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    KIN 492 / 493 Proposal Example

    Student: Your Name

Internship Site: Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services, Inc.

Site Supervisor: Joseph Springer, Owner, Certified Prosthetist (CP)

General Objectives:

    1) Acquire skills and understanding relating to the technical aspects of the prosthetic field.

    2) Gain perspective on the clinical side of the field, including patient interaction and


Specific Objectives:

From General Objective #1

    1) Learn to fabricate test socket from plaster mold of residual limb.

    2) Gain experience preparing a test socket for static test by the patient using sanding belt,

    router, and acetone.

    3) Understand how various locking and foot components work and which are used for

    various prosthetic set ups.

    4) Observe alterations made to test sockets based on practitioner notes and markings.

    5) Know process of lamination for definitive prostheses.

    6) Understand how to align prosthesis based on the patient’s comfortable standing position

    and gait.

    7) Observe shaping of cosmetic foam to match residual limb for definitive prosthesis.

From General Objective #2

    8) Observe practitioner-patient interaction in order to gain appreciation of interactional


    9) Learn procedure and technique for casting residual limb of the patient in a way that will

    give the socket the best fit.

    10) Understand process of static and dynamic testing of a test socket.

    11) Become proficient at filling out a patient’s chart during an appointment.


    1) I will observe Mr. Poma and Mr. Issac, both registered prosthetic technicians, as they

    fabricate test sockets and prepare them for use by the patient.

    2) Mr. Poma and Mr. Issac will guide me through the proper techniques of using various

    equipment to complete test sockets.

    KIN 492 / 493 Proposal Example

    3) I will observe Mr. Springer, a certified prosthetist, as he meets with patients to learn

    about effective patient interaction.

    4) I will observe Mr. Springer as he completes casts of residual limbs and completes static

    and dynamic tests of the test socket in preparation for the definitive prosthesis.

    5) I will observe Mr. Poma and Mr. Issac as they construct definitive prostheses based on

    the test socket, alterations by Mr. Springer, and the wishes of the patient.

    6) I will assist Mr. Poma and Mr. Issac throughout the fabrication process, not only to learn

    the established procedure, but also a few ‘tricks of the trade.’


    1) Mr. Springer, Mr. Poma, or Mr. Issac will examine my preparation of a test socket and

    rate it on a scale of 1-5 with one being poor and five being excellent. This will be broken

    down into three sections:

    a. Quality of draw of plastic on plaster mold

    b. Quality of preparation with sanding belt, router, and acetone

    c. Quality of set up for static test

    2) Mr. Poma or Mr. Issac will evaluate my ability to do a bench alignment for a prosthesis

    and rate it on the scale described above.

    3) Mr. Poma or Mr. Issac will quiz me on the torque settings for various components on a

    definitive set up.

    4) Mr. Springer will evaluate my ability to take measurements (medial-lateral, anterior-

    posterior, sitting knee height) and fill out a patient’s chart during an appointment.

    My internship at Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services will help to link my undergraduate education from the Kinesiology program with my future Master’s degree curriculum and career aspirations. Through the various classes I attended at Michigan State University, I have gained valuable understanding of the anatomical and physiological features of the human body, the forces involved in movement, and the psychological processes of adjustment after experiences like amputation, but this internship will provide me direct experience in and exposure to my future profession as a prosthetist. After completing this internship and graduating in December, I hope to enter the Orthotics and Prosthetics Master’s Degree Program at Eastern Michigan

    University. Once certified, I would like to specialize in prosthetics and orthotics for children or highly active individuals and athletes. In conclusion, through this internship, I hope to gain hands on experience in the clinical and technical domains of prosthetics that I can apply during my graduate studies and career in prosthetics.

    KIN 492 / 493 Proposal Example

    1 2 3 4 5 Scale-Poor to

    Excellent (1-5)

     Test socket-

    Draw of


     Test Socket-




     Test Socket-









    of Patient




    Joe Springer-___________________________

Please Note: Signature & initials are not required for the Proposal Assignment, only

    the Final Report;

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