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By Angela Parker,2014-02-23 07:01
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Expanded Acronyms List - LEARNFACTSQUICKCOMList,list


    1. ablutophobia Fear of washing or bathing ABLUTION Of PHOBIA

    2. acarophobia Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. Ants Clawing

    Approaching ROaming PHOBIA

    3. acerophobia Fear of sourness. ACid Eating Remaining Of PHOBIA 4. achluophobia Fear of darkness. After Chopping Lightswitch Under of PHOBIA 5. acousticophobia Fear of noise. ACOUSTIC Of PHOBIA

    6. acrophobia Fear of heights. Atop Cliffs Riskly Overthrown PHOBIA 7. aeroacrophobia Fear of open high places. AERO ACRO PHOBIA

    8. aeronausiphobia Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness. AERO NAUSIa


    9. aerophobia Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airborne noxious substances. AERO


    10. agateophobia Fear of insanity. AGAinst Thinking Established Of PHOBIA 11. agliophobia Fear of pain. A Gentle Lashing Infinitesimal Of PHOBIA 12. agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like

    markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. --Again Outside Rowdy Areas PHOBIA --

    AGainst Rape PHOBIA

    13. Agraphobia Fear of sexual abuse. AGravated RApe PHOBIA

    14. agrizoophobia Fear of wild animals. Agressively Running Inside Zoological


    15. agyrophobia Fear of streets or crossing the street. Across Galiant Yieldless Roads


    16. aichmophobia Fear of needles or pointed objects. Apex Incisor Charging Maining

    Of PHOBIA)

    17. ailurophobia Fear of cats. Aiming Lions Unkindly Ripping Of PHOBIA 18. Albuminurophobia Fear of kidney disease. Allegedly Building Mucus Inept

    Urinate Of PHOBIA

    19. alektorophobia Fear of chickens. All Eggs Keeping Tips Outlashing Rooster Of


    20. Algophobia Fear of pain. Aching Largely GOverning PHOBIA

    21. Alliumphobia Fear of garlic. Aroma Lavishing Lily Under Mentioned PHOBIA 22. Allodoxaphobia Fear of opinions. All Odorous Opinionated XAnthophiles(people

    who like yellow, in China yellow means lewdness) PHOBIA

    23. altophobia Fear of heights. All Tall Of PHOBIA

    24. Amathophobia Fear of dust. Aluvium Mashed Air ThOroughly PHOBIA 25. amaxophobia Fear of riding in a car. Automobiles MAXed Of PHOBIA 26. ambulophobia Fear of walking. Astride Moving By Using Legs Of PHOBIA 27. amnesiphobia Fear of amnesia. AMNESIa PHOBIA

    28. amychophobia Fear of scratches or being scratched. Animals Myself Clawing

    Hopelessly PHOBIA

    29. anablephobia Fear of looking up. Above Noggin ABLE PHOBIA

    30. ancraophobia Fear of wind. Angry Cyclone Ravaging Of PHOBIA 31. androphobia Fear of men. ANDRy(men) Of PHOBIA

    32. anemophobia Fear of air drafts or wind. ANgry EMptiness MOving Of PHOBIA

    33. anginophobia Fear of angina, choking or narrowness. ANGIna Narrowness

    Oxygenless PHOBIA

    34. Anglophobia Fear of England or English culture. ANGLes Old-fashion PHOBIA 35. angrophobia Fear of anger or becoming angry. ANGRy Of PHOBIA 36. ankylophobia Fear of immobility of a joint. ANKle Yet Losing Of PHOBIA 37. anth(r)ophobia Approaching Nose Thorn (Reaching) Outlashing PHOBIA 38. Anthrophobia Fear of flowers. Approaching Nose THorn Reaching Outlashing 39. anthropophobia Fear of people or society. ANTHROPOlogical Of PHOBIA 40. antlophobia Fear of floods. Arising Nexus Top Liquids Overflooding PHOBIA 41. anuptaphobia Fear of staying single. ANother Up Taken PHOBIA 42. apeirophobia Fear of infinity APEx Infinity Rembered of PHOBIA 43. aphenphosmphobia/Haphephobia Fear of being touched. Appraching HENging

