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    Capital Budget 2006-2007


    The Capital Budget 2006-2007 makes provisions for a total expenditure of Rs 8 billion. The estimated balance of the Capital Fund as at the end of Financial Year 2006-2007 is given in the statement at page 1. Details of development projects included in the Capital Budget, and annotated M, are given below.


    Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development

30-051.001 Loan to Development Bank Ltd (Rs 25 million)

     A Fresh Line of Credit of USD 75m/Grant USD 25m facility is under negotiation from the Government of India.

     Part of the proceeds will be made available to the Development Bank Ltd (DBM Ltd)to mount a financing facility of USD 10 m for the SME sector. The DBM Ltd will have to set up the appropriate mechanism to provide loan fund to the SMEs.

     The facility is expected to be a composite of 75% credit and 25% grant. The grant component may be structured to lower the lending rate to the SMEs.

    Ministry of Public Utilities

    Water Resources

30-093.004 Loan to CWA for Mare aux Vacoas Water Supplies (Rs 32 million)

     The project aims at satisfying water demand for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes until the year 2020 in the central region of the country by developing new water sources and increasing water treatment capacity.

     The project is financed jointly in the following proportions:

    (i) Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) - 48%;

    (ii) Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) -36 %; and

    (iii) Government of Mauritius - 16 %

` 54

    Ministry of Housing & Lands

30-191.001 Loan to National Housing Development Company Ltd (Rs 3 million)

    The project initially consisted in the construction of 5,000 very low-cost housing units of the Firinga type over a period of five years. In the Capital Budget 2006/07, a loan of Rs 3 million is earmarked for payment of retention money.


    National Assembly

31-014.001 Refurbishment of Government House (Rs 25 million)

     The provision of Rs 25 million is for the refurbishment of the old Parliament Building following a fire outbreak in February, 2006.


31-022.106 Overhaul of ‘Vehicules Avant Blindés’ (VAB Vehicles) (Rs 43.5million)

    The project aims at retrofitting eleven VAB 4 x 4 vehicles acquired in 1980 with the following objectives:

    (i) extension of the vehicles longevity for an additional period of at least 15 to 20 years; (ii) reduction of operational and maintenance costs; and

    (iii) fitting the armoured vehicles with latest technologies.

    The provision of Rs 43.5 million is for meeting payment scheduled for 2006-07.

31-022.303 Purchase of Helicopters (Rs 300 million)

     A Fresh Line of Credit of USD 75m/Grant USD 25m facility is under negotiation from the Government of India.

     Part of the proceeds will be used for the purchase of a light helicopter estimated to cost around USD 10 m.

    Meteorological Services

31-024.001 Reconstruction of Government Quarters (Rs 2 million)

     The provision of Rs 2 million is for the construction of a four-bedroom house with all facilities and amenities to be used by the Director, Meteorological Services.

    Mauritius Prisons Service

31-026.003 New Prisons (Rs 10 million)

` 55

     The provision of Rs 10 million is for consultancy services in respect of the construction of a new prison at Melrose.

    Deputy Prime Minister’s Office,

    Ministry of Public Infrastructure,

    Land Transport & Shipping

    Public Infrastructure

31-031.001 Construction of Bridges (Rs 29 million)

     The provision of Rs 29 million is for the rehabilitation of Pailles Junction Bridge.

31-031.003 Contribution to Road Development Authority (Rs 176 million)

     The provision of Rs 176 million is for the following projects:

     Rs m

    (i) South Eastern Highway 111.0

    (ii) Vandermesch Réduit Road (retention money) 2.5

    (iii) Riche Terre Link Road to Northern Motorway (retention money) 0.5

    (iv) Terre Rouge Verdun link Road (La Laura/Malenga Road) (study) 5.0

    (v) Bus Lane along M1 including signalisation of Caudan Round about 35.0

    (vi) Road Maintenance 22.0

     TOTAL 176.0


31-034.002 Sea Training School (Rs 6.5 million)

     The aim of the Sea Training School is, among others, to develop the potential of Mauritian Seafarers by providing quality training in the principles, procedures and techniques of basic safety training, marine engineering, navigation and other related subjects.

     The provision of Rs 6.5 million is for the purchase of Nautical equipment and Marine Engineering Training equipment for the New Maritime Training Centre.

    Deputy Prime Minister’s Office,

     Ministry of Tourism, Leisure & External Communications

    Civil Aviation

31-043.003 Improvements, Renewals and Minor Projects (Rs 30 million)

    The provision of Rs 30 million is for the maintenance/refurbishment of the 600 ft mast, at Bigara Station, which supports the antennae systems for air/ground communication between aircrafts and Air Traffic Controllers.

