COSO Copyright Permission Request Form Top of Form Instructions ...

By Sally Allen,2014-05-22 15:54
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COSO Copyright Permission Request Form Top of Form Instructions ...

    COSO Copyright Permission Request Form


    1. You may use this form to request permission to reproduce or reprint more

    than one copy of AICPA copyrighted material, and material published on

    our Web site.

    2. Do not use this form for translation rights, for requests to adapt AICPA

    material, or reprint licenses for whole books or booklets. To request such

    rights please write a detailed letter and send it to the address shown below.

    (Fax or e-mail is also acceptable.)

    3. You do not need to request permission to quote or reproduce brief excerpts

    (generally, less than a page of printed material).

    4. Fill out all information on this form that applies to your specific

    permission request. Please indicate the method of response you prefer:

    mail, fax, or e-mail.

    5. Upon receipt of the request form, we will respond by sending you a

    Permission Agreement form (or refer you to the proper copyright holder in

    cases where AICPA does not hold copyright). If a fee is charged on the

    Permission Agreement form, and you agree to the terms of the permission

    grant and payment of the fee, your return of the completed form by e-mail

    will constitute acceptance of the agreement. Of course, a signed form

    returned by fax or mail is also acceptable. An invoice will be sent to you

    in approximately two weeks with a countersigned copy of the Permission

    Agreement form. You may reprint in the meantime if necessary to meet a








    I prefer response by: mail FAX e-mail

    Please fill out all items that apply to your specific request.

    I hereby request permission to reprint/reproduce the following:

    I. For articles from periodicals (if more than one, please list): Article Title:

    Author(s): Publication: Date of issue (month and year):

    II. For excerpts from books (list title, page numbers, sections,

    paragraphs or exhibits):


Copyright year or date of issue:

    IV. Purpose of reproduction/reprint:

    Material will be used as follows:

    Handouts in class as part of a college or university course.

    testname of class: Instructor's

    name: Semester: Number of


    Mailing or distribution to clients, staff, other (explain) Number of


    Handouts at a conference/seminar or professional course.

name of conference/seminar/course:

     Date(s) held: Sponsoring

    organization: Number of


    Reprint in textbook, manual, tradebook, magazine or newsletter, bound

    collection of readings, course packet for educational use. Other (explain):

Title of your


    Publisher: Publication

    Date: Number of copies to be printed or circulation size:

Total number of pages of your publication:

AICPA material will comprise pages or % of proposed publication.

    Other (explain):

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