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     USGS Signature Partner

    Agreement And Date Signature and

    Type Description of Agreement Date Remarks


    MOU USGS, Office of Energy and Marine Geology and Univ. of Gary Hill, Chief, Albert C. Hartley No Termination

    So. FL for the continuation and expansion of a St. Ofc. of Energy & Ex. VP, USFL Date

    Petersburg Field Office, Office of Energy and Marine Marine and Dallas 8/24/1988

    Geology Peck, Director


    Partnerships in USGS/Fed. Childrens Center (FCC) to provide the school Gordon Eaton Katherine Miller No Termination Education with available and feasible USGS resources, enriching the Director Pres., Bd. of Dir. Date

    school curriculum with USGS missions and initiatives, and 8/3/1995 8/8/1995

    fostering an early appreciation of the wonders of Earth


    Partnerships in USGS/Cedar Lane Center in Fairfax County Public School Gordon Eaton Donald J. No Termination Education to provide the Center with available and feasible USGS Director Hennessey, Date

    scientific and technical resources; enriching the school 9/3/1995 Principal

    curriculum with USGS missions and initiatives; and sharing 4/7/1995

    educational, cultural, and other activities

    Partnerships in Langston Hughes Middle School/USGS to share educational, Robert Hirsch R. Edgar Thacker No Termination Education cultural, and other activities; to provide the school with Actg. Director Principal Date

    available and feasible USGS resources; to enrich the school 9/17/1993 9/17/1993

    curriculum with USGS missions and initiatives; and to

    further superior education for each student at Langston

    Hughes Middle School

    MOU USGS/Central State University Wilberforce, OH for Dallas Peck Arthur E. No Termination

    scientific, educational, and technical cooperation in the Earth Director Thomas, President Date

    sciences 4/30/1993 5/27/1993

    MOU Haskell Indian Junior College/USGS for recruitment of Dallas Peck Bob Martin Expired 7/1/1997

    Native Americans into Resource Careers Director President

    9/30/1992 9/30/1992

    MOU Washington State University/USGS to provide a mechanism Dallas Peck Ronald Hopkins No Termination

    for scientific, educational and technical cooperation in the Director Actg. Provost Date

    Earth sciences 3/11/1991 3/13/1991

    Academia Page 2 Partnerships in Lincoln Univ./USGS to plan and conduct projects, programs, Dallas Peck Wendel G. Expired 10/29/1996 Education and services jointly designed to increase the number of Director Rayburn, Pres.

    qualified candidates from LU successfully competing for 10/29/1992 10/29/1992

    computer science and computer information system

    positions in the USGS

    MOU International Center for Water Resources Management Dallas Peck Arthur E. No Termination

    Central State University/USGS to develop cooperative Director Thomas, President Date

    activities in the areas of hydrology and water resources 6/3/1988 6/8/1988

    MOU USGS/Board of Regents, UNV System on behalf of the Dallas Peck Joseph Crowley No Termination

    UNV-Reno to establish a Reno Field Office, Office of Director Pres., UNV, Reno Date

    Mineral Resources, USGS in association with the Mackay 3/18/1988 3/18/1988

    School of Mines and the Nevada Bureau of Mines and


    Renewal USGS/NSF to maximize the utilization of the academic fleet Dallas Peck NSF Dir. Expired 9/30/1991 MOU by enabling the USGS to transfer funds to the Foundation for Director 1/13/1989

    support of activities of the several marine science institutions 1/9/1989

    on an expedited basis

    MOU USGS/University of Puerto Rico for cooperation in scientific Charles G. Groat Norman Expired 5/9/2005

    research, faculty exchange, and student internships Director Maldonado, Pres.

    5/9/2000 5/9/2000

    MOU National Environmental Education and Training Charles G. Groat Kevin J. Coyle Conduct review

    Foundation/USGS for cooperation in environmental Director President every 5 years

    education and training 1/30/2003 1/30/2003

    MOA Department of the Army - Armed Forces Institute of Barbara J. Ryan Michael J. No Termination

    Pathology for collaboration in education and research for Director Dickerson, M.D. Date

    6/16/1997 5/7/1997

    MOU Univ. of the District of Columbia/USGS to commit UDC, Dallas Peck Robert G. Stanton Expired 5/3/1998

    USGS and Rock Creek Park, NPS to collaborate on Director NPS

    education in Water Resources in D.C. 5/3/1993 Tilden J. LeMelle,

    Pres. UDC


    Academia Page 3 MOU National Hispanic Environmental Council/USGS to provide Charles G. Groat Roger Rivera No Termination (#2005394) a cooperative and collaborative framework for the parties to Director President, NHEC Date

    establish and develop a partnership to promote 10/29/2003 10/29/2003

    environmental education initiatives in natural resources

    management and conservation to various Hispanic

    communities and other diverse groups.

