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Reviewtask force

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 1

    Review/task Date Details of review Membership of review force announced/ body, consultation

    reported/ procedures etc

    due to


    Air quality Announced 12 Originally planned for 1999, Setting up an Air Quality

    February 1998 the review of the National Air Forum, the environment

    Quality Strategy (published in minister, Michael Meacher,

    March 1997) was brought said: “I see the role of the

    forward to look at every aspect Forum as a mechanism by

    of air quality policy. The which stakeholders can put their

    Expert Panel on Air Quality views to government on the

    Standards is also to be review of the Strategy.

    reviewed as part of this Stakeholders will also be able to

    process. provide feedback on progress on

    local air quality management.

    The Forum would not be a

    policy making body but a forum

    for the exchange of ideas and


    Admission charging Announced An interim announcement was by national autumn 1997. made on 8 December after the

    museums secretary of state for culture,

    media and sport decided that

    further consideration was

    required. The March 1998

    budget made additional funds

    available to ensure free public

    admission to museums and


    Alcohol and Report spring tobacco duties 1998

    Animal welfare Announced 20 Conducted by Animal Welfare controls on live May. Reported Division, Ministry of exports September Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


    Anti-social Review of measures to deal behaviour with anti-social behaviour.

    Implemented as part of Crime

    and Disorder Bill.

    Arms exports Reported 28 Review of the criteria used in July 1997 considering licence

    applications for the export of

    conventional arms

    Better Regulation Chairman The Task Force's terms of Appointments are for two years Task Force appointed 3 reference are to advise the and unpaid, made by the Public

    July 1997, Task Government on action which Service Minister and the

    Force launched improves the effectiveness and Chancellor of the Duchy of

    17 September credibility of government Lancaster, Dr David Clark, and

    1997. regulation by ensuring that it assisted and advised by the

     is necessary, fair and Better Regulation Unit of the

    First annual affordable, and simple to Office of Public Service:

    report expected understand and administer, Christopher Haskins (Chair)

    in September taking particular account of Chairman, Northern Foods plc

    1998 the needs of small business Teresa Graham (Deputy Chair)

    and ordinary people. Partner, Baker Tilly (Chartered


    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 2

    First piece of work published Stephen Alambritis, Head of

    21 January 1998 -- a set of Press and Parliamentary Affairs,

    principles of good regulation. Federation of Small Businesses

    Task Force is applying the Sarah Anderson, Director,

    principles to the first four Mayday Staff Services

    issues it is currently (Employment agency)

    examining: employment law Allan Charlesworth, Deputy

    (under working group leader Chief Constable, West

    Pamela Meadows), consumer Yorkshire Police

    affairs (Peter Salsbury), Hugh Field, BCB International

    charities and the voluntary (suppliers of medical and food

    sector (Sue Slipman) and products)

    social services (Chair Patel). It Ram Gidoomal, Winning

    will subsequently move on to Communications (Business

    examine company law and consultants)

    corporate governance, Sir Simon Gourlay, Farmer;

    environmental President, National Farmers

    legislation, food, leisure and Union 1986-91

    tourism, and European Pamela Meadows, Economist

    regulation. Robert Purry, Head of tax,

    Grant Thornton (Accountants)

    Chai Patel, Chai Patel


    Peter Salsbury, Managing

    Director, Marks & Spencer

    Helena Shovelton, Chair,

    National Association of Citizens

    Advice Bureaux

    Sue Slipman, Director, Gas

    Consumers Council

    Ed Sweeney, General Secretary,

    Banking Insurance and Finance


    Breast implants Due to report Review of the evidence April 1998 relating to silicon breast


    Breast screening Reported 3 Review of the breast screening November 1997 programme in Devon and the

    implications for the breast

    cancer screening programme

    as a whole

    Bribery and Report early Review of the law relating to corruption 1998 bribery and corruption

    British Board of Announced 3 The review is being carried Agrement February 1998. out as part of the government's

    First stage of requirement that all executive

    review due agencies and non-departmental

    within four public bodies should be

    months subjected to regular and

    detailed scrutiny, usually at

    five year intervals.

