2-way 1 phase Trident-SP Load Break Switch specification

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2-way 1 phase Trident-SP Load Break Switch specificationbreak,load,LOAD,BREAK,Phase,Load,Break,phase

    Typical Specification

    Trident-SP Single-Phase Two-way Solid Dielectric Load Break Switch



    The switch shall consist of a solid dielectric insulated manually operated load break switch.


    A. Manufacturer Qualifications: The chosen manufacturer shall have at least 10 years experience in

    manufacturing solid dielectric insulated medium voltage switchgear. The manufacturer shall be

    completely and solely responsible for the performance of the fault interrupter as rated.

    B. The manufacturer shall furnish certification of ratings of the load break switch upon request.

    C. The switch shall comply with requirements of the latest revision of applicable industry standards,


    IEEE C37.74, ANSI/IEEE 386, IEC60529, IEEE 592

    D. The switch shall be tested to IEC 60529 for submersibilty. The switch shall be rated IP68 for 20

    days with a 20 foot head of water.

    E. The switch manufacturer shall be ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

    F. The switch shall be RUS approved


    A. The load break switch shall be shipped preassembled at the factory. No field assembly shall be


    B. The contractor, if applicable, shall handle, transfer and move the switches in accordance with

    manufacturer’s recommendations.



    A. The load break switch shall be a two way device

    B. The load break switch shall be designed for front access to cables and operators


    A. The load break switch shall be a dead-front design. The operating mechanism housing shall

    be stainless steel with a viewing window for verification of vacuum interrupter contact position.

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    The housing shall be painted ANSI 70 light gray using corrosion-resistant epoxy paint.

    Operating handles shall be padlockable and adaptable to keylock schemes. The operating shaft

    shall be stainless steel providing maximum corrosion resistance. A double "O" ring shaft seal

    shall be used for a leak resistant, long life seal.

    B. The solid dielectric module must be coated with a semi-conductive layer of epoxy, providing a

    completely dead front device. The semi-conductive layer must be tested to IEEE 592 to ensure it

    can carry fault current to ground so as to ensure operator safety.

    C. The load break switch shall be designed for long term operation in the harshest environments.

    The interrupter design must be tested to IEC60529 and achieve a protection rating of IP68,

    subjected to a 20’ head of water pressure for 20 days.

    D. The load break switch shall interrupt all load currents within the vacuum bottle.

    E. The load break switch mechanism shall consist of one vacuum bottle assembly mechanically

    linked to a single spring-assisted operating mechanism. Manual opening and closing of

    the load break switch shall be via an operating handle.


Load Break Switches shall be rated


    Maximum Design Voltage, kV 15.5 27 29.3

    Impulse Level (BIL) Voltage, kV 110 125 125

    630 630 630 Continuous Current, Amperes

    630 630 630 Load break Current, Amperes

    One Minute Withstand (dry), AC kV 35 60 60

    34 40 40 Production Test Rating

    53 78 78 15 Minute Withstand, DC kV

    Momentary Current, kA, ASYM 20 20 20

    20 20 20 Fault-Close Current, kA, ASYM

    12.5 12.5 12.5 One Second Current, kA, SYM

    Mechanical Endurance, Operations 2000 2000 2000


    Cable entrances shall be tested to IEEE 386 and be, as indicated on the switch drawing:

    ____600A Apparatus bushing per IEEE 386 figure 11

    ____200A Bushing wells per IEEE 386 figure 3


Note to specifier: for pad mount applications only

    The enclosure shall be fabricated of 12 gauge galvanized steel and manufactured to ANSI C37.72 and C57.12.28 standards. The enclosure shall be tamper resistant incorporating hinged access doors with pentahead locking bolts and provisions for padlocking. The enclosure shall be provided with lifting provisions and painted with a Munsell 7.0GY3.29/1.5 green finish.

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    Each load break switch shall undergo the following production testing. Test reports must be available

    upon request

    ; A mechanical operation check

    ; AC hi-pot tested one minute phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground and across the open contacts ; Circuit resistance shall be checked.

    ; Each solid dielectric module shall undergo an X-ray inspection and a partial discharge test to

    ensure void-free construction.

    ; Leak test to insure the integrity of all seals and gaskets


The following shall be included as standard:

    ; Welded stainless steel mechanism housing painted light gray with stainless steel and brass


    ; Lifting provisions

    ; ?”-13 nuts to provide sufficient grounding provisions for interrupter and all cable entrances. ; Stainless steel three line diagram and corrosion-resistant nameplates.

    ; Switch operating handle with padlock provision.

    ; Removable parking stands

    ; Mounting bracket

    ; Operating handle

    2.8 OPTIONS

(Choose as necessary for the application)

The following options shall be supplied:

    ; Mounting frame to bolt switch to the floor (specify galvanized or stainless steel construction.

    Specify height of lowest bushing)

    ; 4/0 brass ground lugs

    ; Provisions to mount a key interlock after installation

    ; Keylock installed at the factory, to lock in open position

    ; Two (2) Form C contacts for remote monitoring of the position of the vacuum bottle contacts.

    ; Junction box for wiring Form C contacts or external power source for Electronic Control

    (specify NEMA 4X for dry applications or NEMA6P for wet/damp applications)

    ; 12-gauge stainless steel pad mount enclosure manufactured to ANSI C37.72 and C57.12.29

    standards. The enclosure shall be tamper resistant incorporating hinged access doors with

    pentahead locking bolts and provisions for padlocking. The enclosure shall be provided with

    lifting provisions and painted with a Munsell 7.0GY3.29/1.5 green finish.

    2.9 LABELING

    A. Hazard Alerting Signs

    The exterior of the pad mount enclosure (if furnished) shall be provided with “Warning--Keep Out-

    -Hazardous Voltage Inside--Can Shock, Burn, or Cause Death” signs. Each unit of switchgear

    shall be provided with a “Danger--Hazardous Voltage--Failure to Follow These Instructions Will

    Likely Cause Shock, Burn, or Death” sign. The text shall further indicate that operating personnel

    must know and obey the employer’s work rules, know the hazards involved, and use proper

    protective equipment and tools to work on this equipment. Each unit of switchgear shall be

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provided with a “Danger--Keep Away--Hazardous Voltage--Will Shock, Burn, or Cause Death”


B. Nameplates, Ratings Labels, and Connection Diagrams

    Each unit of switchgear shall be provided with a nameplate indicating the manufacturer’s name, catalog number, model number, date of manufacture, and serial number. Each unit of switchgear shall be provided with a ratings label indicating the following: voltage rating; main bus continuous rating; short-circuit rating; and load break switch ratings including duty-cycle fault-closing and short-time.

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