The Epicurism is connecting the world

By Kenneth Rice,2015-03-05 09:21
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The Epicurism is connecting the world

    The Epicurism is connecting the world

    The philosopher in the kitchen is gourmet in France legend - savoie LAN's magnum opus, content fusion cuisine life theory, historical stories, recipes and the unique experience of the author, statements to rich philosophical and sense of humor, sold two hundred, far-reaching, with "Bible".Book from giant Balzac preface, Dumas wrote "Dumas gourmet dictionary" after reference.During the period of the republic of China is introduced into China, Zhongshu Qian, Zhimo Xu, Huiyin Lin and other people were mentioned in the book and the author.Now known as a writer for, Tong Jiao, Qiao Shu, Liang Han have also been own articles mentioned in the book and the author.

    About the word "food", I looked at all the dictionary, but check the materials can't satisfy me.Materials is always the epicurism and greedy and eat big confuse STH with STH else.Therefore, my conclusion is that these lexicographers although in other areas is very good, but it in the field of food than those who easily chew the quail wings and gracefully with orchid glass wine or drink clos DE vougeot lafite gentleman scholars.

    They forget, thoroughly forget food socialist society is a beautiful set of Athens, Rome, natural and graceful, France is exquisite, convergence of advanced design and excellent performance at an organic whole, fusion cuisine enthusiasm and sensible to identify in a furnace of university asked.Their noble qualities can be summed up in the word "virtue", it also provides us with the most pure happiness.


    Let us therefore define concept, and clarify its meaning.

    Epicurism is for those who can make a pleasant taste organs enthusiasm, rational, and habitual preference.

    Overeating is epicurism predators;They have and are drunk crime, must be cleared from food in the home.

    Epicurism including sweets.The latter prefer snacks, cakes and sweetmeats, etc.These food improved more suitable for ladies and men and women style preferences.

    No matter from which aspect to consider, epicurism are worthy of praise and encouragement.

    In terms of body, it is the result of the vegetative organs in healthy and in good condition and evidence.

    In terms of spirit, it means absolutely obey the arrangement of the creator.Creator, let's eat food to sustain life, gave us appetite as eating cause, give us taste as eating the power, give us happy in return for eating labor.

    The advantages of epicurism

    From its relationship with the political and economic considerations, epicurism through the exchange of consumer goods, link connecting the countries all over the world.

    It led to the global flow within the scope of all kinds of things, including wine, liquor, spices, pickled vegetables, all kinds of food and even eggs, melons, etc.

    It can give quality usually formulate relative prices and excellent food, w