    Privacy Hovering Smothering PHOBIA

    44. Apiphobia Fear of bees. Accumulating Piercing Insects PHOBIA 45. Apotemnophobia Fear of persons with amputations. Amputations POTEntially

    Maker Named Of PHOBIA

    46. Arachibutyrophobia Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

    Avoiding Reach ACHIngly BUTter Yearning Reach Of PHOBIA

    47. Arachnephobia Fear of spiders. ARACHNids Endangering PHOBIA 48. Arithmophobia Fear of numbers. ARITHMetic Of PHOBIA

    49. Arrhenphobia Fear of men. ARrange Rape HENging PHOBIA

    50. Arsonphobia Fear of fire. ARSON PHOBIA

    51. Asthenophobia Fear of fainting or weakness. Abruptly STrength HENging Of


    52. Astraphobia Fear of thunder and lightning. Abrupt Sharp Thunder RAdiation


    53. Astrapophobia Fear of thunder and lightning. Abrupt Sharp Thunder RAdiation

    POunded PHOBIA

    54. Astrophobia Fear of stars or celestial space. ASTRO PHOBIA 55. Asymmetriphobia Fear of assymetrical things. ASYMMETRIcal PHOBIA 56. Ataxiophobia Fear of ataxia or muscular in coordination. ATAXIO PHOBIA 57. Ataxophobia Fear of disorderliness or untidiness. Arrangement TAXed Of


    58. Atelophobia Fear of imperfection ATtempting Ending Less Of PHOBIA 59. Atephobia Fear of ruin or ruins.

    60. Athazagoraphobia Fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting. Attempting

    Hone-in ASAP Zilchy AGOROPHOBIA

    61. Atomosophobia Fear of atomic explosions. ATOMs Obliterating Suddenly Of


    62. Atychiphobia Fear of failure. ATtempting Yet CHIP(on shoulder) PHOBIA 63. Aulophobia Fear of flutes. Apertured Undulating Length Overtoned PHOBIA 64. Aurophobia Fear of gold. AURium Overrated PHOBIA

    65. Auroraphobia Fear of Northern Lights. AURORA PHOBIA

    66. Automatonophobia Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax

    statues or anything that represents a sentient being. AUTOMATa Overtaking

    Nurtured Omnipotently(beings made by God) PHOBIA

    67. Automysophobia Fear of being dirty. AUTO MY Skin Overrun PHOBIA 68. Autophobia Fear of being alone or of oneself. Alone UTterly Overlooked


    69. Aviatophobia Fear of flying. AVIATion Overflown PHOBIA

    70. Aviophobia Fear of flying. AVIation Overflown PHOBIA

    71. Bacillophobia Fear of microbes.

    72. Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteria. BACTERIA Overdosed PHOBIA 73. Ballistophobia Fear of missiles or bullets. BALLISTics Overpowering PHOBIA 74. Barophobia Fear of gravity. Big Accumulations Rushing Obliterating PHOBIA 75. Basophobia Inability to stand. Fear of walking or falling. Bent Astride Standing

    Outstretched PHOBIA

    76. Bathmophobia Fear of stairs or steep slopes. Built Ascending Too High MOrbidly


    77. Batophobia Fear of depths. BAttling Thick Oceans PHOBIA

    78. Batrachophobia Fear of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc. Being

    Around Terrain Routing Aqua CHOosers PHOBIA

    79. Belonephobia Fear of pins and needles(aichmophobia) Bursting Entering LONg

    NEedles PHOBIA

    80. Bibliophobia Fear of books. BOBLIOgraphies PHOBIA

    81. Blennophobia Fear of slime. Bubbling Liquid Escaping Nasty Nose Odorous 82. Bogyphobia Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman. BOGey Yonder PHOBIA 83. Bolshephobia Fear of Bolsheviks BOLSHEvik PHOBIA

    84. Botanophobia Fear of plants. BOTANical Organisms PHOBIA

    85. Bromidrophobia Fear of Fear of body smells. BROMIDe Released Odor PHOBIA 86. Bromidrosiphobia Fear of Fear of body smells. BROMIDe Released Odor

