Community Benefit State wide Report Focus Group

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Community Benefit State wide Report Focus Group


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    Hospitals: A Healthy Place to Work Task Force

    June 24, 2010

    The Hospitals a Healthy Place to Work Task Force was held June 24, 2010. The following is a synopsis of the meeting.

    Participants: Lori Cassidy (Medical Center of Central Georgia),Lisa Gilbert (Secure Health), Laura Linn (Center for Health Transformation), Kim Nolen (Pfizer), David Perry (Oconee Regional Medical Center), Joyce Reid (GHA)

    Unable to attend: Leigh Beakley (GHA), Daye Bexley (NovoNordisk), Gina Bierman (Medical Center of Central Georgia), Laura Bracci (American Heart/Stroke Association), Allison Davis (West Georgia Health), Karen Matthews (WellStar Health System), Rob Morton (Secure Health), Chance McGough (Peach Regional Medical Center),Mike O’Hara (Houston Medical Center),

Purpose: Improve the overall health and well-being of all Georgians starting with our hospital team members and partners.

Meeting Objective: Initiate the plan development to formalize the “Healthy Workplace” within hospitals

Motto: We are Healthy Caregivers

    Topic Discussion Action Responsible Party Outcome

    Welcome, Roll Call completed. No action needed Call to Order, Welcome,

    Minutes approved. Introduction, Roll Call,


    Survey changes discussed. Dates changed to reflect needed time by Survey designed. Organization

    Thanks everyone for your hospitals: Assessment

    input. To be distributed no later than July 1, 2010;

    Deadline changed to Noon Wednesday, July

    14 to give members time to complete due to

    Holiday and society meeting


    Lori Cassidy to discuss at Society Business Lori Cassidy

    Meeting. Reminder card made available at

    meeting with link to survey.

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    Hospitals: A Healthy Place to Work Task Force

    June 24, 2010

    Topic Discussion Action Responsible Party Outcome Lisa Gilbert reviewed the Healthcare Reform Keep aware of the changes All Members Health Reform

    Timeline and Potential Effect on Hospitals to HR policies as required Patient Protection and

    document as provided. She created the by the PPACA. Affordable Care Act document using the National Association of Health Underwriters “How Health Care

    Reform Legislation will impact Your Individual and Employer Clients (March 29, 2010) Brief. (Need log in and

    password/membership required)

    It was noted that some of Georgia’s hospitals may qualify as a small employer for the federal grant program to provide wellness programs to their employees.

Need for community wellness programs may


    It was noted the the American Hospital Survey will be analyzed Joyce and Laura Member Issues/

    Association placed Wellness and Prevention and reviewed at next Miscellaneous Items

    with Workforce development with the thought meeting.

    that hospitasl will be woring with their

    employees to become healthier. AHA is in the

    process of creating a toolkit that hospitals may

    find helpful. Will keep task force informed as it

    is released.

Resources noted. Will develop site and will

    work with Leigh to post a link on the Society

    webpage for member use.

Jason Hopkins is the incoming president for the Lori will ask him to

    Society. Lori was asked to remain on the task participate on the task force as a HR representative. force.

    Respectfully submitted: Joyce Reid, May 27, 2010

    Next Meeting: August 26, 2010 Agenda Items: Survey results; Identify next steps from Survey; Discuss Well-Being Index (Laura Linn) RSVP to Carol Shoemake

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    Hospitals: A Healthy Place to Work Task Force

    June 24, 2010

    For your calendar

    Meet monthly until work is complete Future Meetings

    Times would be from 3PM to 5PM on the

    following Thursday’s:

    ; August 26

    ; September 23

    ; October 28

    ; Dec 2

    Georgia Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration July 7-9,2010

    GHA Summer Meeting July 21-24, 2010.

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