Knife horse

By Howard Carpenter,2015-07-02 08:23
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Knife horse

    Knife "horse"

    World conference on the Internet has ended, we focused on the "bosses" of gossip and parody, actually want to see is a world conference on the Internet can deliver what message, or for the future development of the Internet will have how many prospective anticipation, and to plan for the future?To be sure that the Internet congress sends a "rightist".Wuzhen "issued by the general assembly of the initiative is intended to promote international governance network, building common peace, security, open and cooperative network space, establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system.Due to the fast development of Internet in recent years, financial,

    and is closely related to degree of global economic integration, more and more compact, so from the Internet conference we can glimpse some some clues about the financial development of the Internet.

    The Internet accelerated the financial development gradually

    Internet financial has been gradually recognized, especially as some of the veteran Internet financial companies, such as Liu Jin, favorable network, etc., are in constant booster Internet financial rapidly by leaps.Some of the Internet financial companies also began to structural adjustment.It also heralds a new financial development of the Internet is becoming more and more diversified.Some P2P in the process of the enterprise also has entered the public or have successfully listed, this also is a kind of financial development on the Internet.At the same time, it indicates the Internet financial development has gradually entered the fast lane.

    In wuzhen world conference on the Internet, the Internet financial BBS is also take the lead in the boot of a BBS, the innovation and development of the Internet financial first BBS is the opening of the issue.The Internet financial was high attention from all walks of life, on the one hand, it is also because of the flutter in the market is very big, unusually high by the user's recognition and attention, from the original "babies" extremely popular, then emerging Internet financial models

    such as P2P, the raise of constantly emerging, and fast adjustment change, let the market of Internet financial sit up and take notice.

    As some P2P enterprises began to IPO plan, of course, was the first to taste the crab is already enjoy the attention and further development of capital market strategy.Internet financial markets, however, there are certain not controllable is an unavoidable fact.

    Then, as like what Liu Jin, favorable network more than billions trading platform, under this kind of industry status quo, the future how to development?

    Risk control or Internet financial platform indispensable important segment

    As is known to all, the Internet financial remains essentially belongs to the financial, did not change the concealment of the financial risks, infectious, universality and the characteristics of the sudden.So the central bank has also been on Internet financial regulatory basic tenet is: systemic and regional financial risk does not occur to the bottom line, insist on the principle of financial services in the real economy.Internet financial services, are facing the financial risk prevention and control of pressure, this is also an inevitable problem.Of course, for like a favorable

    network has become bigger and stronger Internet financial services platform, technology is an important means.

    Good network CEO Wu Yiran has repeatedly talked about the

    importance of small dispersion model for risk control.He said, the Internet financial to do safety in the process of rapid development of steady operation, it must adhere to the small dispersed business model."Internet financial as the supplement of the traditional financial risk to slightly higher than that of traditional financial field, insist on small scattered business model and can assure you, no matter which borrowers, which industry or regional problems, will not have a significant impact asset quality of the whole platform."In this way the risk of the assets cover, also can let the user from any capital losses on it.

    Pratt &whitney financial risk more hope is, after all, controllable favorable network not only depth cooperation with China merchants bank, China merchants for good web opened a third party dedicated account management outflows of funds, and fall to the ground from the accounts of the platform review, to ensure the safety of the investors money.In addition, the most valuable is that its in data security, there are three layers of firewall isolation system access layer, application layer and data layer, effectively prevent the invasion, and can be a disaster tolerance.To be able to discern the underlying assets of transparent, and

    at the same time can also be able to ensure a relatively reasonable and steady income.As pratt &whitney financial practitioners, in favor of the risk control ability of network is their core competitiveness.

    P2P platform credibility depends on enterprise qualification, capital strength and risk management ability;Interest rates low P2P platform is not necessarily safe, P2P platform security and safety of money involved, and interest rates are not highly correlated, both for investors, correct the way of financial management should be based on their own economic situation, choose according to risk preference, do not be usury temptation and ignore the principal risk;

    Pratt &whitney financial needs more innovation

    In recent years, the Chinese government on the development of pratt &whitney financial very seriously, and even roll out a series of "New Deal" to stimulate the rapid development of Internet financial, also hope to through the mass entrepreneurship, peoples innovation mode to change the development of traditional industry, or reversed transmission of traditional industry constantly iteration, a concept innovation under the new normal and carry out innovation.Internet financial there is also a very important role.

    , according to data from the world bank's "whole 40% of households in developing countries has savings, borrowing needs of people but only 1/5 of the people got the money through bank loans, the other is done through the form of private lending. Visible, Internet financial development space is huge. Of course, there is a great challenge. In 2015, promulgated by the state council actively promote Internet + guidance of action, pratt &whitney financial into" Internet + "key areas, the Internet financial officially upgraded to national key strategy. For investors, or just focus on one market is to focus on a product, the ratio of long term risk premium is very unreasonable. So the Internet financial enterprises should have a variety of assets, a variety of products, to configure investor's wealth, or even a basket of currencies can get a steady income for a long time.

    Internet financial companies also see the development opportunity, constantly adjust their development strategy.In P2P capital docking new three board company stock bonds, fixed, frequent structured products including employee stock ownership plan.P2P platform begin to enter the fund only door, such as information technology, fund, a subsidiary of traditional institutions, the scope of business and market performance is well.

    Network CEO Wu Yiran advantageous also has said, "P2P products of claims from the beginning only for personal development to the present, the situation of the market is changing, appear all sorts of tendency is normal."In fact this is a form of innovation.Of course, if you have product information opaque, structure is not clear, will certainly affect the positioning information intermediary.So for investors "whether structured products or ordinary investment products, is to invest in product introduction that clear and understand their own products".

    Anyhow, pratt &whitney finance is hope where Internet financial enterprises at the same time of constantly improve platform risk control ability, more innovation model, project safety control, reasonable matching products, formed in this way can we really together, the road to promote the transformation of economic development, also it is necessary for the financial industry, the Internet's development for a long time.

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