

    mother at the time of her death

    18. What happens to the Savage at the end of the book? A. He commits suicide 19. For what reason does John apparently commit suicide? A. He has indulged in soma and sexual


    20. Who teaches the Savage to make a bow, arrow, and clay pots? A. Mitsima

    21. How does John respond to the first helicopters spying on him? A. He shoots at them with a

    bow and arrow

    22. Why does Helmholtz choose to be exiled to a place with bad weather? A. to help his writing 23. What is another term for a dystopian novel? A. a negative Utopia

    24. What do Mond and the Savage have in common? A. they both have widely read


    25. During death conditioning children are fed what? A. ice cream

    26. A group that meets regularly in solidarity of the new society. A. Solidarity group 27. What do Bernard and Lenina see surrounding the electric fences around the Savage Reservation?

    A. Dead animals

    28. Why does John imitate Christ’s crucifixion his first night at the lighthouse? A. To seek

    forgiveness for impure thoughts

    29. What is the year of stability according to the DHC? A. 632 A.F.

30. Brave New world is a satireyes or no? A. Yes

    31. What, according to Mond, is Christianity without tears? A. Soma

    32. Children are taught the appropriate ranking of society using what psychological method? A.


    33. What happens to people once they die? A. they are cremated

    34. Which character is One of the top ten world controllers? A. Mustapha Mond 35. What is the three word motto? A. Community, Identity, Stability

    36. Why is much scientific research banned? A. It would upset the stability of society 37. How does the Bokanovsky Process create social stability? A. It applies the principles of

    mass production to biology

    38. What two-sided character has replaced God in Brave New World? A. Freud-Ford 39. What is Lenina removing when she takes off her zippercamiknicks? A. Undergarments 40. Rank the 5 social classes in order. A. alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon 41. What type of literature rejects the forms and values of the past and reflects the uncertainty and

    fragmentation post world war I and II? A. modernism

    42. Literature that was dark and pessimistic. A. Literature written after the world


    43. Literary movement following modernism. A. Postmodernism

    44. How does postmodernism differ from modernism? A. Modernism is pessimistic about the

    uncertainty that exists after traditional values have been fragmented. Modernism accepts the

    idea that there is no one legitimate and true system of thought and enjoys playing with the very


    45. What is “Brave New World” an allusion to? A. Shakespeare’s the Tempest; Miranda’s words

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