    Stinking Intensity PHOBIA

    87. Brontophobia Fear of lightning. BReaking Overcast Noisy Thunder Outshining


    88. Bufonophobia Fear of toads. BUll Frogs ONto Outbreak PHOBIA 89. Cacophobia Fear of ugliness. Cut Attractiveness COmpletely PHOBIA 90. Cainophobia Fear of newness, novelty. Creativity Apex Impossible Novelty


    91. Cainotophobia Fear of newness, novelty. Creativity Apex Impossible Novelty

    TOtally PHOBIA

    92. Caligynephobia fear of beautiful women. Curvy Attractive LIps GYNE PHOBIA 93. Cancerophobia Fear of cancer. CANCER Overcoming PHOBIA

    94. Carcinophobia Fear of cancer. CARCINOgens PHOBIA

    95. Cardiophobia Fear of the heart. CARDIOlogy PHOBIA

    96. Carnophobia Fear of meat. CARNAL Outliving PHOBIA

    97. Catagelophobia Fear of being ridiculed. Constantly ATtacked AGE Location

    Occupation PHOBIA

    98. Catapedaphobia Fear of jumping from high and low places. CAT APE Dashing

    About PHOBIA >> CATApulting PEDA(feet) PHOBIA

    99. Cathisophobia Fear of sitting. Constant Ability THInking Seeing Omittable


    100. Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrors. CATching OPTically Reflecting

    Ontologically PHOBIA

    101. Cenophobia Fear of new things or ideas. CErtain News Over PHOBIA 102. Centophobia Fear of new things or ideas. CErtain Newness TOping


    103. Ceraunophobia Fear of thunder and lightning. Cracking Echo RAdiation

    UNarmed Of PHOBIA

    104. Chaetophobia Fear of hair. Cluttering HAir Everywhere TOpping


    105. Cheimaphobia Fear of cold. CHilly Extreme Ice Minus Amount PHOBIA 106. Cheimatophobia Fear of cold. CHilly Extreme Ice Minus Amount

    TOpping PHOBIA

    107. Chemophobia Fear of chemicals or working with chemicals. CHEMicals

    Outstripping PHOBIA

    108. Cherophobia Fear of gaiety. CHERriness Overbearing PHOBIA 109. Chionophobia Fear of snow. CHappy Ice Organized Nippy Outdoors


    110. Chiraptophobia Fear of being touched. CHaracters IRRationally APtly

    TOuch PHOBIA

    111. Chirophobia Fear of hands. Clammy Hands IRrationally Obnoxious


    112. Chiroptophobia Fear of bats. Cave Hearing Insomnia Radiance

    OPTOmetric PHOBIA

    113. Cholerophobia Fear of anger or the fear of cholera. CHOLERA Outburst


    114. Chorophobia Fear of dancing. CHOReograghy Opulence PHOBIA 115. Chrematophobia Fear of money.

    116. Chromatophobia Fear of colors. CHROMATOgraphy PHOBIA 117. Chrometophobia Fear of money. CHROMEd Treasury Opulence 118. Chromophobia Fear of colors. CHROMatography Overbearing PHOBIA 119. Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocks. CHRONOMEters Nicely Ticking

    Repeatedly Ongoing PHOBIA

    120. Chronophobia Fear of time. CHRONOlogy PHOBIA

    121. Cibophobia Fear of food. Consumption Immediate Bursting Obesity


    122. Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces. CLAsped Under STrong ROom