    Bureaucratic Set up 18 July Members: burden on teachers 1997. Reported Peter Owen (chair), Director 16 January General for Schools, DfEE; 1998 Denis Allnut, Director,

    Analytical Services, DfEE; Nick

    Sanders, Director, School

    Curriculum, Funding and

    Teachers, DfEE; Peter Smith,

    Association of Teachers and

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 3

    Lecturers; Nigel de Gruchy,

    National Association of

    Schoolmasters/Union of Women

    Teachers; Rowie Shaw,

    National Association of Head

    Teachers; John Bangs, National

    Union of Teachers; David Jones,

    Professional Association of

    Teachers; Colin Broomfield,

    Headteacher and Secondary

    Heads Association; Pat Petch,

    Chair of National Governors'

    Council; John Fowler, Local

    Government Association; Greg

    Hill, Metropolitan Borough of

    Solihull; Michael Collier, Chief

    Executive, Funding Agency for

    Schools; John Taylor, Office for

    Standards in Education; Tony

    Mills, School Curriculum and

    Assessment Authority; Stephen

    Hillier, Teacher Training

    Agency; Colin Muid, Central IT

    Unit, Cabinet Office; Graham

    Walker, Senior Partner, Arthur

    Andersen; Tony Cann,

    Chairman, Promethean Ltd

    Buses Announced 25 Review of all aspects of buses, June 1997 including bus priority

    measures, passenger

    information and ticketing,

    regulatory measures and

    financial issues.

    Business rates At the end of July 1997, the The Forum comprises Government announced that it representatives of the would carry out a review of Confederation of British the local government finance Industry, the Institute of system to consider how best to Directors, Association of British deliver the government‟s Chambers of Commerce, British manifesto commitments on Property Federation, British local government finance. As Retail

    part of that review the DETR Consortium, Engineering is looking at options for Industries Association,

    localising business rates. The Chemical Industries

    Business Forum was set up by Association, Machinery Users local government minister Association, Property Managers Hilary Armstrong to assist that Association, Alliance of process. Independent Retailers,

    Federation of Small Business,

    Forum of Private Business and

    Small Business Bureau.

    Capital gains tax Announced 2 In his mini-budget on 2 July Carried out by Inland Revenue

    July 1997 1997, the Chancellor, Gordon Capital and Valuation Division

    Brown, said: “The objective

    behind our two year long

    corporate tax review - begun

    in opposition - has been to

    develop a tax system that

    encourages personal savings,

    favours higher levels of

    investment, rewards long-term

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 4

    investment, and is fair to all.

    Our consultations on capital

    gains tax will be completed in

    time for the next Budget.”

    Careers service Due to report Appointments to the task group special needs task December 1998 will be drawn from a force representative group of

    careers services, LEAs and both

    special and mainstream schools.

    The group will be chaired by a

    senior official from theDfEE.

    Travel and subsistence expenses

    will be met.

    Charities taxation Consultation document

    spring 1998

    Charter programme Report due spring 1998

    Chemicals in Due to report environment end 1998

    Child employment Announced 11 The review will look at rules The review will be done by a law December which restrict the hours and group of officials from the

    1997. Due to work children are allowed to departments of Health, Trade

    report by the do. It will be able to and Industry, Education and

    end of 1998 recommend proposals to Employment, the Cabinet Office

    safeguard children's health, and the Health and Safety

    safety, welfare and Executive. Expert practical

    development. And early next advice will be provided by the

    year, current regulations will National Child Employment

    be updated to set clear Network.

    national rules.

    Civil justice and Reported Main outcome was the Led by Sir Peter Middleton, legal aid October 1997 proposal for the abolition of deputy chairman of Barclays plc

    legal aid for cases where there and chairman of BZW.

    is a claim for damages,

    moving these onto a “no win-

    no fee” basis

    Civil protection Consultation Review of the future role of phase local civil protection in

    completed England and Wales

    Clean coal An announcement will be technology made about the outcome of

    this review when ministers

    have had time to consider the

    review‟s recommendations

    alongside those from the

    comprehensive spending


    Coalfields Task Report due Force April 1998

    Code of practice on Reported 26 Establishes basis on which newspaper supply September new entrants to newspaper

    1997 retail trade should be supplied.

