The Epicurism is connecting the world

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The Epicurism is connecting the world

    The Epicurism is connecting the world

    The philosopher in the kitchen is gourmet in France legend - savoie LAN's magnum opus, content fusion cuisine life theory, historical stories, recipes and the unique experience of the author, statements to rich philosophical and sense of humor, sold two hundred, far-reaching, with "Bible".Book from giant Balzac preface, Dumas wrote "Dumas gourmet dictionary" after reference.During the period of the republic of China is introduced into China, Zhongshu Qian, Zhimo Xu, Huiyin Lin and other people were mentioned in the book and the author.Now known as a writer for, Tong Jiao, Qiao Shu, Liang Han have also been own articles mentioned in the book and the author.

    About the word "food", I looked at all the dictionary, but check the materials can't satisfy me.Materials is always the epicurism and greedy and eat big confuse STH with STH else.Therefore, my conclusion is that these lexicographers although in other areas is very good, but it in the field of food than those who easily chew the quail wings and gracefully with orchid glass wine or drink clos DE vougeot lafite gentleman scholars.

    They forget, thoroughly forget food socialist society is a beautiful set of Athens, Rome, natural and graceful, France is exquisite, convergence of advanced design and excellent performance at an organic whole, fusion cuisine enthusiasm and sensible to identify in a furnace of university asked.Their noble qualities can be summed up in the word "virtue", it also provides us with the most pure happiness.


    Let us therefore define concept, and clarify its meaning.

    Epicurism is for those who can make a pleasant taste organs enthusiasm, rational, and habitual preference.

    Overeating is epicurism predators;They have and are drunk crime, must be cleared from food in the home.

    Epicurism including sweets.The latter prefer snacks, cakes and sweetmeats, etc.These food improved more suitable for ladies and men and women style preferences.

    No matter from which aspect to consider, epicurism are worthy of praise and encouragement.

    In terms of body, it is the result of the vegetative organs in healthy and in good condition and evidence.

    In terms of spirit, it means absolutely obey the arrangement of the creator.Creator, let's eat food to sustain life, gave us appetite as eating cause, give us taste as eating the power, give us happy in return for eating labor.

    The advantages of epicurism

    From its relationship with the political and economic considerations, epicurism through the exchange of consumer goods, link connecting the countries all over the world.

    It led to the global flow within the scope of all kinds of things, including wine, liquor, spices, pickled vegetables, all kinds of food and even eggs, melons, etc.

    It can give quality usually formulate relative prices and excellent food, whether its quality is the result of artificial or natural attributes.

    It every day for those who are carrying their labor products to the most demanding markets of fishermen, hunters, farmers and other industry added courage and fight spirit.

    Finally, it to cook, candy maker, the baker, and all related to prepare food industry busy professionals provides the source of life.These people need to satisfy their lives and want to buy other products of Labour, which makes a lot of money flowing, the specific cash flow and the total amount of even the most professional personage was not sure.

    To provide services for food industry has significant and special advantages, namely on the one hand, people demand for its product has the long-term, the needs of every day to eat;On the other hand, the industry's product has the support of the wealthy gastronomes.

    In the current social conditions, it is difficult to think of any race can only rely on bread and vegetable can survive.If there is such a race there, so it will inevitably be conquered by foreign troops, like in India of barbarian invasion just never rebel;Or it will accept neighboring ethnic cooking skills, like boeotian in left after the war, all become a gourmet.

    The advantages of more

    Food for socialist countries financial contribution is great: road and bridge fees, customs barriers, along with a variety of indirect tax variety, emerge in endlessly.The things should be tax gourmet consumption, they therefore is the most important contributors to the wealth of nations.

    So how do we evaluate the past few centuries to leave France to explore foreign food culture of countless cook?Almost all of their efforts paid off.They by the French natural instinct, the fruits of their Labour back to the motherland.They use this way more than the accumulation of wealth is beyond people's imagination, many of whom became the father of noble family.

    Prosperity, of course, if other countries have their own reasons, France more than other countries should be set for epicurism altar temple.

    The power of the epicurism

    In November 1815, according to the "treaty" (note: history says the 1815 treaty of Paris, November 20, 1815 after its defeat in the battle of Waterloo, France's contracts from sixth anti-french alliance), France must deliver the indemnity of seven hundred and fifty million francs to the Allies in three years.

    There is a clause to demand compensation from the French residents hostile countries to claim on an individual basis, these individuals claim after assessed by the heads of a few enemies, averages about there are more than three hundred million francs.

    Finally, there is a cost to the French government, namely the requisition by the enemy generals supplies, by a car the car into the border, the expenditure total more than one billion five hundred million francs.

    There is reason to worry about such a huge reparations burden, pay with gold and silver go out every day, to national finance intolerable noose on set, can make the country impoverished loss of ability to borrow.

    Those who damage, watching them when put on a military truck Vivian street, can not help but sigh: "alas! Alas! All of our money to get them to foreign countries, next year I have to kneel for begging a crown of money. We lost all, become a beggar. Enterprise without hope, can't borrow money, we will face famine, pestilence, and death."

    Fact nothing like they expected, even professional students are very surprised: reparations to repay very easily, lending the money to more than the original.In the whole super clean, financial circulation index always is good for us, in other words, you can use mathematical method to calculate the flow in the French money than out of France.

    What is the power to help us?Where is the fairy created a miracle?

    Is the food.

    When the British and germans like national teuton and symplectic merry Ann barbarians, tin west urban people swarmed into the French, they have never seen such a fine food, appetite is big.

