COUNTER Counting Online Usage of Networked Information ...

By Alfred White,2014-04-03 15:53
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COUNTER Counting Online Usage of Networked Information ...


    Support and guidance for vendors and librarians on the implementation of the SUSHI protocol in Release 3 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for Journals and Databases

SUSHI support for vendors and libraries

    To support vendors and libraries in the implementation of SUSHI, NISO have provided a number of SUSHI tools, that are available on the following pages on the SUSHI Workroom page ( ) of the NISO website:

     On this page you will find links to:

    ; general information about SUSHI

    ; a list of FAQs for librarians, content providers and consolidators

    ( )

    ; SUSHI schemas ( )

    ; the SUSHI Reports Registry ,including COUNTER sample reports ) (

    ; Toolkits and other Aids, ( )

     including links to the following information

    o How to start building a SUSHI service

    o a SUSHI toolkit and webclient developed by the University of

    Pennsylvania, which includes an interface to create simple

    spreadsheet reports from a SUSHI request.

    o Serials Solutions' Open Source Code of SUSHI Client, which

    enables libraries to build consistent, stable and standards-

    based tools

SUSHI Developers Email List

    Developers from both vendors and libraries are also encouraged to join and participate in the SUSHI developer list at . This is

    an excellent place to exchange information and connect with others when partners are needed in testing and vendors who are interested in having a client test their services are especially encouraged to connect with them here.





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