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    February 3, 2010


    MEMBERS PRESENT: Cyndi Andrade (Chair), Betsy Pyne (Vice Chair), Peg Drisko-Johnson, Andrea Langhauser, David Lutes, Paul Terrio, Tom Terpstra and Betsey

    Whitney. MEMBER ABSENT: Precinct 2 representative

VISITORS: Scott Dittrich and Bill Crump of the Norfolk Municipal Housing Trustees;

    Christy May of ReMax Realtors, and Doug Williams of Mass. Audubon

Meeting called to order @ 7:35 pm by Cyndi Andrade


    Update of the Municipal Housing Trust (MHT) activities was provided by Scott

    Dittrich. There is about $600,000 in the MHT presently. After performing a financial

    analysis, the MHT decided that it would be difficult for a family of four that met the

    HUD eligibility requirements to purchase an affordable house in Norfolk. So their revised

    goal is provide housing that sells for no more than $120,000. The best model they’ve encountered is one provided by Habitat for Humanity with whom they have 2 projects

    underway. MHT plans to have 1-2 projects with Habitat each year as they work toward

    the town’s goal of providing 10% affordable housing – located throughout town, rather

    than congregated into multi-unit developments. Scott requested that the CPC review the

    language of the article in which CPC funded the MHT to determine if it is limited to

    purchase and rehabilitation of houses or if the money could be used for the purchase and

    rehabilitation of residential properties (ie Land). The Committee agreed to review at next

    meeting and Cyndi Andrade would report back to Scott Dittrich.

As the liaison to Habitat for Humanity, Bill Crump provided an update on the 2 ongoing

    MHT projects located on Leland Road and Mirror Lake Road. The MHT has donated the

    lot on Leland Road to Habitat for Humanity. In turn, Habitat for Humanity has nearly

    completed the necessary permitting (from the ZBA, Board of Health and Conservation

    Commission). The house, donated by a resident of Leland Road, has been moved to the

    property but is not yet on the foundation. Habitat for Humanity acts as construction

    manager marshalling donations for the construction, including sweat equity from the

    potential buyers. It is anticipated that the total cost of this property will be around

    $80,000. Habitat provides a 0% mortgage to the buyer selected in a much more stringent

    process than the MHT would be able to perform. However, Habitat cannot limit buyers to

    those with ties to Norfolk. The house will have a permanent deed restriction to stay

    affordably priced but the buyer can build equity. It is anticipated that by June, 2010 a

    family will be selected and will be able to move in.

The MHT has made an offer, which has been accepted, to purchase an existing house @

    24 Mirror Lake Road for $70,000. When the sale is finalized, MHT plans to sell the

    property to the Habitat for Humanity for $20,000, tear down the existing house and build

a new 2-bedroom house on the existing foundation, which will be sold with a permanent

    affordable housing restriction.

Cyndi Andrade will provide the MHT with the current balance of the CPC affordable

    housing line item.

The application for funding the refurbishment of the 9/11 memorial statue was

    presented by Scott Dittrich in Bonnie Dietrich’s absence. (See attached). The CPC

    agreed to review the application at the next meeting relative to the funding criteria.

The application for purchase of property on the corner of Diamond and Union was

    presented by Christie May. See application and 2 survey plans, the later provided

    electronically. The property is approximately 12 acres and includes a house and 2 out

    buildings. A 6-acre wet meadow fronting Diamond is the owner’s preferred portion for

    sale. This 6-acre parcel has been reviewed by the Conservation Commission twice, both

    times construction of a single family home was denied. The proposed house was within

    100’ of the wetland and within the 100’ riparian zone. Upon appeal, the MassDEP upheld

    the local denial. Doug Williams, Sanctuary Director for Mass Audubon, agrees it is an

    environmentally valuable parcel but the Mass Audubon is not in a position to purchase or

    manage the land. The owner would consider the sale of other parcel configurations

    including the section of the property that directly abuts the Mass Audubon property.

    Christie May gave CPC the approval to perform an appraisal of the 6-acre portion of the

    property and of other configurations. Doug Williams will provide the assessor’s lot numbers for its adjoining parcels. The CPC will evaluate the application and report

    back to Christie May.


    An application for funding @ the Bertha Fales Park was presented by Betsy Pyne

    representing Barbara Bartholomew. See attached application. A motion was made by

    Paul Terrio, seconded by David Lutes, to request $2500 for the signs, boundary markers

    and other items in the application excluding the funding of the dedication ceremony and

    on the condition that a sketch plan illustrating the construction details will be provided to

    the CPC prior to town meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

The Committee agreed to submit Warrant Articles for Annual Town Meeting requesting

    $35,000 for CPC administrative operations, a reservation of 10% of funds earned this

    year for each of the 3 statutory purposes - open space/recreation, affordable housing, and

    historic restoration, $50,000 for the Down Payment Assistance Program, and $2500 for

    the Bertha Fales Park. Motion was made by Betsy Pyne, seconded by Peg Drisko-

    Johnson, that 6 articles would be submitted to Town Meeting. Motion passed

    unanimously. Cyndi will draft the articles for committee review before sending them to

    the BOS.

    Updates to the CPC application would be discussed at a later meeting. Previous Months Minutes review was postponed until next meeting

    Vouchers were signed (2) .

    Adjourn @ 9:55 P.M.

    Next Meeting is scheduled for March 17, 2010 Norfolk Town Hall Room 124


     Paul Terrio,Clerk

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