    123. Cleithrophobia Fear of being locked up in an enclosed space. Confined

    Locked Enclosed In THick ROoms PHOBIA

    124. Cleptophobia Fear of stealing. Collectibles Looted Every Person Thievery

    Ongoing PHOBIA

    125. Climacophobia Fear of stairs, climbing, or of falling downstairs.

    CLIMbing Arising Corners Omens PHOBIA

    126. Clinophobia Fear of going to bed. Continue LIving Never Opprtunity


    127. Clithrophobia Fear of being enclosed. CLosed In THROughout PHOBIA

    128. Cnidophobia Fear of strings. Confused Next Instruments Destroying Order


    129. Coimetrophobia Fear of cemeteries. Cemeteries Ominously Including

    Mummies Enclosing TRampling Over PHOBIA

    130. Coitophobia Fear of coitus. COITus Obscene PHOBIA

    131. Cometophobia Fear of comets. COMETs Ominous PHOBIA

    132. Consecotaleophobia Fear of chopsticks. CONSECutively Orally TAking

    LEngths Overtaking PHOBIA

    133. Contreltophobia Fear of sexual abuse. COntroling Neglected TRamps

    Energetic Legs TOugh PHOBIA

    134. Coprastasophbia Fear of constipation. COnstipation PRessing

    ASToundedly ASphixiating Odors PHOBIA

    135. Coprophobia Fear of feces. COlon PROduced PHOBIA

    136. Coulrophobia Fear of clowns. Clown OUtside Laughing RObustly


    137. Counterphobia The preference by a phobic for fearful situations.


    138. Cremnophobia Fear of precipices. Cliff REMNant Overthrowing PHOBIA 139. Cryophobia Fear of extreme cold, ice or frost. CRYstalline Ozone


    140. Crystallophobia Fear of crystals or glass. CRAYSTAL Lines Obliterated


    141. Cyberphobia Fear of computers or working on a computer. Computer Yet

    BERserk PHOBIA

    142. Cyclophobia Fear of bicycles. CYCLing Ongoing PHOBIA

    143. Cymophobia Fear of waves or wave like motion. CYclical MOtion


    144. Cynophobia Fear of dogs or rabies. Canines Yao(=bite in Chinese) Nasty

    Orally PHOBIA

    145. Cyprianophobia Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. Coitus Yeast

    PRostitutes Infect ANnually Overpowering PHOBIA

    146. Cypridophobia Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. Coitus Yeast

    PRostitutes Infect DOggedly PHOBIA

    147. Cyprinophobia Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. Coitus Yeast

    PRostitutes INfect Outspreading PHOBIA

    148. Cypriphobia Fear of prostitutes or venereal disease. Coitus Yeast

    PRostitutes Infect PHOBIA

    149. Daemonophobia Fear of demons. Demons Above Evil MONOpolizing


    150. Decidophobia Fear of making decisions. DECIDing Ominous PHOBIA 151. Defecaloesiophobia Fear of painful bowel movements. DEFECAting

    LOESs Inside Overbearing PHOBIA

    152. Deipnophobia Fear of dining or dinner conversations. Dining Entertaining

    Immediately People Next (to) Outside PHOBIA

    153. Dementophobia Fear of insanity. DEMENTia Overbearing PHOBIA 154. Demonophobia Fear of demons. DEMONS Overbearing PHOBIA

    155. Dendrophobia Fear of trees. DEciduous Nests DROwning


    156. Dentophobia Fear of dentists. DENTists Opening PHOBIA 157. Dermatopathophobia Fear of skin disease. DERMATOSIs PATHOlogical


    158. Dermatophobia Fear of skin lesions. DERMATitus Overbearing PHOBIA 159. Dermatosiophobia Fear of skin disease. DERMATOSIs Overbearing


    160. Dextrophobia Fear of objects at the right side of the body. DEservedly

    EXTent Right Outside PHOBIA/DEXTRO- PHOBIA

    161. Diabetophobia Fear of diabetes. DIABETes Obesity PHOBIA 162. Didaskaleinophobia Fear of going to school. DID ASsignment School

    Keep ALigned Educationally INside Overbearing PHOBIA

    163. Dikephobia Fear of justice. Deciding Incidences Keeping Even PHOBIA 164. Dinophobia Fear of dizziness in a whirlpool. DIzziness Neverending

    Oceans PHOBIA

    165. Diplophobia Fear of double vision. Double Iris Parted Layered

    Opthalmologically PHOBIA

    166. Dipsophobia Fear of drinking. Drinking Intoxicated Perfectness Stopped

    Overbearing PHOBIA

    167. Dishabiliophobia Fear of undressing in front of someone. Dressing

    Invisibly SHAped Besides Imparting LIcentiousness Obnoxiously PHOBIA 168. Disposophobia Fear of throwing stuff out. Hoarding. DISPOsing