` 56

    Deputy Prime Minister’s Office,

    Ministry of Finance & Economic Development

31-051.002 Obligations under Government Guarantees (Rs 30 million)

    The provision is for meeting foreign exchange losses (which the Government has agreed to bear) arising from the repayment of the following loans raised by the National Housing Development Co Ltd (NHDC) under Government guarantees:

     Loan Amount Date of Agreement

    (i) Malaysian I Loan Ringitt 71.5 m (USD 18.8 m) February 1992

    (ii) Belgian Loan BEF 380 m July 1992

    (iii) Exim Bank China RMB 100 m (Rs 367 m) November 2002

31-051.005 Subsidy on Housing Loans Mauritius Housing Company Ltd

    (Rs 100 million)

     The provision of Rs 100 million is for the refund of grant and interest differential to the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd in respect of Government Sponsored Loans (GSL). The subsidy also includes the following:

    (i) an interest bonus of 3% p.a. over the normal rate on „Plan Epargne Logement (PEL)‟

    deposit. The bonus is payable only to PEL holders, who are regular savers and who

    contract a loan from the MHC Ltd; and

    (ii) a 2% interest bonus p.a. on Housing Deposit Certificates with maturity exceeding

    three years issued by MHC Ltd to enable the latter to mobilise resources for housing

    mortgage loans.

    31-051.006 Subsidy on Loans/Grants National Housing Development Co Ltd

    (Rs 200 million)

     The provision of Rs 200 million is for the payment of the following:

    (i) interest subsidy on loans raised by the National Housing Development Co Ltd

    (NHDC). The amount of subsidy payable is the interest differential between the

    interest paid on loans raised by NHDC and the mortgage interest rates it charges to

    beneficiaries, which are 6.5% p.a. for the first five years, 8% p.a. for the next five

    years and 10% p.a. for the remaining period of the mortgage loan;

    (ii) a maximum upfront grant of Rs 33,000 to first-time buyers of Shell and Core housing

    units; and

    (iii) a maximum grant of Rs 55,000 either for the casting of roof slabs or the purchase of

    materials to low-income families who own a plot of land or for vertical extension

    under „Droit de Surelévation‟.

31-051.007 - Subsidy on Loans Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (Rs 60 million)

     The Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd (DBM Ltd) has been implementing various loan schemes, including the Upgrading of Private Secondary School Loan Scheme, carrying concessionary rates of interest in order to help priority sectors of the economy and for implementing specific policies.

` 57

     The subsidy of Rs 60 million is to allow the DBM Ltd to make up for the interest forgone on the concessionary loans.

    31-051.013 Contribution to the Trust Fund for the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups (Rs 75 million)

    For Year 2006-2007, the Trust Fund will further strengthen its efforts to alleviate poverty both in Mauritius and Rodrigues through:

    (i) its Community based projects, initiated and implemented through NGO‟s.

    (ii) the provision of loan under its “Micro-credit Scheme” designed to empower the

    poor and enable them to set up small enterprise with a view to increasing their

    household revenue; and

    (iii) the provision of loan under its “Loan to Needy Students Attending Tertiary

    Institutions Scheme”, to assist needy students from deprived areas.

31-051.014 Action Plan for Poverty Alleviation programme (Rs 2 million)

     The Action plan provides a framework for poverty alleviation within which all

    stakeholders (Government, NGOs, Civil Society and Private Sector) operate in a

    coordinated manner.

     The provision of Rs 2 million is for the implementation of recommendations of

    the plan through the adoption of an integrated approach.

31-051.017 Mauritius Revenue Authority (Rs 70 million)

     The provision is for meeting the cost of I.T equipment, software development, vehicles, office furniture and equipment for the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

31-051.020 Interest Payment on Education Loans for Tertiary Sector (Rs 8 million)

     The item relates to Government assistance to students wishing to pursue tertiary education. Government will service interest cost on loans taken by students from commercial banks for study in Mauritius. The payment would be effected by the students after completion of studies until obtaining employment subject to a maximum period of six months.

31-051.023 Contribution to State Land Development Company Ltd for the

    Construction of an Access Road at La Tour Koenig (Rs 90 million)

     The project aims at the development of integrated infrastructure facilities at la Tour Koenig Industrial Park to accommodate spinning mills and other light industrial projects. The implementation of the project has been entrusted to the State Land Development Co. Ltd.

     The provision of Rs 90 m is for the construction of an access road of approximately 2.5 km long at La Tour Koenig.