    MOU National Association of State Universities & Land-Grant Charles G. Groat C. Peter Magrath Expired (#2005296) Colleges (NASULGC)/USGS to further the development of Director President 1/29/2008

    basic scientific and applied research and to maintain and 1-29-2003 1/29/2003

    promote channels of cooperation and communication that

    permit the exchange of scientific and technical information.

    MOU USGS/National Association of State Universities and Land-Charles G. Groat Alfred D. Sullivan Renew every 2 years

    Grant Colleges (NASULGC) (Board of Natural Resources) Director Chair

    to facilitate research and service, enhance opportunities to 7/23/2001 7/20/2001

    develop new initiatives in areas of common interest, and

    assist (where mutually agreed) in the implementation of their

    Strategic Plan.

    MOU USGS/Univ. of AZ to formalize the Association of the Dallas L. Peck Charles Peyton for No Termination

    University of AZ & USGS at the Desert Laboratory in Director Laurel L. Date

    Tumamoc Hill Preserve, AZ 11/17/1987 Wilkening


    MOU Boise State University/USGS concerning cooperation in the Dallas L. Peck Name ? No Termination

    Earth sciences Director President Date

    1/7/1991 12/13/1990

    MOU Washington Dept. of Natural Resources, Div. of Geology & Dallas L. Peck J. A Stearns No Termination

    Earth Resources/USGS for scientific, educational, and Director Supervisor Date

    technical cooperation in the geological sciences 11/2/1992 12/8/1992

    MOU USGS/BOM/AZ Board of Regents, University of AZ to Dallas L. Peck All signatures on No Termination

    establish an AZ field office Director file Date

    (*Cross Referenced in Table (Multi-Agency) - Filed in 4/15/1988


    MOU USGS/NAGT Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Susette M. Cathryn Manduca, Expires Aug 19, #2009446 this MOU promotes the development of well-trianing Kimball, Acting Executive Dir., 2014

    scientists and educators to meet the purposes of both Dir., NAGT

    organizations by nominating superior undergraduate students Jul 24, 2009 Aug 19, 2009

    from university field camps to apply for internships with


    MOU USGS/CSM (Colorado School of Mines) to establish a Marcia McNutt William (Bill) Expires May 11, GS11000618 framework for collaboration, cooperation, and coordination Director Scoggins 2016

    between USGS/CMS which could involve all Mission Areas May 12, 2011 President

    within USGS, and any or all Earth-science related academic Colorado School

    units within the CSM. of Mines


    MOU USGS/Soil Conservation Service, USDA relative to Vince McKelvey R.M. Davis, No Termination

    Exchange of Data and Program Coordination Director Administrator, Date

    1/21/1978 Soil Conservation



    MOU USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Forest Service, Soil Doyle Frederick Administrator, Expired in 1994

    Conservation Service/USGS regarding establishment of a Assoc. Director ARS 7/27/92

    cooperative, interagency Terrestrial Ecosystem Regional 8/28/1992 Chief, FS,

    Research Analysis (TERRA) Laboratory 8/7/1992

    Chief, SCS,


    MOU USDA Forest Service/USGS, for the production, exchange Dallas Peck Donald D. No Termination

    and dissemination of cartographic products and services Director Foxworthy Date

    3/18/1992 5/4/1992

    IA USGS/USDA Forest Service for the production and Dallas Peck F. Dale No Termination

    maintenance of a single-edition primary series quadrangle Director Robertson, Chief, Date

    map 7/16/1993 FS


    MOU DOI (USGS)/USDA relating to the impact of agricultural James W. Ziglar Orville G. No Termination

    practices on ground-water quality AS/WS Bentley, USDA Date

    3/18/1988 5/5/1988

    MOU USGS/Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA) for Thomas J. Perlie S. Reed Expired 6/18/2003

    partnerships to support biological and hydrological research Casadevall, Actg. Chief, NRCS

    and technology development and transfer Director 8/24/1998


    MOU USDA-Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) and DOI-USGS Charles G. Groat J.B. Penn, Under Conduct formal (#20030477) to facilitate cooperative efforts for mutual provision of Director, USGS Secretary for review every 5

    services and support, and technical assistance by both 2/13/2004 Foreign years.

    departments in the conduct of science and technology Agricultural

    research, development, transfer, utilization, and Services

    commercialization programs and activities. 3/11/2004


    MOU USAF/USGS to establish policies and administrative Dallas Peck Gary D. Vest Expired 3/18/1998

    procedures that will facilitate cooperation and coordination Director 3/18/1993

    between the USAF and USGS in research, technology 3/18/1993

    transfer, evaluation and education relating to the

    management, cleanup and reduction of hazardous wastes at

    Air Force installations

    MOU Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)/USGS to 1) establish Charles G. Groat Daniel P. Leaf Expired 1/18/2010 (#20005374) planning and operational cooperation, 2) expedite and Director Lieutenant

    formalize information sharing procedures and processes, and 1/18/2005 General, USAF

    3) establish procedures for working with local communities Vice Commander

    and state agencies to develop regional Geographic 12/9/2004

    Information System (GIS) data which will meet both the

    needs of AFSPC, USGS, civil and tribal authorities.



