Booking and Travelling Information for Users and Customers

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Booking and Travelling Information for Users and Customersand,for,users,And

    World Food Aviation Field Operations

     Programme xxxxxxx (Name of Service and Location)


    Booking and Travelling Information for Users and Customers

    This Annex W of the WFP ATM serves as a template for the CATO to produce a booklet for the Users and Customers of the WFP AFO Services. The content has to be adapted to the relevant scenario and local environment.

    The guidelines for Users for making movement requests for passengers and light cargo are outlined in Part A, sections 2 to 6. The conditions and procedures for carriage of passengers are in Part B, sections 7 to 14 and the users’ guidelines for booking and

    handling heavy or bulky cargo are in Part C, sections 15 to 23.

    The template below was made for helicopter operations but can also be applied to fixed-wing services, providing the necessary changes are made.

    The current version is Version 1.0 dated ----------------

    1. Purpose

    WFP Aviation Field Operations (WFP AFO) is providing humanitarian passengers

    and/or cargo services in XXXX (Country and Operations Base) with AAAAA and

    AAAAA (aircraft types). The service is called (WFP HAS, UNHAS, WFP Aviation) and is

    available to the following users (agencies, IOs, NGO’s, donor countries, etc) which

    are members of the XXX User Group that is chaired by (agency and function). The

    purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to:

    1- the User on the procedures for booking of passengers and/or cargo, and

    - the customer for travelling with WFP AFO aircraft.

    WFP AFO can only guarantee a satisfactory service when the users and customers

    follow the guidelines below to their full extent.

    A. Information for Users (Agencies/Entities) of Passenger and Light Cargo


    2. Priorities

    Within each priority category, space will be allocated on a "first come - first served"

    basis, for both passengers and light cargo (see below table). However, properly

    authorised emergency requests will be given the highest priority, and may disrupt the

    regularity of the schedule and/or established priorities.

     1 A User is an Agency or Entity that is member of the User Group and allowed to use the WFP AFO services under the conditions determined by the User Group and the WFP AFO SAOPs.

    Passenger Procedures Country/City

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