` 58

31-051.030 Studies and Preliminary Project Preparation (Rs 35 million)

     The amount of Rs 35 million includes provision for financing studies/consultancies for the following projects:

     Rs m

    (i) Studies on Maritime Tranport 4.0

    (ii) Design and construction of buoys 2.0

    (iii) Preparation of a Housing Strategy for Mauritius 2.0

    (iv) Feasibility study on Women and Children‟s Hospitals 4.5

    (v) Improvement of Tuna Industry financed by a grant from Kuwait Fund 11.5

    (vi) Ocean based land industry 8.0

    31-051.032 - Decentralised Cooperation Programme for Poverty Alleviation (Rs 50 million)

     The overall objective of the programme is the reduction of poverty through capacity building of Non-State Actors. th The programme is financed under the 9 EDF for a grant of EURO 13.5 million and is being implemented over a period of four years.

     The provision is for:

    (i) social services and direct assistance to vulnerable groups;

    (ii) promotion of good governance;

    (iii) fight against unemployment and support to SMEs for job creation; and

    (iv) improving natural resource management in Rodrigues.

    Ministry of Environment & National Development Unit


31-071.001 - Environment Management, Protection and Conservation (Rs 127 million)

     The various components of the project falling under the Second Environmental Investment Programme (EIP II) aim at ensuring sustainable development and enhancing quality of life by providing environmental services, encouraging responsible environmental practices and enforcing appropriate environmental standards.

    The components and their respective allocations are as follows:

` 59

    Allocation Component (Rs million)

    1 Implementation of recommendations of the study of Coastal Erosion in Mauritius 25.0

    2 Development of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Framework 5.0

    3 Study on environmentally sensitive areas 10.0

    4 Clean-up and Sensitisation Campaign 4.0

    5 Surveys, studies, consultancies and minor environment investment projects 9.7

    6 Minor Environment Projects Living Environment Unit 25.8

    7 Infrastructural Works 41.0

    8 Major upgrading and embellishment works 4.5

    9 Updating of National Environmental Strategies and review of the implementation of the second National Environmental Action Plan 1.0

    10 Management plan for the conservation and management of offshore islets Phase II 1.0

     TOTAL 127.0

    Ministry of Education and Human Resources


31-081.007 Grant to Technical School Management Trust Fund (Rs 4 million)

     The provision of Rs 4 million is for purchase of equipment and furniture for institutions falling under the responsibility of the Technical School Management Trust Fund (TSMTF).

31-081.010 Zones D’Education Prioritaires (ZEP Schools) (Rs 3 million)

     The provision of Rs 3 million is for upgrading and renovation works and the purchase of equipment and furniture in ZEP Schools

    31-081.011 Construction/Upgrading of Toilets in State Schools and Primary Aided Schools (Rs 25 million)

     The aim of the project is to eliminate unhygienic and non-sanitary conditions prevailing in many schools owing to the very bad state of the toilets.

     The provision of Rs 25 million is for the following projects:

    (i) construction/upgrading of toilets in state schools on a priority basis; and

    (ii) contribution of two thirds of the cost of infrastructural works in respect of

    construction/upgrading of toilets in Primary Aided Schools.

31-081.012 National Trade Certificate (NTC) Foundation Course (Rs 3 million)

     The one-year foundation course is meant for students who have completed their

` 60

    three years of prevocational schooling and wish to be enrolled for the NTC3 course run by the Industrial and Vocational Training Board.

     The provision of Rs 3 million is for:

    (i) the purchase of equipment, tools and furniture; and

    (ii) the renovation and improvement of buildings.

    Pre-Primary Education Sector

    31-082.001 Pre-School Trust Fund/Construction and Improvement of Pre-Primary Schools (Rs 6 million)

     The provision of Rs 6 million is for the payment of retention money and completion of the following projects:

    (i) construction of two Pre-Primary Schools; and

    (ii) construction of toilet blocks and kitchenettes in ten Pre-Primary Schools.

    Primary Education Sector

    31-083.002 - School IT Project (Rs 50 million)

     The provision of Rs 50 million is for conversion of existing spare classrooms into computer laboratories, construction of new computer laboratories, payment of retention money for on-going projects and acquisition of computer equipment for Government Primary Schools.

31-084.001 Construction/Conversion/Extension of Secondary Schools (Rs 530 million)

     The provision of Rs 530 million is for the Construction/Upgrading/Conversion of Secondary Schools and MGI type Secondary Schools. (New and Ongoing).