    Obsessively PHOBIA

    169. Domatophobia Fear of houses or being in a house. DOMe ATOp PHOBIA 170. Doraphobia Fear of fur or skins of animals. Down Or Rinds Animals


    171. Doxophobia Fear of expressing opinions or receiving praise. Delivering

    Opinions Xenophilia(attractions to foreign people or customs) Ovations 172. Dromophobia Fear of crossing streets. DRiving Over Men Openly


    173. Dutchphobia Fear of the Dutch. DUTCH PHOBIA

    174. Dysmorphophobia Fear of deformity DYSfunction MORbidity PHysical

    Obstruction PHOBIA

    175. Dystychiphobia Fear of accidents. DYSfunctioned TYing Cars HItting


    176. Ecclesiophobia Fear of church. ECCLESIastical Omnipresent PHOBIA 177. Ecophobia Fear of home. Enclosed (in) COndo PHOBIA

    178. Eicophobia Fear of home surroundings. Enclosed In City Original


    179. Eisoptrophobia Fear of mirrors or of seeing oneself in a mirror. Evilly

    Inside See OPTically Reflect Omen PHOBIA

    180. Electrophobia Fear of electricity. ELECTRicity Occluding PHOBIA 181. Eleutherophobia Fear of freedom. ELEcting UTterly THE ROutes


    182. Elurophobia Fear of cats. Enraged Lions Utterly Ripping Open PHOBIA

    183. Emetophobia Fear of vomiting. Escaping Mouth Eaten TOrrentially


    184. Enetophobia Fear of pins. ENtering Everywhere Tips Overbearing


    185. Enissophobia Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or criticism.

    Evil Neverending Including Saying Something Offensive PHOBIA 186. Enochlophobia Fear of crowds. ENOCH Later Overcrowdedness PHOBIA 187. Enosiophobia Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or criticism.

    Evil Neverending Or Say Inexcusable Offense PHOBIA

    188. Entomophobia Fear of insects. ENTOMOlogy(study of insects) PHOBIA 189. Eosophobia Fear of dawn or daylight. Escaping Out Sun Opening


    190. Ephebiphobia Fear of teenagers. Excited Pubic Humans EBuliently

    Interferrgin PHOBIA

    191. Epistaxiophobia Fear of nosebleeds. Embarrasingly PInching STop Artery

    Xeriscarped Impending Olfactory PHOBIA

    192. Epistemophobia Fear of knowledge. EPISTEMOlogy(knowledge theory)


    193. Equinophobia Fear of horses. EQUINes Overpowering PHOBIA 194. Eremophobia Fear of being oneself or of lonliness. EREcted MOno


    195. Ereuthrophobia Fear of blushing. Extreme Red Embarassed Utterly

    THROughout PHOBIA

    196. Ergasiophobia 1) Fear of work or functioning. 2) Surgeon's fear of

    operating. ERGs(work) ASsigned Intricate Operations PHOBIA 197. Ergophobia Fear of work. ERGs Outleashed PHOBIA

    198. Erotophobia Fear of sexual love or sexual questions. EROTic Opinions


    199. Erythrophobia 1)Fear of red lights. 2)blushing 3) red Electric Red Yielded

    THROughout PHOBIA

    200. Erytophobia 1)Fear of red lights. 2)blushing 3) red Electric Red Yielded

    TOtally PHOBIA

    201. Euphobia Fear of hearing good news. EUphoric PHOBIA

    202. Eurotophobia Fear of female genitalia. Everything Uterus ROunded

    TOting PHOBIA

    203. Febriphobia Fear of fever. FEver BRInging PHOBIA

    204. Felinophobia Fear of cats. FELINes Obnoxious PHOBIA

    205. Fibriophobia Fear of fever. Fever Into BRInging Overpowering PHOBIA 206. Francophobia Fear of France or French culture. FRANCes Opinions


    207. Frigophobia Fear of cold. FRIGid Overbearing PHOBIA

    208. Galeophobia Fear of cats. GArgomyle's LEaper Obnoxious PHOBIA 209. Galiophobia Fear of France or French culture.

    210. Gallophobia Fear of France or French culture.

    211. Gamophobia Fear of marriage. Gone AMusement Marriage Obstruction


212. Gatophobia Fear of cats.

    213. Geliophobia Fear of laughter. GEtting Last Impression Over PHOBIA 214. Gelotophobia Fear of being laughed at. GEtting Laughed Onto Teased