    MOU USGS and NARA MOU, to establish and implement records Mark Myers Allen Weinstein No Termination (#2008377) schedules for records at USGS EROS. EROS has gotten Director Archivist of US Date

    NARA approval of the MOU 06/13/2008 6/13/2008

    MOU NASA/USGS to facilitate the conduct of scientific research Charles G. Groat Ghassem Asrar Formal review at

    and long-range technology development - supercedes the Director Assoc. least every 5 years

    MOU between NASA and USGS to establish the 12/8/1999 Administrator

    organizational structures and mechanisms for cooperation 1/4/2000

    between NASA HQ and USGS for the purpose of facilitating

    scientific research and long range technology development

    planning, dated May 28, 1996)

    Management NASA/USGS Management Plan for the Landsat Program, Charles G. Groat Ghassem Asrar No Termination Plan December 1, 1999 Director Assoc. Date

    12/17/1999 Administrator

    for Earth Science


    Data Policy Landsat-7 Data Policy, February 9, 2000 Charles G. Groat Ghassem Asrar No Termination

    Director Assoc. Date

    2/24/2000 Administrator

    For Earth Science


    MOU USGS/NASA for the development, procurement, Dallas Peck Shelby G. Tilford In effect for the life

    implementation and operation of the Landsat 7 Data Director Actg. Assoc. of the Landsat

    Processing, Archiving and Distribution System 2/11/1993 Administrator Program


    MOU USGS/NASA for experimental land remotely sensed data Dallas Peck L. A. Fisk, Assoc. No Termination

    processing, distribution, archiving, and related science Director Administrator Date

    support 3/16/1988 3/16/1988



    MOA AASG/USGS to provide a mechanism to foster interaction, Suzette M. Berry H. (Nick) Expires May 2014

    cooperation, and coordination between the AASG and USGS Kimball, Acting Tew, Jr. President,

    Director AASG

    6/24/2009 6/24/2009

     U.S. ARMY



    MOU USGS/USAMDC to provide for the transfer of the USGS Thomas J. John Costello Per Mike Carr -

    Ship WORTHY from USGS to USAMDC Casadevall (Actg. 1/8/1999 nothing more will

    Director) take place.



    MOA USGS/USACOE to work together to provide information Charles G. Groat George S. Dunlop No Termination (#20040113) for science-based management of this Nation's water, Director, USGS Principal Deputy Date

    geological, and biological resources through the collection, 03/22/2004 Assistant

    analysis, interpretation, modeling, information management Secretary of the

    and reporting of biological, hydrological, geologic, Army

    geographic and other natural resource information of mutual 03/18/2004




    FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

    MOU FEMA/USGS to establish a formal working relationship Marcia McNutt W. Craig Fugate Expires 9/11/2016 GS11000826 between the USGS, FEMA, in relation to Emergency Director Administrator

    response activities related to flood, earthquake, landslide, 8/25/2011 9/10/2011

    volcanoes, and other hazards.

    MOU FEMA/USGS to provide a framework within which activities Dallas L. Peck Dave McLouglin No Termination

    of mutual concern can be pursued. Director Act. Assoc. Dir. Date

    11/3/1982 State and Local

    Programs & Spt


    MOU DOI (acting through the USGS) and the Department of Gale A. Norton Michael Chertoff Effective on the

     Homeland Security pertaining to Geospatial Information and Secretary, DOI Secretary, DHS date of the last #20030456 Remote Sensing for Homeland Security 3/31/2006 3/31/2006 signature. To be


    periodically as


    MOU NGIA/USGS This Annex will operate under the authorities Suzette M. Robert B. Effective on 1 Sep

     documented in the parent MOU: Memo of Understanding Kimball, Acting Murrett, Vice 2009. No #2009400 between the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Dir., USGS, Admiral, US termination date.

