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By Pauline Ford,2014-04-12 18:20
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    Should College Students Do Part-Time Jobs?

    Nowadays, more and more college students do part-time jobs in their spare time. Why do they go to do part-time jobs? Is it safe for college students to do part-jobs? To me, part-time jobs bring us both benefits and disadvantages.

    On one hand, we get a lot of benefits from part-time jobs. Firstly, we can earn money by this way. Secondly, we can get experience from these jobs. On the other hand, we may get wrong information about jobs, and this can make you earn no money and take you in.

    In my opinions, we college students should take part-time jobs. But at the same time, we should think about whether the information we get is true or not.

    Electricity and our life

    When you step into your bedroom, you can see the light on the wall and the TV in front of your bed. Everywhere has electricity. Electricity brings us a lot of convenient. Because of the electricity, we can communicate with others on phone, we can learn many new things from media, we can produce products with machines. But now we have the shortage of electricity. How can we do to save


    Firstly, when we leave our house, we should close all the things which use electricity. Secondly, we can replace the usual electric equipment with this kind equipment which can save electricity.

    Everywhere has electricity, everywhere needs electricity.

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