    Review decided to make no


    Commission on To report to the local government first minister of

    and Scottish the Scottish

    parliament parliament on

    his/her election

steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 5

    Common Announced 9 Review of efficiency of Coopers & Lybrand

    Agricultural Policy February 1998 existing CAP procedures and management consultants

    payment system payments working with MAFF and the

    Efficiency Unit of the Cabinet


    Community fire Completed safety

    Community safety Review of measures on community safety.

    Implemented as part of the

    Crime and Disorder Bill.

    Competitiveness The group's remit is to advise The members of the advisory Advisory Group the President of the Board of group receive no payment. The

    Trade on the needs of business group reports to and is

    at home and abroad so that accountable to the President of

    they may be taken into account the Board of Trade. Members:

    by Government when Margaret Beckett MP, President

    developing and implementing of the Board of Trade (Chair)

    policies to improve UK Sir Jeremy Beecham, Chairman,

    competitiveness. Local Government Association

    C K Chow, Chief Executive,

    GKN plc

    Sir Terence Conran, Chairman,

    Conran Holdings Ltd

    John Edmonds, General

    Secretary, GMB

    Dr. Chris Evans, Director,

    Merlin Scientific Services Ltd

    Sir Richard Evans, Chief

    Executive, British Aerospace


    Ian Gibson, Managing Director

    & Chief Executive, Nissan

    Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

    Anthony Greener, Chairman,

    Guinness plc

    Jan Hall, European Chief

    Executive, The GGT Group plc

    Terry Leahy, Chief Executive,

    Tesco plc

    Judy Lever, Director, Blooming

    Marvellous Ltd

    Tony Marchington; Chief

    Executive, Oxford Molecular

    Group plc

    John Monks, General Secretary,

    Trades Union Congress

     Rosemary Radcliffe, Head of

    Economics, Coopers & Lybrand

    Bryan Sanderson, Managing

    Director, BP plc

    Cob Stenham, Chairman, Arjo

    Wiggins Appleton plc

    Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman

    and Chief Executive, Glaxo


    Competitiveness in The remit of the Task Force is The Task Force reports to Europe to advise on the Cabinet ministers and is

    Interdepartmental implementation of the accountable to Department of

    Task Force Government's manifesto Trade and Industry ministers.

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 6

    objectives to complete the Membership:

    Single Market and promote Lord Simon of Highbury, flexible labour markets across Minister for Trade and the EU. Competitiveness in Europe


    Plus ministerial and official

    representatives of the DETR;

    HM Treasury; Foreign and

    Commonwealth Office; Home

    Office DfEE; DTI; MAFF;

    Scottish Office; Ministry of

    Defence; Department of Social


    Comprehensive Due for The big one around which all There are two elements:

    Spending Review completion others revolve . . . separate departmental reviews

    summer 1998 “The Comprehensive and cross-departmental reviews Spending Review aims to (looking at issues that reach allow the Government to bring across departmental public spending programmes boundaries); and a review of the into line with its priorities and Government's spending as a objectives. It will be truly whole -- a Cabinet sub-

    comprehensive, embracing all committee called PX will items of public expenditure. It appraise the results of the

    will also be focused on the separate reviews and make long term, looking at the shape recommendations to Cabinet.

    of public spending to the end

    of the century and beyond.

    Ministers have agreed that

    they will examine each and

    every item in his or her

    department, to consider

    whether it meets the public

    interest, whether it contributes to the achievement of the

    Government's objectives,

    whether it is the most effective

    way of achieving those

    objectives, and whether there

    is scope for improving

    efficiency and effectiveness.

    This will include a thorough

    look at whether the best use is being made of public assets,

    with a view to disposing of

    those which are surplus and

    which could be used more

    productively elsewhere and

    making more use of

    public/private partnerships.

    The Review will be thorough.