    Tertiary Education Sector

    31-085.001 Support for Tertiary Education Sector (Rs 31 million)

     The provision of Rs 31 million is for the following:

(i) - Tertiary Education Commission Rs 3.5 m for the purchase of furniture,

    fixtures and fittings, equipment and a septic


    (ii) - University of Mauritius Rs 13 m for payment of retention money for

    engineering tower and for the purchase of

    office & laboratory equipment and

    furniture, furnishing of engineering tower &

    motor vehicles ;

    (iii) - Mauritius Institute of Education Rs 4 m for the purchase of equipment,

    furniture & motor vehicles and renovation

    of building;

    (iv) - Mahatma Gandhi Institute Rs 3 m for purchase of furniture and


    (v) - Mauritius College of the Air Rs 3 m for the purchase of IT equipment &

    software, furniture, fittings, Office and other

    equipment, production equipment;

` 61

    (vi) - University of Technology, Mauritius Rs 3 m for purchase of equipment, furniture

    & extension to Campus;

    (vii) Rabindranath Tagore Institute Rs 1.5 m for the purchase of furniture,

    fittings, office equipment.

    Human Resources

31-086.003 Training Programme (Token)

     This programme will now be financed under the item 31-051.028 - Training and Empowerment Programme.

    Ministry of Public Utilities


    31-091.003 Electricity Supply in respect of Government Projects (Rs 8 million)

    The provision of Rs 8 million is for meeting the cost of electricity supply involving the extension of CEB network/displacement of poles and high tension line.

    31-091.004 Grant to CEB in respect of Electricity Supply for Hardship Cases (Rs 3 million).

     The provision of Rs 3 million is enable implementation of a scheme for assisting needy persons to have access to electricity supply. Through this scheme, both Government and CEB will meet partly the cost of the works.

31-091.005 grant to CWA for Water Supply for Integrated Infrastructure

    Development Programme at Vallee Pitot (Rs 19 million)

     The Central Water Authority is implementing a water supply project in the area of Vallee Pitot. The project comprises the following components:

    (i) construction, testing and commissioning of a reinforced concrete reservoir of

    capacity 1,000 cubic metres on Monneron Hill;

    (ii) supply, installation, testing and commissioning of two pumps;

    (iii) construction of a 1,050 m long main to feed the new reservoir; and

    (iv) construction of distribution main of some 4,500 m.

    The project is expected to cost Rs 54.4 million and is to be financed as follows:

    (i) loan to CWA Rs 19 million

    (ii) grant to CWA Rs 17 million

    (iii) CWA contribution Rs 18.4 million

    Water Resources

    31-093.001 Water Resources Assessment and Development (Rs 18.5 million)

    The objective of the project is to investigate potential sources of surface and ground water that can be developed in order to alleviate the problem of water shortage in Mauritius.

    The provision of Rs 18.5 million is for the construction of flow measuring stations, drilling of boreholes, rehabilitation of existing flow measuring and gauging stations.

` 62

31-093.002 Maintenance of Dam Structures (Rs 4 million)

    The aim of the project is to implement rehabilitation measures recommended in the study report on Safety Analysis of Dams to enhance their safety status.

    The provision of Rs 4 million is for rehabilitation works on La Nicolière Dam and consultancy services for La Ferme Dam.

31-093.003 Bagatelle Dam (Study) (Rs 7.5 million)

    The aim of the project is to improve water supply in the regions of Port Louis and Lower Plaines Wilhems.

    The provision of Rs 7.5 million is for consultancy services in connection with detailed design of the project.

31-093.004 Rehabilitation of Feeder Canals (Rs 5 million)

    The main objective of the project is to carry out rehabilitation works on the main feeder canals at La Fenêtre and La Nicolière so as to minimise the conveyance losses and maximise the flows into the impounding reservoirs.

31-093.005 - Midlands Dam (Rs 1.2 million)

     The project aims at Landscaping, beautification works and provision of recreational facilities at the Midlands Dam.

    The provision of Rs 1.2 million is for consultancy services.

    Waste Water

31-094.001 Improvement and Refurbishment of Wastewater System (Rs 71 million)

     The objective of the project is to promote better site facilities and improve on the existing electrical equipment to satisfy health and safety norms.

     The provision of Rs 71 million is for:

    (i) construction of pumping station at La Confiance;

    (ii) design and reconstruction of existing leaching field at Kennedy wet well

    treatment plant; and

    (iii) operation, maintenance and upgrading of treatment plant, pumping station and

    small sewer networks.

31-094.002 - Plaine Wilhems Sewerage - Stage II (Rs 420 million)

    The project consists mainly in the construction of 27 km of sewers, 220 km of secondary and tertiary sewers and about 29,000 additional house connections in the district of Plaine Wilhems and consultancy services for the supervision of the construction of trunk sewers.

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