    Obnoxiously PHOBIA

    215. Geniophobia Fear of chins. GEtting Nogging Ingester Obese PHOBIA 216. Genophobia Fear of sex. GENitalia Overlapping PHOBIA 217. Genuphobia Fear of knees. Goers Entangled Not Usable PHOBIA 218. Gephydrophobia Fear of crossing bridges. Gap Exchanger PHYsically

    DROwning PHOBIA

    219. Gephyrophobia Fear of crossing bridges. Gap Exchanger PHYsically

    Reaching Other PHOBIA

    220. Gephysrophobia Fear of crossing bridges. Gap Exchanger PHYSically

    Reaching Over PHOBIA

    221. Gerascophobia Fear of growing old. GERiatrcially ASCertained Oldness


    222. Germanophobia Fear of Germany or German culture. GERMAN Opulence


    223. Gerontophobia Fear of old people or of growing old. GERiatric


    224. Geumaphobia Fear of taste. Gulping EUphorically Making Aftertaste


    225. Geumophobia Fear of taste. Gulping EUphorically Making Odor PHOBIA 226. Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak. GLObal

    Speach SOciety PHOBIA

    227. Gnosiophobia Fear of knowledge. GNOStic Intellect Outnumbering 228. Graphophobia Fear of writing or handwriting. GRAPHing Opulently


    229. Gymnophobia Fear of nudity. GYM Nudeness Overbearing PHOBIA 230. Gynephobia Fear of women. GYNEcology PHOBIA

    231. Gynophobia Fear of women. Gynecology Overbearing PHOBIA 232. Hadephobia Fear of hell. HADEs PHOBIA

    233. Hagiophobia Fear of saints or holy things. HAGIO PHOBIA 234. Hamartophobia Fear of sinning. HAdes MAking Route TO PHOBIA 235. Haphephobia Fear of being touched. HAve PHysical Engagement


    236. Haptephobia Fear of being touched. HAve Physically Touched Engaging


    237. Harpaxophobia Fear of being robbed. HAcking Robbers PAssing Xeric

    One PHOBIA

    238. Hedonophobia Fear of feeling pleasure. HEDONistically Overdone


    239. Heliophobia Fear of the sun. HELIO PHOBIA

    240. Hellenologophobia Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.

    HELLENistically Overusing LOGOgraphics PHOBIA

    241. Helminthophobia Fear of being infested with worms. Having Enclosed

    Long MINiatures THOroughly PHOBIA

    242. Hemaphobia Fear of blood. HEMoglobin Abundant PHOBIA 243. Hematophobia Fear of blood. HEMoglobin Abundant TOtally PHOBIA 244. Hemophobia Fear of blood. HEMoglobin PHOBIA

    245. Hereiophobia Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.

    HEREsy Insolent Orthodox PHOBIA

    246. Heresyphobia Fear of challenges to official doctrine or of radical deviation.


    247. Herpetophobia Fear of reptiles or creepy crawly things. Horrible

    Encroaching Reptiles PErsistently Travelling Over PHOBIA 248. Heterophobia Fear of the opposite sex(Sexophobia) HETEROsexuals


    249. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Fear of the number 666. HEXA Kilo

    Orthogonal SIx Ordered Installed HEXa Evilly Kept Opposites Next Taken

    Amidst PHOBIA

    250. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Fear of the number 666. HEXA Kilo

    Orthogonal SIx Ordered Installed HEXa Evilly Kept Opposites Next Taken

    Amidst PHOBIA

    251. Hierophobia Fear of priests or sacred things. HIErarchical Rabbies

    Orthodox PHOBIA

    252. Hippophobia Fear of horses. High Passengers POunding PHOBIA 253. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Fear of long words.

