At a Hotel

By Frances Harris,2015-04-04 11:29
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At a Hotel

At a Hotel

    I'm going to visit Chicago next month.

    Could you recommend a good hotel?

    I'd like to stay in a quiet inexpensive hotel not far from the center.

    I'd like to stay in a big modern hotel downtown.

    Reserving a room on the phone

    The Rose Hotel. May I help you?

    Hello! I'd like to reserve a single room for 6 days starting on May sixth.

    I'd like to reserve a double room.

    I'd like to reserve a small suite.

    I'd like a room with a bed for a child.

    I'd like a room facing the park / overlooking the river. I'd like a room

    with a view of the lake.

    My name is Anton Ross, with double S.

    Would you like a smoking or non-

    smoking room, Mr. Ross?

    Non-smoking, please.

    Yes, we'll have a non-smoking single

    room available on May sixth.

    What is the rate for a single room?

    It's 70 dollars per night plus tax.

    Great. Please reserve a single room for me.

    All right. We'll have the room for you on May 6th.

    Thank you very much.

    Checking in at the hotel

    Front desk / Reception desk

    Hello! My name is Anthony Ross. I have

    a reservation for a single room. I'd like to check in.

    Yes, Mr. Ross. How many nights are you going to stay?

    Six nights. I'm going to leave on May twelfth.

    Do you have a credit card?

    Here it is.

    Please fill out the registration form.

    Here you are.

    Here's your key. Room 735 on the seventh floor. Enjoy your stay.

    Thank you.

    If you don't have a reservation

    Hello! Do you have any vacancies? I need a single room for three days.

    I'm afraid we don't have any vacancies. / I'm sorry. We are fully booked.

    Is there another hotel near here that might have vacant rooms?

    Try the Oak Hotel across the street. They might be able to offer something.

    Hello! I need a single room for three days.

    Do you have a reservation?

    I'm afraid I don't.

    Let me check if we have any vacancies. We don't have any single rooms today, but there's a double room available.

    What is the daily rate for a double room?

    It's 98 dollars per night plus tax.

    Is breakfast included?

    Yes, it is.

    Can I see the room?

    Certainly. The bellboy / bellhop /

    bellman will show you the room.

    All right, I'll take this room.

    Do you have a credit card?

    I'll pay cash.

    Then you have to pay in advance.

    All right.

    Other questions about a

hotel room

    Does the room have a shower / a bath?

    Does the room have air conditioning?

    Is there a safe deposit box in the room?

    Is there television in the room?

    Is there a telephone in the room? Are local calls free?

    Asking about hotel


    Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

    When is breakfast served?

    Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 a.m.

    Can I get Internet access in the hotel? Where can I send a fax? Is there a business center in the hotel?

    When does the business center open? When does it close?

    Is there a fitness center / a health club in the hotel?

    Does the hotel have a gym?

    Is there an exercise room / a workout room in the hotel? Is the use of the fitness machines free of charge?

    Is there a swimming pool in the hotel?

    Until when is the swimming pool open?

    Does the hotel have any facilities for

    children? Is there a playroom for children in the hotel?

    What facilities for the handicapped does the hotel have?

    Are pets allowed in the hotel?

    Does the hotel offer any excursions around the city?

    Does the hotel provide a shuttle bus to the airport? Do I need to reserve a seat on the bus in advance?

    The bus for the airport leaves from the hotel entrance every 2 hours. Advance reservation of the seats is required.

    Communication with the front desk clerk

    (On the phone from the room or in person.)

    Front desk. Can I help you?

    Hello! This is Room 814.

    There is no hot water in my room. Could you send someone up to fix it?

    There are no towels / soap / shampoo / toilet paper in the bathroom. Can you send them up, please?

    The bathroom light / the TV / the heating

    / the air conditioner in my room doesn't work.

    There is no stationery / TV program / Room Service menu in my room.

    Can you give me a wake-up call at 7:00

    a.m., please?

    How do I get to the airport / to the center / to the photo exhibition from the hotel?

    Could you call a taxi for me, please?

    Could you recommend good toy stores and gift shops not far from here?

    Could you reserve a table for dinner for me, please? I'd like a table for four people for 7 p.m.

    Is there a laundromat near the hotel?

    I feel sick. Is there a doctor in the hotel? Could you find a doctor for me, please?

    Room 506. The key, please.

    Are there any messages for me, please?

    Asking to deliver food to your room

    Room Service. May I help you?

    Hello! Could you send breakfast to Room

    465, please? I'd like orange juice, hot rolls with butter and honey, and black coffee.

    Hello! This is Room 374. I'd like to order a bowl of hot tomato soup, a cheese

    sandwich, and green tea with lemon, please.

    Talking to the


    Hello! I'd like to press these trousers. Where can I find an iron?

    You can use an iron in the valet service room down the hall next to the freight elevator.

    I'd like to have these shirts washed and pressed and this suit cleaned as soon as possible.

    Fill out laundry and dry cleaning slips and I'll take the shirts and the suit to the laundry and dry cleaning service. They will be ready today in the evening.

    Thank you very much.

    Checking out

    Prepare my bill, please. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

    What is the hotel's check-out time?

    Check-out time is (before) 12:00 noon.

    Can I leave my luggage / baggage at the hotel for a couple of hours after I check out?

    Yes, certainly.

    Hello, I'd like to check out. My name is Anthony Ross, Room 432.

    Here's your bill, sir. Three hundred

    seventy-six dollars.

    Here you are. Thank you very much.

    You are welcome. Have a nice day!

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