The death of haizi

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The death of haizi

    The death of haizi

    In February 1989.A close friend of haizi, poet of Peking University one of "the three musketeers" Locke wrote two words: a grain

    This spring a thunderstorm

    Will we lightly

    Poem accurately predicted the trajectory of that year.After a month, haizi in shanhaiguan killed themselves to death, like one of thunder from the ground.In two months, to deal with things behind haizi stressed a grain Locke himself, suddenly fell down, cerebral hemorrhage after 18 days died.This is only the prelude to a thunderstorm season.The dead, both the poet haizi young face, more overlap with a whole generation and the appearance of intersection.

    Poet since then no longer is the leading actor on the age, yesterday have magic Muse gods, like stepping aside overnight.But as he predicted, haizi in brutal grief after the resurrection.His resurrection like a spring without wearing wild flower.

    After 25 years of the early spring, Beijing huajiadi north cafa reveal desolate, surprisingly, office on the wall hangs a picture follwed reigned moya carved stone rubbings of the han period, the font ancient DE austere, he calls "the greatest calligraphy".This stone carving extension from his native northern jiangsu coast, there are words on the "east ChengWuJi".Surprisingly, gently said: "the 'promise' is the sea. - facing the sea."

    This is a rare mention his friend this tion of haizi, are not like today's subway station real estate advertising, with four words after "bloom".On the contrary, it is an angry storm flap impact of scarp, has not spread out from the stone faces of the era of."This is a good poem, but this is not the best haizi."He has been asked to talk about many times departed friend, some slight concussion.Better haizi in his heart, like a leopard to eternal sky, but also the treasure of dark sleep.

    He experienced in the 1980 s, with the dead haizi in many people's remembrance is a golden age, has given rise to many nostalgic words today, but the best thing is not well understood, which also have misunderstanding.

    From 15 to leave home for the dying at the age of 25, haizi in 10 years in Beijing, to coincide with the same period in the 1980 s.Today in the distant anhui huaining Chad bay, haizi diffuse living moss cemetery has been classified as municipal cultural relics protection units.But it is not enough to comfort his mother and the past 10 years."For your day/leaving the wound on his face, because/not for our testimony."Haizi said in a poem in advance.

    The death of haizi, mysteries remain a reliable evidence for time.Surrounding this evidence, and produced many personnel, is a period the echo of the complex.Search for and identify the evidence today, haizi can only follow in the footsteps of spring.


    I was very young

    Don't have to say goodbye to who

    A little sad

    -- haizi "station"

    ZangDi saw haizi in Beijing university for the first time, a weak body with a big head, a circle of nu hair and beard surround born baby face, gave him a forever unforgettable impression.Speak up, hoarding ZangDi felt his mind philosophy than age.

    This circle beard youth perhaps to cover is too weak.Haizi classmate memory, 15 years old at the beginning of haizi to Peking University, less

    than a meter six stature, only head is especially big, like a dragonfly flew out of the field from the country.

    Shortly after the opening, Richard ji first noticed during class classmate former Marine, at recess with a big, thick book in the reading, Richard ji feel his childlike face, small body and a large book that contrast, "very have a sense of humor", so go talk to him.After two people were called "the professor" and "little teacher".

    At first, "the professor" like touch "little teacher" the big, round head, later by haizi discontent and forget about it.In haizi four years of college career, has been facing the "embarrassment" be fondly, until he find their own completely different in poetry.

    Haizi's class, it is to restore the university entrance exam after the "cultural revolution" of the third recruit students, and the former two terms as there is no limit of age, there is no lack of among them every change the fate of the educated youth jumped the queue and street qinggong, someone's age beyond the double of haizi, from getting out of the antonioni's documentary.This class of some fifty people like the history of the "cultural revolution" the overlying, born in 1964, haizi just touched the bottom of this history.

    Haizi studied law, the original love is martial arts detective novel, like is the German philosophy.Walked thawing of the overflow of poetry tide, inevitably spread to the often sitting on the shore juvenile grass

    trance.Imperceptibly, by when he was at the university of fourth grade, he plunged into poetry, in the face of a by bei dao and reached its zenith in succession the incoming stream of foreign modern poetry of the ocean.

    Recall similar experience, surprisingly, said: "sitting beside the walked, don't know how sad, began writing - and it's funny."

    Than not loose not tight the school management, the Muse is then walked together and the true master.Even in the small dormitory in the school of law, haizi also is not the first person to write poetry.Using a common saying, ten steamed buns hit to Peking University students, to smash a poet in the nine.

    Locke a grain of "the three musketeers", haizi and surprisingly from Chinese, law and international respectively, three departments respectively has its own poetry publication "" morning", "the morning bell" and "Muse", it is far better than others made in the department he don't sounds normal: the earth physics, computer science and mathematics.These mimeograph publication is just one corner the whole China's ink smell, aesthetes gore's described as "pretty red lurid green, different customs special sound", for fear of lagging behind.

    Size mimeograph publications around behind several poetry readings.Walked to the side of the hall of Peking University, often spill

    over "" is an apt adjectives.Popular poet, nature and ideological circle, scholars such as li zehou returning are Peking University lecture.

    Various corporate recruiting information posters and lectures, as well as opinions and arguments of big small character poster, plastered with triangle at Peking University.Served as the north May 4th literature poetry ZangDi head said that poetry is a space, the quadrature in the compasses in campus life opened a gap, importance of breathing.When qi qin song "give me a space", and so on campus.

