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General Osteopathic Council Revalidation Pilot Assessors

Information Pack for Applicants


    Revalidation Pilot Assessor Recruitment Overview

    Indicative timetable of process

    Advertising of role 15 November 2011 to 15 December 2011 (advertised

    in The Osteopath, Osteopathy Today, GOsC website,

    BOA website and specific communications to those

    who have expressed interest, Pilot Participants and

    Regional Communication Network representatives).

Long listing w/c 19 December 2011

Short listing 11 January 2012


    ; Tuesday 24 January

    ; Friday 27 January

    ; Tuesday 7 February

    ; Tuesday 6 March

    ; Friday 16 March

Training dates

    ; Friday 11 May

    ; Saturday 12 May

    Assessing and moderating

    of 10 portfolios 1 October 2012 to 31 October 2012.

    Remuneration: Assessors will be remunerated as follows:

    ; Training Day May 11 or 12 - Half Day - ?153

    ; ?50 per portfolio assessed during October 2012.

    ; Moderating day October / November 2012 -

    ?306 per day.


    Qualities required See Person Specification at page 8.

    Term of Appointment The appointment will conclude by December 2012.

    Key Contact For further information about the selection process,

    please contact:

    Fiona Browne

    Tel: 020 7357 6655 x235



About the role

    The General Osteopathic Council has developed a draft revalidation scheme as part of its work to consider the evidence base for osteopathic revalidation.

    The purpose of revalidation and the revalidation pilot for osteopaths is to:

     help osteopaths to demonstrate to themselves, to their patients and to other

    healthcare professionals that they are up to date and can meet our requirements;

     develop a scheme that is sufficiently flexible to enable all osteopaths to

    demonstrate the requirements;

     help the General Osteopathic Council to understand whether the proposed

    revalidation scheme provides significant added value in terms of increased safety

    or quality of care for patients, by consideration of whether the scheme is

    proportionate, feasible and addresses any risks inherent in practice or the

    practice environment.

    The draft scheme including the standards, assessment criteria and examples of evidence that can be used to demonstrate the revalidation assessment criteria are available on our website at:

    Over the course of a year, osteopaths who have volunteered to take part in the scheme will be using a variety of tools to obtain evidence. These tools include structured case based discussion, Driscoll’s model of reflection, patient experience tools, various clinical

    audit tools from the National Council of Osteopathic Research document, An

     and other types of tools. Introduction to Clinical Audit for Practising Osteopaths

    We are looking for Pilot Assessors to assess up to ten portfolios and self assessment forms and to provide feedback on this process. Pilot Assessors should also be prepared to attend training and moderating days.

Diversity and equality of opportunity

    We value and promote diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity for all and appointments made on merit. We believe that for any organisation to

    be successful, it needs to work with the most talented and diverse people available. We positively encourage applications from people from all sections of the community, from all backgrounds and with a broad range of experience. We undertake that your application will be dealt with fairly and that all decisions we make about it will be based on merit and your ability to meet the candidate specification.


    As a group, the revalidation pilot assessors will be diverse and will display the following characteristics:

    ; Experience of a broad spectrum of approaches to osteopathic practice including

    the following:

    o Musculo-skeletal

    o Cranial

    o Visceral

    ; Experience of a variety of patient populations including babies, children and


    ; Experience of a broad variety of techniques or treatments.


    The rate of remuneration will be ?50 per portfolio. It is expected that four to eight portfolios will be assessed per day. Pilot Assessors will also be required to take part in moderation meetings where they will be required to explain and justify their assessments of portfolios.

Key Facts about the Revalidation Pilot

    ; There are around 4570 osteopaths on the UK statutory register of osteopaths.

    ; Around 480 osteopaths have signed up to take part in the Revalidation Pilot.

    ; Osteopaths on the Pilot (Pilot Participants) display a range and diversity of

    different characteristics as follows:

    o Practising, non-practising, teaching, undertaking research and combinations

    of these.

    o Different geographical areas of practice England, Scotland, Northern Ireland,

    Wales, Europe and Outside Europe

    o Some participants are also registered with other healthcare regulators.

    o Working full and part time.

    o A spectrum of years in practice ranging from new graduates to over 20 years

    in practice.

    o A broad range of approaches and treatments as part of their practice

    including cranial, structural, visceral, yoga, pilates, acupuncture etc…

    o A spectrum of practice environments home, patients home, sole practice,

    group practise, hospital, GP surgery, non-NHS employer etc…

    o A variety of different personal characteristics

    ; More than 1 in 4 Pilot Participants have accessed the electronic materials on the

    Moodle website in order to undertake the Pilot in the month following the

    training sessions.


    ; Over 400 Pilot Participants took part in 15 training sessions across the UK during

    September and October 2011.

    ; The remaining Pilot Participants have access to dedicated online training

    materials and live online tutorials with Caitrian Guthrie, the workshop leader. ; Videos and materials from the workshops are available to access on Moodle. ; The Revalidation Pilot Participation Manual provides a wealth of guidance and

    templates about the Pilot.