    As well as looking at

    departments' spending it will

    also address issues that stretch across departmental

    boundaries. There will be

    several self-standing cross

    departmental reviews,

    including reviews of the

    criminal justice system, the

    local government finance

    system, the countryside and

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 7

    rural policy and housing. In

    addition, each department will

    examine jointly with other

    departments those areas where

    important issues cut across

    departmental boundaries, such

    as aid and trade provision,

    science and simplifying

    government. This will be a far-

    reaching look at what the

    Government spends peoples

    money on. It will ensure that

    public spending promotes

    opportunity and employment,

    investment and fairness. Its

    conclusions will be the basis

    for spending plans for the

    future that reflect our

    priorities and meet the

    country's needs.” -- Chief

    Secretary to the Treasury,

    Alistair Darling

    Compulsory Reported July Review of compulsory competitive 1997. New competitive tendering

    tendering regulations laid regulations and guidance


    1997. New

    circular issued



    Confiscation of Report due May Review of arrangements for criminal assets 1998 confiscation of criminal assets

    Construction Task Set up in Set up to advise deputy prime The members of the Task Force

    Force October 1997. minister John Prescott on are:

    “Halfway” improving productivity in the Sir John Egan, chief executive progress report construction industry of BAA plc (chairman)

    issued 16 Ian Gibson, managing director, February 1998 Nissan UK

    David Gye, Advisory Director,

    Morgan Stanley & Co Ltd

    Professor Daniel Jones, Director

    of Lean Enterprise Research

    Centre, Cardiff Business School

    Anthony Mayer, chief executive,

    Housing Corporation

    Sir Nigel Mobbs, chief

    executive, Slough Estates plc

    and chairman, Bovis Homes

    Sir Brian Moffatt, chief

    executive British Steel plc

    Alan Parker, managing director,

    Whitbread Hotels

    Mike Raycraft, Property

    Services Director, Tesco Stores


    David Warburton, Senior

    National Officer of GMB Union

    Contaminated land Completed 22 Concluded that proposed December 1997 statutory regime set out the

    right framework; cost

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 8

    implications for local

    authorities to be considered as

    part of comprehensive

    spending review

    Continuing Report 11 Education and November 1997

    Lifelong Learning

    National Advisory


    Corruption in Announced 9 Includes bribery of MPs public life June 1997

    Creative Industries The remit of the task force is Chris Smith MP, Secretary of Task Force to maximise the economic and State for Culture, Media and

    employment potential of the Sport (Chair)

    creative industries. Peter Mandelson MP, Minister

    without Portfolio

    Ministerial representatives of

    the DETR, HM Treasury,

    Foreign and Commonwealth

    Office, DfEE, DTI, Scottish

    Office, Northern Ireland Office,

    Welsh Office

    Representatives of the British

    Council, No 10 Policy Unity,

    the Department for Culture,

    Media and Sport

    Industry advisers:

    Lord Puttnam

    Richard Branson

    Alan McGee

    Paul Smith

    Gail Rebuck

    Eric Salama

    Janice Hughes

    Waheed Alli

    Crown Prosecution Due to report Leed by Sir Iain Glidewell, Service spring 1998 retired Lord Justice of Appeal,

    with Sir Geoffrey Dear, former

    HM Inspector of Constabulary

    Defence Bills Announced 20 A review into the performance Agency March 1998 and future management of the


    Defence: Strategic Launched May Wide-ranging strategic review Consultation produced over 450 Defence Review 1997. Once all in which the defence minister contributions by November and

    work on the George Robertson emphasised has included open seminars to

    review has been the importance of openness which members of the public

    considered by and consultation, and have been invited in addition to

    ministers, it is promised “a ruthless search MPs, academics, businessmen,

    envisaged that a for greater efficiency to journalists and representatives

    White Paper, deliver full value for money of non-governmental

    setting out their and to ensure that Britain [has] organisations. An 18-member

    overall flexible, modern, high-panel of experts includes Sir

    conclusion, will capability forces able to meet Michael Alexander, Chairman

    be published in the challenges of the 21st of the Royal United Services

    the first half of Century”. Robertson stressed Institute; Field Marshal the

    1998. the government‟s belief that Lord Vincent, former Chief of

    through wide consultation a the Defence Staff; Sir Michael

    national consensus could be Quinlan, former Permanent

    achieved on defence issues. Under Secretary at the MoD;

    Simon Jenkins, columnist for

    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 9

    The Times and The Evening

    Standard newspapers; and

    Trevor Phillips, Executive

    Producer of Factual

    Programmes at London

    Weekend Television.