    In the special times, and the student became regulating valve, invited poets outside reading list is submitted to them for examination and approval.Surprisingly, haizi and meet for the first time, an office in Peking University youth league and dormitories.

    The official attitude among students has projected.In a poetry reading, judge a Chinese classmates, officials accused of surprisingly, poetry is a small bourgeois appeal, suggested readings not to give up power.

    This is away at the same stage of the story.Poet haizi countrymen in anhui, Ye Kuangzheng when high school in hefei, a small poem he caught up with education reform in hefei, in age have multiple semi-official title: school newspapers and exchange center director, art center in hefei in hefei observers, can be accredited to the middle school in hefei free lectures, walk, "observation".All the directors and observers

    are middle school students.As the official organization of poetry camp members Ye Kuangzheng far away to visit suzhou, wuxi.

    In 1986, after college, Ye Kuangzheng and student association, the director of communications.After a "liberalization" activities, the entire members of the student union is the school clean, Ye Kuangzheng himself was forced to drop out of school, from middle school and the school's honeymoon period ended.

    So studying atmosphere, haizi is sensitive enough.But it is said that he began writing poetry, and the open atmosphere to the dormitory poet writing, introduce haizi to Locke a grain.Two people to become friends again "the warlords" to get drunk, haizi met again after don't give up drinking.A small circle and a man called old wood.Outside the circle of haizi silent as ever.According to Richard ji, haizi poetry writing, often in the classroom and dormitory but never read aloud.

    The small circle and many other small turning around the circle of poetry and collision, and mimeograph poetry, drinking and debate, and discuss philosophy, quickly became the core of the campus a buzzing sound.It is said that there is writing on the division of three people: haizi wrote paradise, Locke a wo write hell, and give written purgatory.Haizi poetry began shortly before his graduation, but he kept back here after school, continue to participate in circular motion.

    In a poetry recital and tsinghua university, China university of political science and law students jiunn-shiow wang first saw haizi.Jeans whiskers on xiaobo, haizi and Xie Mian neighbor.When a female students reading, as a judge of haizi hear a verse has taken up the table, let jiunn-shiow wang felt that his "particularly short-tempered.Haizi's angry retort by female students.When she continue to read a "my love, your face is like the canteen baked wheat cake", haizi began to strike table, all the judges are hid laugh.

    Jiunn-shiow wang asked Locke standing just beside a grain.Locke a grain told him "this is your university of political science and law of haizi", long its jiunn-shiow wang just witnessed a reality.

    Was also the direction of the poetry writing in the university campus in Beijing (a pseudonym) said, only in those days, you can put one critical to pieces without harming friendship.Haizi is a critics did not conceal, others made no secret of love and criticism at the same time.

    , jiunn-shiow wang recalls, he was surrounded by the students, as soon as I get to tsinghua asked haizi will come (or not), say "don't come to the boring", visible when haizi has become famous in the circle of students.Jiunn-shiow wang recite the haizi Asian copper, also like the very happy."' my grandfather and father died here, I will die here. You're the only one of a buried. 'this is too hard. The average person dare not to write so."Soon after this is haizi walked away from the street.

    ZangDi as Peking University during the May 4th literature, head of the poetry "walked poems collection", the haizi in the first place.Haizi is north of the May 4th literary awards special award winner in 1986, and with the winners in addition to the brothers to give up, and elder munk and north island.The handwritten testimonials, kept in haizi relics.

    For is passion into the poet, the cradle of walked though at the center of campus poetry, seemed calm.

    Crazy, poetry reading the scene outside the campus to the north island and attend to city in chengdu, an experience to prove: in the rush of the audience and the north island and others had to hide in the toilet, lied to searchers that "we are not the north island, attend to city", then turn over the window to escape.Speech even academics zai-fu liu and li zehou aesthetics, three easy pulpit was due to too many audience, the audience the dust float in the sky, for the signature of the audience almost overturned table, li zehou also suffered intense criticism as "too little", two people to withdraw in the protection.

    National poetry hot, people of different classes and regions in mixed together."Down with capitalist roader" and the "cultural revolution" to the countryside caused by all levels of disturb, objectively has also contributed to this situation, such as the north island, munk cadres' children, itself is a worker, munk later unemployment.Founded "today,"

    the group is including nurses, league branch secretary, mixed paper mill workers, and other from the crowd, this is not possible in other times.

    "Today,""housekeeper" choosing of hubei, is a coming back from Inner Mongolia to jump the queue, transit workers themselves do not how to write poetry, entered the "today" becomes the printers and finance, logistics, "general manager" became the server behind the misty poets, including personally reply to almost every reader."Today," in the mainland after closure, hubei and tomorrow continue to go to work, has been well preserved "today," all of the data, including letters from readers and each phase of the sample issue.

    Over the years, he in order to avoid data by relevant departments to take away, always maintain absolute silence, until their information to the library in recent years, "after that I didn't dare to speak".In addition, he also managed to raise rescue fund for poet index finger.He never share the glory of the misty poets, but willing to do save history "the light" (former English).

    An example is, recite ShuTing oaks "to" become a wedding ritual."O road north island, with red poppy" became a taste of Hong Kong and Taiwan pop lyrics, is the urban and rural youth don't sing.

    In the era of blatant and warm front, Peking University just haizi poetry of pku "station".Slightly sad, will, in turn, walked away from the "the three musketeers", "to the prairie tan".Starting from this period,

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