Why Europe become entrepreneurial hot

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Why Europe become entrepreneurial hot

    Why Europe become entrepreneurial hot?

    Today's China, apparently has entered a flourishing age.Some industry insiders say: "Chinese entrepreneurs on the successful rate is close to the United States. And in imitation innovation ability is more and more prominent."At present all kinds of startup companies have sprung up, though the majority are losers, but look from the other side, too, are indicators of economic activity.At the same time, the United States remains the world's most developed economy in led the way in the world's innovation entrepreneurship, from apple, facebook, Microsoft, Google and other big energy, tesla to emerging enterprises, Uber, Oculus, Snapchat, inspections, and an enterprise's development speed can be seen.The world also have no the second city, could match of

    silicon valley innovation ability.But with entrepreneurship and innovation economy, compared to tap China - the United States and emerging economies in recent years, Europe can emerge in the world of emerging technology startups seems too few and far between, to some extent, from conception of entrepreneurship environment soil and foster new industry innovation ability, Europe has been marginalized.Eu, according to the survey data from 2000 europeans to entrepreneurial intention has been less than americans, 67% of respondents said over the next five years will not attempt to "self-employed."Since 2009 the European sovereign debt crisis, in addition to the UK, most European countries the number of startups are declining trend, while the number of annual shut down is on the rise.

    Lackluster in Europe, startup, but recently the only special case is that Europe's largest startup company in market value after the latest round of funding is finally up to $8.4 billion.European business environment is certainly not the equal of the United States and China, with its economic model is closely related to culture of innovation, let's look at what are the reasons.

    The policy environment and small entrepreneurs to repel wind scale of investment and financing

    In a startup thriving market environment, need what are the basic elements?First of all, need good policy design, has the vigor and the flow

    of capital, talent team (developer, designer, sales), open markets, such as for entrepreneurship and innovation spirit and desire.But in Europe, these areas seem to be poor.

    The success of a start-up company is inseparable from the external environment support, timing, location, and the three elements of be short of one cannot.Peoples entrepreneurial boom in China, the place, also is the result of government's unprecedented support

    entrepreneurship, such as policy, the reform of the system of commercial registration, the enterprise registration of industry and commerce, taxation, quality inspection of the "three certificates no. 3" has been combined into "a as a yard," reduced the approval process, picked up speed, reduce the startup, access environment is more relaxed.But in Europe, starting a business of all kinds of examination and approval of tedium and become a big resistance, in France, for example, better public agency services for business process complicated and unstable, submit an application for business requires a long time, goals, plans, and entrepreneurs, such as money problems is often questioned.And also in modified French VAT system, rules and regulations and tax environment for entrepreneurs is very unstable.The stand or fall of the policy design of entrepreneurial motivation often has the effect of vane guide.Even, if entrepreneurs want to be in Europe through stock options and give free

    shares this also doesn't work to attract talents, complex legal provisions to give new employees free stock is illegal.

    From the environment of the capital, an entrepreneur in the United States to obtain financial support, decision lies in its founding companies to have investment value, is there any innovation of technology and business models as well as the related patents, possess the value of the company from the market, through the vc access to capital is not difficult, never short of bole in silicon valley.In silicon valley, the venture capital circle and even the society as a whole are encouraged to academia and industry, and even at Stanford university, worked for entrepreneurs to facilitate the business conditions, encourage professors and students to lean on, even also has a special office to help entrepreneurs with Stanford have connection between entrepreneurs and investors, looking for investment, such as Stanford university and is well-known venture capital BBS - Stamford entrepreneurs horn, used to make docking, a professor at the famous venture capitalists and business leaders.When Google founders larry page was founded Google was a graduate student at Stanford university, is through this channel launched Google got the first investment.

    In Europe and the United States belong to western society, but it is not the same in on the model of economic operation.Bank loans are the main financing channels for Europe's firms.But even the Banks, and rarely

    lending for medium and small enterprises or entrepreneurs.In some European Union member states, bank loans accounted for more than 90% of the all the financing channels, the British economist, said the European risk investment fund is only equivalent to 8% of the us.According to dow Jones, according to data from the first quarter of this year, European companies a total of 2.6 billion euros ($2.9 billion) in the vc, rose 41%, the data is still not as good as American companies a fraction of the $15.7 billion in financing scale.

    Venture capital, private capital and mistrust of entrepreneurs don't support system architecture Entrepreneurs in the us to Europe

    This to some extent reflects the Europe for acceptance of venture capital and private capital for entrepreneurs, also reflected at the same time, the whole European market environment, also not good at using VC, PE equity financing, operating companies listed, also lack a support and trust for entrepreneurs, here we can see a case.Launched a email management, a French entrepreneur Mathilde Collin, in 2014 started to try to raise money from European investors, she took the application around Paris and London shopping for more than four months, but no one answered her.When she reach out to investors in the United States, with only 10 days raised more than $300.European entrepreneurs lack of investment become the norm, in that case, move to the United States to continue to their trajectory has become many entrepreneurs

    choose.Because European investors to avoid risk, and U.S. investors are willing to help start-ups to take risks.

