The iron lady strong sentiment double thatcher

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The iron lady strong sentiment double thatcher

    "The iron lady: strong sentiment" : double


    In 1918,The BritishCongress on behalf of "civil law", make women over the age of 30 have voting rights, but it was not until 1928 that a women's suffrage.After about 50 years, when the first appeared in Britain in 1979, so far the only female prime minister, she was Margaret Thatcher (1925 -), Margaret Thatcher.The post of prime minister Margaret thatcher, seemingly successful break the limitation of gender, in a sexist society ?

    ? especially male political tradition ? ? to gain a foothold, but the fact

    is really the case?British director Philip lida, Roy (Phyllida Lloyd) directed by the secondThe plotLong drama"The iron lady: strong tenderness ", on the surface is Margaret thatcher figures depicting thestorybiographyFilm,

    but in fact it was entertaining to get hidden "Gender" (Gender) in this paper.

    History and real, of course, never is the only and the highest standard biopic, as artistic creation, reality and fiction, history and art has always been a biopic can't get rid of the second law of anti-tradition.Designed to remember history, art is longer than write mood, has a history of ruthless is copied, affectionate without history of total vanity.So, just use historical benchmarks to measure the film obviously too demanding, let alone in Plato, the shadow of the shadow, is between real world and the three layers.What historical elements, however, pick up what narrative to represent characters is could be discussed, all of which should be in good biopic serve the deeper understanding of the characters, the audience and get thinking and inspiration.

    The camera andmusicAssist, film with vacant thatcher rendering female politicians often difficult and embarrassing, because of the creator and announcing the female identity, film oppressed women in the patriarchal society expressed great interest, male politicians ridicule, waves of black leather shoes in women with bright color, the female locker room of an iron and ironing table, the directivity convey clear lens of typical feminist spirit, but the puzzling is that the creator has no intention of continuing feminist spirit, rendering of women's rights and not by borrowing characters to the prime minister and strengthened,

    borrow a cup of coffee to all the women's independence and the struggle to break, the so-called is more meaningful than the kitchen, children, wash cup all things into the woman's vulnerability.Or creators think this is the tragedy of women, and is the tragedy of the patriarchal society.The tragedy would not stop the force of example driver, it is the old"The iron lady"I watched her husband's ghost a to turn not endless disappointed and saddened.

    The iron lady: Margaret thatcher's two sides

    "Iron Lady" (the Iron Lady) is derived from the former Soviet union media of Mrs Thatcher's calls, but also reflect her two sides: Iron, its properties of hardened, cold, can be seen as "male"characterization;Take it for granted that lady emphasizes "female" (" male "and" female "here refers to the formation of the" social gender "the day after

    tomorrow).asTaiwanUnder the subtitle, iron fortified with lady tender feelings, expressed by two distinct personality and at the same time slice of Margaret thatcher (Meryl Streep).

    The movie is continuously interlaced with the past and now.Now is already quit politics, memory loss, rolls for grain shape of Margaret

    thatcher's time and space;In the past time and space is including Margaret (Alexandra Roach), as a young and prime minister Margaret thatcher.Through the fragments of the past, we can see Margaret has not been involved in politics and the difference between the common women, for example: standing among a group of men, listen to public topics related to speech;Published "we should talk about at the dinner table, free-standing self-improvement", etc.In traditional idea, the "female" should have closed mouth, which is the role of the silent, clearly,

    at this moment Margaret has showed partial is a "male" part of the character.

    However, when Margaret formally into the political, even as Margaret thatcher, the men from her personality is metamorphic, disguised as a layer of have to wear a mask.Production, Margaret thatcher's chief of staff, said to her: "no one wants to be a woman's sermon and intimidation."Especially in the economic, military, defense, foreign masculine in the political field, which means that the thatcher must with the identity of "male" on politics.Therefore, we see Margaret thatcher change hair style, to make themselves look more momentum;Vocal, let his voice more powerful, the majesty of ascension when

    speaking.Momentum, powerful and majestic, these adjectives are often set for "male", Margaret thatcher will add to the already, after all is in order to be able to the political world dominated by men.