    ; The NCOR Handbook for An Introduction to Clinical Audit for Practising

     provides a wide range of tools and templates which can be used as Osteopaths

    part of the Pilot.

    ; The GOsC are providing a telephone helpline for any osteopath on the Pilot to

    seek bespoke advice and guidance about participation in the Pilot.


Job Description for Revalidation Pilot Assessors

Purpose of role

    1. The purpose of the role is to assess revalidation portfolios and self assessment

    forms against published revalidation assessment criteria and to determine whether

    sufficient quality information has been submitted to demonstrate the assessment


    2. You will be working closely with the General Osteopathic Council and the other

    assessors in order to ensure that judgements are appropriately moderated.

    3. You will be providing feedback about the costs and benefits of the Pilot from your

    perspective as an Assessor.

    Principal responsibilities

    4. You will be a member of a team of assessors who will be responsible for the

    following tasks:

    a. Assessing portfolios against the revalidation criteria to determine whether

    evidence is provided to meet the published revalidation criteria.

    b. Assessing the self assessment form to see if the information provided in the

    portfolio meets the requirements of the self assessment form.

    c. Providing evaluation feedback on the following:

    ; Time taken to assess each portfolio

    ; Time take to assess each self-assessment form

    ; Feedback on Improvements to be made to forms?

    ; If assessor is taking part in the pilot, feedback on being a pilot participant

    and any reflections about how this has moderated their view of


    d. It is expected that training will take place in May 2012. Membership of an online

    forum to keep in touch with the progress of the pilots will also be expected.

    e. Refresher training will need to take place during Summer / Autumn 2012.

    f. Assessments will take place during October 2012. There may be the opportunity

    for some assessments to take place before this time.

    g. It is expected that a time commitment will be approximately 7 days per assessor

    across this time period. However, this will depend on the numbers of osteopaths

    submitting completed portfolios as part of the pilots.


Person specification for Revalidation Pilot Assessors

    It is expected that the Assessors will demonstrate the following essential criteria.

Essential criteria

; General Osteopathic Council registration

    Developed osteopathic knowledge, skills and competency beyond that of ;

    registration through continuing professional development (CPD). This CPD can have

    been achieved through either formal osteopathic education or through experiential


    Experience of assessing against criteria and providing feedback to others.;

    Insight to know when not competent to assess a portfolio / folder.;

    ; Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with other professional

    members of the team and with General Osteopathic Council staff.

    ; Commitment to attending training and refresher training sessions and to assess

    portfolios throughout period of appointment of one year.

    ; Commitment to feeding back constructively on the process to enable improvements

    to be made.

    ; Excellent communication skills, oral, written and electronic.

    ; Ability to work and deliver to tight deadlines without compromising quality of work. ; Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the importance of promoting equality

    and valuing diversity and of making reasonable adjustments where required in


    ; Not a member or associate of Council currently or since January 2010. (Associate

    means a member of any of the Council’s Committees or working groups or a fitness

    to practise panellist.)

Desirable criteria

    A professional qualification at an appropriate level to assess registered ;


    ; Understanding of performance assessment in a formal setting.

    ; Experience of practising or working with those practising a broad spectrum of

    osteopathic practice including structural, cranial, visceral, paediatric and other types

    of osteopathy, patient groups and techniques.

    ; Commitment to taking part in the pilots as a pilot participant.

    ; Experience of implementing changes to assessment procedures whilst delivering the

    same outcome, for example, making reasonable adjustments.



As the Pilot is strictly time limited, in order to apply you must be available on the

    following dates in order to be eligible for selection: Interview dates:

    ; Tuesday 24 January

    ; Friday 27 January

    ; Tuesday 7 February

    ; Tuesday 6 March

    ; Friday 16 March

    Training dates

    ; 11 May

    ; 12 May

    Assessing and moderating of 10 portfolios

    ; 1 October 2012 to 31 October 2012. Pay: Assessors will be remunerated as follows:

    ; ?50 per portfolio.

    ; Moderating day - ?306 per day (pro rata). The recruitment timetable is as follows:

    ; Advertisement 15 November 2011 to 15 December 2011.

    ; Short listing w/c 10 January 2012.

    ; Interviews will only take place on the dates listed above.

    ; Interviews will take place against a published scoring system set out in the

    application pack to help to ensure consistency across all interview dates. (See

    the short listing and interview sheets attached).

Decisions will be made week commencing 3 April 2012 and communicated shortly after



How to apply

In order to apply, you should complete the attached application form and return it by

    email to: Joy Bolt ( by Thursday 15 December 2011 at 16:00.

Late applications will not be accepted.

    Alternatively, you may post your application to:

Joy Bolt,

    Professional Standards Officer

    General Osteopathic Council

    Osteopathy House

    176 Tower Bridge Road


    SE1 3LU.

All postal applications must be received by Thursday 15 December 2011 at 16:00.

Late applications will not be accepted.


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