    Dependent Review of policy towards the territories remaining UK dependent


    Disability Due to report Review of the threshold discrimination late sprng 1998 exempting employers with

    fewer than 20 employees from

    the employment provisions of

    the Disability Discrimination

    Act 1995.

    Disability Rights Early The Task Force will “consider Members:

    Task Force recommendat- how best to secure Stephen Alambritis, Head of

    ions due March comprehensive, enforceable Press and Parliamentary Affairs,

    1998. Full civil rights for disabled Federation of Small Businesses

    report in July people; Bob Benson, Director of

    1999 make recommendations on the Disability Scotland

    role and functions of a Jane Campbell, Member of the Disability Rights Commission National Centre for Independent by March 1998 and provide a Living and British Council of full report on wider issues no Organisations of Disabled later than July 1999; People

    take full account of all the Caroline Gooding, Member of costs as well as the benefits of Trades Union Disability any proposals. Alliance

    David Grayson, Chair of the

    National Disability Council,

    Business Links National

    Advisory Panel, a director of

    Business in the Community

    Rachel Hurst, Chair of Rights


    David Jenkins, General

    Secretary of Welsh TUC

    Su Jenkins, Legal Adviser, J

    Sainsbury plc

    Brian Lamb, Assistant Director

    and Head of Public Affairs,


    Colin Low, Vice Chair of Royal

    National Institute for the Blind

    Tracey-Jane Malthouse,

    Employment Research

    Executive, Institute of


    Joe Mann, General Secretary,

    National League of the Blind

    and Disabled

    Bert Massie, Director of Royal

    Association for Disability And


    Denise Platt, Head of Social

    Services, Local Government


    Brian Pomeroy, Senior Partner,

    Deloitte & Touche Consulting


    steve platt / catalyst / government reviews and task forces / 10

    Philippa Russell, Director of the

    Council for Disabled Children

    Liz Sayce, Policy Director,

    Mind (National Association for

    Mental Health)

    Susan Scott-Parker, Chief

    Executive, Employers' Forum on


    Ranjit Sondhi, Former Deputy

    Chairman of Commission for

    Racial Equality

    James Strachan, Chief

    Executive, Royal National

    Institute for Deaf people

    Richard Taylor, Chief

    Executive, Lifespan NHS Trust

    Keith Welton, Group Chief

    Executive, Mid Yorkshire

    Chamber of Commerce and

    Industry Limited

    Monica Wilson, Chief

    Executive of Disability Action

    Richard Wood, Chief Executive,

    British Council of Organisations

    of Disabled People

    Double taxation Announced 17 Review of the functioning Inland Revenue International

    relief for companies March 1998 and the fairness of the existing Division. Consultation planned

    system, its effectiveness in with business and other

    meeting the objectives of the interested parties about any

    relief and business's proposals for change.

    compliance costs, while

    having regard to the overall

    cost of the relief.

    Drugs strategy Report due spring 1998

    Edgware hospital Announced 19 Review of services, excluding Carried out by Barnet Health

    May 1997 previous controversial Authority

    decisions on transfer of A & E


    Education for Announced 19 The Group will give advice on Chairman: Professor Bernard

    Citizenship and the November 1997 how schools can teach their Crick, Emeritus Professor of

    Teaching of pupils about the nature and politics, Birkbeck College,

    Democracy in practices of participation in University of London

    Schools Advisory democracy and the duties, Other members:

    Group responsibilities and rights Lord Kenneth Baker, former

    which individuals have as Secretary of State for Education

    citizens; and encourage them and Home Secretary

    to play their communities. it Sir Stephen Tumim, former HM

    will offer initial advice Chief Inspector of Prisons in

    through the Qualifications and England and Wales

    Curriculum Authority Michael Brunson, political

    in March 1998 and final editor, ITN

    recommendations by the end Alex Porter, Lecturer in

    ofJuly 1998, identifying Education (politics) at the

    opportunities for effective Institute of Education,

    education for citizenship University of London

    and the teaching of democracy Phil Turner, Former Assistant

    in schools. Education Officer at London

    Borough of Redbridge,

    Deputy Chief Education Officer

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