    Compared with the "male" identity when dealing with political, Margaret thatcher in the face of her husband, Dennis (Jim Broadbent), from time to time show tender feelings of "female" faces.This part can see by the following scene: even if Dennis had died for many years, Margaret thatcher are reluctant to pick up, sort out his belongings;When staff hope Margaret thatcher out wearing a pearl necklace for a long time, she wouldn't cooperate, because it was Dennis in children after the birth of twins to send her a gift;After the blast at the hotel, see Dennis

    safe, Margaret thatcher afraid, and said, "I thought I lost you."phaseThe letterThe audience from the fragments are not difficult to feel Margaret thatcher affectionate to Dennis and rely on.In addition, Mrs Thatcher's emotion is not only used for Dennis, also used in people's body, especially her writing session in personThe lettersympathyThe warI'm impressed with the families of the victims of the act.

    Margaret thatcher, with its "iron lady" image make politics, even from both sides of evaluation, also hurt her in the UKhistoryOn the location.But as hsiao-hung chang in the post-modern/woman: power, desire and gender performance "in the proposed:" but when we say "women like men outstanding" at the same time, maybe it's just "the way women follow men in male society, to obtain recognition and praise of a man"."Margaret thatcher can have now, it's hard to say not through a "male" cloak and success, however, this also is helpless."I fight every day in my life, also was underestimated by the man."Margaret thatcher said.Women want in a male dominated, full of gender discrimination and political survival in the jungle, or even a place of their packaging under the "male" may be a no alternative path, just, it also makes the old lady thatcher saw television news in the past, I sighed: "I do not know myself."

    Return to a woman

    Simon, wave Eva (Simone DE Beauvoir, 1908-1986) once said: "men today on behalf of the" yes "and" neutral "? ? that is to say," male "and"

    people "? ? and women are only" negative ", "female"."Thus, when we mention "people", refers to the actually is a man can see more from English (this).So, a woman?Again, in order to "male" identity packaging of woman?

    Margaret thatcher won't limited by the traditional framework of "female", in Dennis to marry him, she said: "I wouldn't be a small woman."Urged Dennis understand she didn't want to a lifetime nest in the kitchen, trapped in the"familyThe role of housewife "; then, she said: "people have to live meaningful.Counts "thatcher intended to break the traditional" = the man ", also don't want to be committed in the "female", looking only to the identity of "people" make you perfect. However, as mentioned, after entering politics, Margaret thatcher was forced to

    disguised as a "male", homelands in political career, she lost some precious thing: parents of love with her.

    In the scene: the elderly lady thatcher rummage photograph of a home video discs in the past, see among young children playing on the seashore, pair of can not help but rise so kindness;At this point, the figure of Dennis said: "you can rewind, but not again."The next scene, Margaret thatcher was driving the drive to the parliament, left chasing the car, want to share photos with her children.Time to now, children have grownadultAgain, don't have my son, my husband died, Mrs Thatcher only can capture only the phantom and the memory of the past, so the director choose destruction of time sequence, continuously interlaced with the past now, let the audience can understand more memory PianDuanXing;At the same time, by passing the high-spirited and frail body now stands in stark contrast, foil a hidden under Mrs Thatcher the uncommon women, is just an ordinary man, an ordinary mother, as well as ordinary, Margaret thatcher.

    "For girls, marriage and motherhood involves the entire fate of her."Simon, said the child.A "male" cloak of Margaret thatcher, discarding the "mother" means that the role of, makes our parents must pay the price.As Margaret thatcher in the television media, on the other hand, can see, that don't even know her own, her husband and children in the home to see her so: armed to the teeth, less tender feelings.As the figure of Dennis said: "you have always been alone."Margaret thatcher used to disguised as "male" himself ? ? is full of majesty and imposing

    manner she ? ? gradually away from the family and yourself.Finally, in the figure of Dennis mentioned below, Margaret thatcher, from camouflage from daughter to help her comb the hair, clean their cups, to children's frolicking in all marks the thatcher intention to retrieve lost parents, and thereby regression as a female people themselves.

    Fiction movies and real life

    Fe lida, Roy's "iron lady: strong sentiment" is not in an attempt to reproduce Mrs Thatcher's biography, nor is she focused on the real history, as in the film to staggered to present with the past, now and let the scene, the news records and radio voice three parallel, visible directors consists of reality into the virtual, into from virtual to real, make it a fictional scenario, complete your own paper.Cheng-chen chien the poet once said, "when the director to image narrative life and life is accepted art reorganization."Film is not just the tools of the story, it is by the product of the director and screenwriter creation, so we really need not excessive to the characters in the reality for the characters in the film, also don't have to stick on the historical reconstruction ? ? "the iron

    lady: strong tender feelings" after all is a movie, rather thanThe documentary? ? let film return to itself, I think "the iron lady: strong sentiment" is an interesting work.

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