    Famous tech blog Pandodaily have a column called

    StartupsAnonymous (anonymous entrepreneurs), focus on

    entrepreneurship, firsthand experience in the process of

    investment.European entrepreneurs in the speech, the local government for a European country provides an innovative start-up company loans, in installment reimbursement, 5 years in loan interest rate of 6.5%.To get the loan, however, entrepreneurs must sign a personal guarantee, to prevent its startup companies unable to repay the loan.

    Mentioned earlier, in Europe, even the bank, and rarely for medium and small enterprises or entrepreneurs to lend, because mortgage or pledge form other is also to get a high threshold for the loan.After the European commission's early study of bankruptcy system, found that many countries treat bankruptcy entrepreneurs like fraud, such as large German company executives will even face a lifetime ban after bankruptcy, the only after 12 months will be exempted from the debts of the bankrupt.In France, failed entrepreneurs take six years to restart, manifests in behind this is that Europe's more traditional and conservative thinking mode, to entrepreneurs to extreme distrust intolerance.

    So as a result of, the United States market openness and tolerance to present a strong European entrepreneurs and talent agglomeration effect, result in Europe are further marginalized entrepreneurial energy.According to European entrepreneurs, according to data from the oral Croatia already born many promising start-up projects, including the production of electric supercar mark in the automobile company (Rimac Automobili);At the 2014 world entrepreneurship competition on farm intelligent cloud management software provider Agrivi;Farm Farmeron cloud management service providers, and maternal and child intelligence Bellabeat wearable products manufacturers, but now these companies have moved to the United States.

    For them, the European venture capital enterprises not only divided, can only help the focus of the domestic enterprise project, and the vc is different in the United States, they are in a well-functioning venture ecological environment to support a series of start-up companies from many countries.

    In addition, including Germany, France, Spain and Italy, many countries have set up incubation center in silicon valley, providing services such as tutor, training courses and social opportunities, they prefer to let Europe's entrepreneurial talent is supported by the americans.But as a result, more intensified European venture the

    deterioration of ecological soil, cause they are missing.In addition to flow to the United States, many had roots in Europe of small and medium-sized enterprises or people with entrepreneurial spirit began to flow to Asia.

    Generous welfare market spread entrepreneurship failure cost is high Cultivating entrepreneurial soil loss in Europe

    Europe is a welfare society, some people say that Europe manpower cost is high, there are, people prefer to stay in big companies or government departments work.But this is no excuse for not venture, American manpower cost is high, so the market environment and the social tolerance is also a important factor for business.Such as the industry have pointed out that "the americans were done half hour will sell products, but the germans had to wait until it is one hundred percent complete", once the business fail, the entrepreneurship are difficult to financing.In Europe, the failure of the business is a stain.So, in the European entrepreneurs to prefer to can be in a larger scale, the system is relatively perfect, and can get higher pay and more resources for innovation in the company, rather than independence risk.In silicon valley, such as the cradle of in silicon valley, Stanford's such an environment, a doctoral student in computer science or electronic engineering don't want to venture may sorry for himself, and in this environment, startup failure is nothing to feel inferior.Here we see the

    United States and China venture similarities, China business is also "one 99 Winner and Loser" game.

    Europe is not, the French famous vc Marie Ekeland, said European schools to instill students "active competition, only success, not failure" concept, "while the Internet is a world full of sharing and cooperation, try and fail, this is at odds with their overall concept".Based on analysis, we seem to see the European and Japanese on entrepreneurial atmosphere of some in common, the author used in "China's Internet why

    entrepreneurial energy compaction Japan?"In Japan, the article points out that VC investors were relatively conservative and risk capital to entrepreneurs and investors will not easily, look down upon Japanese culture loser, Japan is also a well-off society, working in large enterprises, the high income and stability and the risk of entrepreneurs to form a strong contrast.Japan young people into work itself means big firms have put on gorgeous crystal shoe, they don't want to take off the shoes to walk barefoot, high start-up costs and the cost of failure.The society as a whole with Europe for entrepreneurial attitudes and culture seems to be no different.

    Europeans, of course, be afraid of risks is not without reason, difficult to form scale, important reason lies in the decentralized market results in the Europe also lack of unified market make it big in its development.In China or the United States, product channels spread with unified market

    of hundreds of millions of users, in Europe, but on the contrary, the small forest, sparsely populated, national policy become significant obstacles with different language and culture.Learned, Europe has 28 member states, which means that the 28 different regulatory tax and cultural market and the market rules, and then take the mobile Internet business, make a enterprise products, applications, or IT will spread to the entire European market, involves more than 20 languages and market positioning and user needs, and different policy restrictions, there are also, according to the analysis of the different European countries exist between different taxation, labor policies, and various bureaucratic hurdles not startup the limited resources can afford.

    So, after graduating from European peers in government or big company is the first choice to find a secure job, there are entrepreneurs, points out that europeans more want to hear he is a successful doctor or is the story of the successful works in a bank, rather than entrepreneurial story of a poor boy.

    Disconnect the European welfare state and the emerging technology industry type company is the important reason for the European austerity and high unemployment

    Mentioned above, and Europe was the "welfare state" of the society, while Europe depressed business factor and the young people choose a stable job may also be due to its high welfare policy.But for a small

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