    US Geological Survey, effective 19 May 2006. The Annex 1 Sep 2009 Navy, Dirl,

    describes the partnership and responsibilities to create and NGIA, 3 Apr

    maintain geospatial information need to support Homeland 2009



    MOU DOD/DOI to establish policies and procedures whereby the Elizabeth Ann Emmett Paige, Jr., Expired 12/31/2000

    DOI is provided access to and use of the Precise Positioning Rieke, AS/WS Asst. Secty. of

    Service (PPS) of the Navstar Global Positioning System 9/14/1994 Defense

    (GPS) 8/26/1994

    MOU DOD (Environmental Security)/USGS to ensure optimum Gordon P. Eaton Sherri W. Expired 6/20/2007 (#2006421) efficiency and maximum benefit to the Federal Government Director, USGS Goodman, Deputy

    by integrating the resources and expertise of the USGS with 06/10/1997 Undersecretary of

    those of the DOD in addressing environmental Defense

    responsibilities and related issues. (Environmental



    MOU USGS/DOD (NIMA) for coordination and cooperation Thomas J. James C. King No Termination

    pertaining to Geospatial Data & Remote Sensing Casadevall Maj. Gen., USA Date

    Act. Director Dir., NIMA

    8/27/1998 7/23/1995

    MOU USGS/NGB pertaining to Geospatial Information and Marcia K. McNutt Craig R.McKinley Expires 9/22/2015 GS00000898 Remote Sensing Director, USGS General, USAF

    Sep 23, 2010 Chief, NGB

    Aug 16, 2010



    Joint EPA/USGS to restructure the EPA/USGS Coordination Doyle Frederick Allan Hirsch No Termination Memorandum Committee Actg. Director Director Date

    11/26/1985 12/5/1985

    MOU EPA/USGS to create a standing EPA/USGS Interagency Doyle Frederick John Hernandez No Termination

    Coordinating Committee Actg. Director 8/5/1981 Date


    MOU USGS/EPA for water quality monitoring and assessment Dallas Peck LaJuana S. Signed bet.

    activities Director Wilcher, Asst. 12/1991-

    No date on copy Administrator 01/1992 - No

    No date on copy Termination Date IA USGS/EPA (Ofc. of Waste Programs Enforcement) Oct. 1, Dallas Peck Jack McGraw No Termination

    1983 for the gathering of information and assessment of the Director Actg. Asst. Date

    hydrology and geology at hazardous waste sites. This 4/19/1985 Administrator

    agreement is related to the MOU between EPA and DOI 3/6/1985

    "Relationships in Activities Related to Degradation of the

    Subsurface Environment, dated July 24, 1973, and is

    independent of the IA between USGS and the Ofc. of

    Drinking Water, EPA, Jan. 1980. This document renews

    and updates the IA between USGS and EPA's OWPE dated

    May 1, 1981.

    IA USGS/EPA - coordination of environmental information for H. William Stephen J. Gage Expired 1985

    the Nation's effort toward energy self-sufficiency Menard, Director 1/15/1979


    MOU USGS/EPA pertaining to the National Water Data Exchange V.E. McKelvey Asst. Admin. for No Termination

    Director Water & Date

    3/24/1977 Hazardous




    MOU DOE, Ofc. of Environmental Restoration and Waste Dallas Peck Clyde Frank Expired 6/6/1996

    Management, Ofc. of Technology Development/DOI Director Assoc. Director

    (USGS) to establish policies and administrative practices 6/6/1991 6/6/1991

    that will facilitate cooperation and coordination in research,

    development, and demonstration related to the management

    and cleanup of hazardous and mixed wastes at DOE

    weapons installations. The RD&D involves the

    characterization of sites and the development and evaluation

    of remedial methodologies and technologies

    MOU USGS/DOE for Collaborative Studies in Support of Bennett W. Raley David K. Garman Expired 6/24/2007 (#20040335) Geothermal Resource Assessments Asst. Secretary - Asst. Secretary for

    Water & Science Energy Efficiency

    6/10/2004 & Renewable

    Energy, DOE


    MOU USGS/DOE Energy Information Administration provides Marcia McNutt Richard Newell Expires Dec 31, (#2009686) for the disclosure by the EIA to the USGS of company level Director, USGS Administrator 2014

    uranium and vanadium reserves data collected under the Dec 10, 2009 Energy

    National Uranium Resource Evaluation program. Information


    Dec 24, 2009



    MOU DHSS/NIEHS/USGS to join forces to investigate the causes Charles G. Groat Ken Olden No Termination Date

    of some environmentally related public health problems Director Director

    12/24/1998 1/15/1999

    MOU Natl. Center for Health Statistics, CDC, DHHS/USGS, to Dallas Peck Manning Feinleib No Termination Date

    integrate data and information from both agencies in a way Director 2/11/1992

    that will help reveal relationships between human health and 1/7/1992

    environmental factors

    MOU CDC/USGS to establish a collaboration between the USGS Thomas J. Claire Broome No Termination Date

    and the CDC for addressing public health problems Casadevall, Actg. Actg. Director

    Director 8/27/1998



    MOU USGS/FWS for program coordination Dallas Peck John F. Turner No Termination

    Director Director Date

    3/20/1992 3/16/1992

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