    HIPPOPOTOmas MONSTROusly Subtle Expanded QUIPED ALIas Of PHOBIA 254. Hobophobia Fear of bums or beggars. HOBO PHOBIA

    255. Hodophobia Fear of road travel. Highway Overdistancing Omniously


    256. Homichlophobia Fear of fog. HOvering MIlling Clouds Hastening Lo

    Opthalmology PHOBIA

    257. Homilophobia Fear of sermons. HOribble MInisters Liturgy Onslaught


    258. Hominophobia Fear of men. HOrror Men INvading Odiously PHOBIA 259. Homophobia Fear of sameness, monotony, or of homosexuality or of

    becoming homosexual. HOMO PHOBIA

    260. Hoplophobia Fear of firearms. Heavy Onslaught Pistols Leveling

    Opponents PHOBIA

    261. Hormephobia Fear of shock. HORned MEasure (of) Electricity PHOBIA 262. Hyalophobia Fear of glass. Hitting Yielding Allowing Layers Obliterating


    263. Hydrargyophobia Fear of mercurial(fickle, changeable) medicines.

    HYDRations ARsenic GYrating(whirling) Onslaught PHOBIA

    264. Hydrophobia Fear of water or rabies. HYDRO PHOBIA

    265. Hydrophobophobia Fear of rabies. HYDROPHOBia Overbearing


    266. Hyelophobia Fear of glass. Hitting Yielding Epoxied Layers Obliterating


    267. Hygrophobia Fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture. HYdration GROwing


    268. Hylephobia Fear of materialism or the fear of epilepsy Having Yachts

    Leaving Epilepsy PHOBIA

    269. Hylophobia Fear of forests. HYper Layered Oaks PHOBIA

    270. Hypegiaphobia Fear of responsibility. HYPer ENgaged Going Impossible

    Arrest PHOBIA

    271. Hypengyophobia Fear of responsibility. HYPer ENgaged YO(Jewish hat)


    272. Hypnophobia Fear of sleep or of being hypnotized. HYPNOtized


    273. Hypsiphobia Fear of height. Heights Yet Precariously Shift Impending


    274. Iatrophobia Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors. Imparted Afraid

    TRiage Operation PHOBIA

    275. Ichthyophobia Fear of fish. ICHTHYOlogy PHOBIA

    276. Ideophobia Fear of ideas. IDEas Originating PHOBIA

    277. Illyngophobia Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down. ILL

    Yuckiness No Gravity Observed PHOBIA

    278. Insectophobia Fear of insects. INSECTs Overabundant PHOBIA 279. Iophobia Fear of poison. Infection Outspreading PHOBIA 280. Isolophobia Fear of solitude, being alone. ISOLation Only PHOBIA 281. Isopterophobia Fear of termites, insects that eat wood. Inside Structure

    OPerating TERmites Obliterating PHOBIA

    282. Japanophobia Fear of Japanese. JAPANese Outwitting PHOBIA 283. Judeophobia Fear of Jews. JUDaism Everywhere Overbearing PHOBIA 284. Kainolophobia Fear of anything new, novelty. Kinky Against INitial New

    Order LOst PHOBIA

    285. Kainophobia Fear of anything new, novelty. Kinky Against INitial Order


    286. Kakorrhaphiophobia Fear of failure or defeat. Klutz Apt Kinetically

    ORder Ravage HAving PHysically Immobilized Opportunity PHOBIA 287. Katagelophobia Fear of ridicule. Klutz Apt TAngles Get Laughed

    Overabundantly PHOBIA

    288. Kathisophobia Fear of sitting down. Kingly ATtempt Heaving Impossible

    Sit Or PHOBIA

    289. Katsaridaphobia Fear of cockroaches. KATydids Speedy ARound In

    Damp Areas PHOBIA

    290. Kenophobia Fear of voids or empty spaces. Keeping Empty NOthing


    291. Keraunophobia Fear of thunder and lightning. Keen Echo RAdiation

    UNarmed Of PHOBIA

    292. Kinesophobia Fear of movement or motion. KINEtically Somewhat

    Obnoxious PHOBIA

    293. Kinetophobia Fear of movement or motion. KINETically Obnoxious


    294. Kleptophobia Fear of stealing. Keep Looting Everything Personally

    Totally PHOBIA

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