    They soon are not satisfied with the French officials were forced to hold a formal banquet, they are eager to enjoy more elegant, Paris city soon became a big dining room.In restaurants, hotels, pubs, small restaurant, on every street can be seen the aggressors in eating and drinking.

    They have to eat meat, fish, venison, truffle, pastry, the main and fruit.

    Their drink with enormous appetite, they often have to consume the most expensive wine.They wanted to experience a had never heard of enjoy, don't let them enjoy their right away can't stand it.

    General observer don't know how to evaluate this endless eating and drinking, but the real French poised did Sarah laugh way: "see, they were captivated by the government for their money in the morning, at night they will have to pay back double."

    During that time to seize people taste preference is a golden age.Wei, made a fortune in the base of the development of the ashar, cloth and opened the third restaurant accumulate wealth.Syria Mrs 12 square feet of small hotel in the palace every day can sell twelve thousand tart.

    Is lasting impact that a few days: those foreigners in peacetime and wartime in France to develop the habit of not forget for a moment, from time to time to come from all over Europe Trinidad TiaoTiaoDe France to enjoy it.They want to enjoy will have to go to Paris, and they once in Paris, the temptation of the delicious immediately let them no longer consider the price problem.We borrow loans enough is not due to their high pay their interest, but because people instinctively trust a people advocating cuisine.

    The portrait of an elegant gourmet

    Epicurism isn't men's patent, it is completely suitable for female tender organ, and it give women pleasure to some extent compensate for the social constraints to their suffering and their biological natural for the inconvenience.

    Beautiful women gourmet for dinner is incomparably beautiful scenery: her napkin neatly to hang in the chest, one hand on the table, another hand will cut a piece of delicate food into the mouth, or holding a partridge wings with teeth.They looks at to bright eye be apt to, if cherry lips, elegant, courteous.Such a beautiful creature really desirable, even Rome prosecutors cato looked hard to not be moved.

    The woman is a gourmet

    Because the food is good for women, so women is a natural preference for food.

    A series of strict observation results show that the fine and orderly diet can greatly retard the outward signs of aging.

    Food can become the eyes of god, can make the skin become ruddy, can make strength becomes strong.Physiology knowledge tells us, depression can lead to wrinkles, which is a beautiful enemy.Therefore, absolutely, so to speak, in the case of other conditions are the same, a man who knows the art of eating than those who do not understand at least ten years younger.

    Painters and sculptors long ago learned that this rule, the performance of their works never misers, monks and other voluntary or abstinence to fulfil his obligations, because the sick man's color, body weakness, wrinkles of tired, craggy.

    The social impact of food

    Food is one of the main link of society.Food make people sit together, after a long time to cultivate a friendship.At the dinner table, people get along well, and communication, the level of daily difference has played down.

    Owners alike have prepared dishes if we can get the guests praise, they will be encouraged.In this case, if the stupid diners to swallow the most exquisite dishes and indifferent, it's a crime;The most expensive if he casually drinking wine without its fragrance, taste it is blasphemous.

    General principle is such a genius achievements worthy of public praise, and express gratitude for the hospitality is also regular etiquette.

    The influence of epicurism for a happy marriage

    When food needs and share, it is the most significant impact on marital happiness.

    Suppose you have two gourmet, each in turn every day at least one meal, please.Though the two don't live in one place (this situation is very common), but they always eat together, always have said not over of topic between them.They are not only talking about eating meals, and also talk about going to eat meal, and they meet at other friends fashion, new dish dishes, such as this, such talk over dinner is really interesting.

    Music must have a strong appeal for those who love it.But music to play, and play need to practice hard.Encountered missing song tune rusty or headache.The instrument out of tune or similar small fault is fatal for players.

    But about food common interests can make a pair of men and women sit at the same table to dinner, they naturally attracted to each other, and gentle to each other.In this case, the food has become an important part of their happy life.

    This last one wisdom for the French is very fresh, but the British moralist Richard Johnson had known about it, and in her novel "Pamela" on it.Two couples in the novel describes the different ways of nightlife.

    Two husband is a pair of brothers.Brother is noble, inherited all property.Brother disinherited, by married Pamela live with salary, living near poverty.

    Noble and his girlfriend respectively on both sides of the opposite door came in from the restaurant, coldly say "hello", although this is the day they meet for the first time.They on the dinner table and takes a seat, with glittering servant stood around it.Without passion,

    atmosphere when they eat dead boring.But when the servants retire later, they began to talk, calm on the surface of the can't maintain soon, his wife began swearing, both sides have stormed off, back to their room would make the other died early.

    Brother, on the contrary, a return to his humble abode, his wife, with her gentle words and touch to comfort to him.His table is very simple, but he haven't got a bad diet.If there is no Pamela, where he can eat so good food?They eat pick, chating at their own things, plans, and love.Half a bottle of Madeira white wine makes them chating at the time unconsciously extend a lot.The next bed, they both fall asleep after pleasure, forget about the current hard, dream of a better future.

    We give the reader about the advantages of food, that is, it does not need to work also do not need wealth!As the king of Assyria, Dana palmer has the worst excesses of, didn't make women accused of same dimensional ladder stay, greedy also make people should not abandon a good dinner on the table.

    If food evolved into gluttony, greed, and lust, so it can't be called epicurism, and lost its benefits, then it is outside the scope of we discussed, but in the criticism of the entered the moralist, or become a doctor medicate object.

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