Introduces a aos corps

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Introduces a aos corps

    Introduces a aos corps

    The film as the invincible king of destruction, snow after a renovation work, Disney obviously changes in themselves more chest successful foot, appropriately nuanced. North American animation market shift, of course, good alexopoulos Disney service for several years should also have a little effect.

    Read book yet, so cannot be adapted to how much how to do analysis. Is foreseeable, Disney had diffuse wei so a new and following field for its development. After all by all nationalities in fairy tales, classics, and the world legend hold more than half a century, also do need the source of the emerging. As the first fruits of the pastoral did fruity and delicious.

    In this piece to make a rough segmentation, the topic.

    01 illegal robot competition, hom robot easily overcome Nemesis, become angry from embarrassment.

    02 brother teddy to rescue, motorcycle fleeing, exhorts small macros should not participate in illegal activity.

    Action movie is keen on hot start, it can more quickly to the audience generation into the situation. As diffuse system, let the opening is also a natural, still can make the bear children for a few minutes, he le? Uniform bear children, of course, is not the purpose of heat in the opening. Qualified hot opening at least can show the characteristics of the protagonist is obvious, such as small macro wit, brave and naughty, preliminary shows its strong talent in the robot. The follow-up for the hero of a series of corretly ability made a very good signal, to the audience. More importantly, in the opening scenes, had already established the deeper relationship of the two brothers, brother teddy \"protection\" and \"guide\" metaphor is obvious.

    03 brothers detained, kass bail 2 people, my aunt preliminary confessed their family situation.

    04 brothers two people talk in the bedroom, teddy wants hom right to use their n talent.

    Continue the clues of heat in the opening, the story started to get into the business, and further emphasizes the deep feelings between the brothers. When small macro is not clear objectives, or his objectives such as robot competition is on the

    subject, and even the violation. Therefore, here have a little differences between brothers, but the level is limited, wrapped in brothers emotional harmony. Because of the contradiction between the differences are not brothers, but it can lead to a point, that is between the macro and brother a \"distance\" of the concept, the \"distance\" is small macro as a hero to close. This is a paragraph of another task confessed \"of the story of two brothers\", \"common life\" and other important information. Content is more, but it was not processed procrastination, concise and clear.

    05 teddy with small macros to visit their university robotics laboratory, met the royal elder sister, mustard, lemon and Fred.

    06 teddy show their research to hom, great debut.

    07 hom I met Michael callahan, a professor at the dream of entering university robotics lab.

    As the first act, establishment stage is very important. Brother with small macros in turn met several main characters of the film. Especially white, given plenty of time to show the audience for the first time its outstanding characteristics. You remember him, but this is only a good graces and magnified, the core is to present a great to the audience as a medical robot complete logic. Great many actions in the film are feedback and extension of this logic framework. This is the role of great fundamental characteristics, but also one of the inner drive of plot.

    Here's to talk about the additional callahan professor. Plot here, did not have the role of to confide much, belong to the point; but this is the point, namely the professor is the inventor of the principle of the micro robot science, it made an interesting foreshadowing for later.

    08 teddy small macro guidance to students exhibition, display their talent for professor.

    09 teddy guide hom techniques of inspiration.

    10Ten small macros in the garage dedication to research, you come to visit, during the final home and dry.

    Story has been on the rise, mood persists in heating, small macro dream is becoming more and more clear. Paragraph the organizational system, and basically is to the audience the feelings between the brothers, emphasized the importance of brother teddy. So intense preparation, the side shows hom has yet to grow, there is a critical defect of character; Both reiterated brother represented by the \"protection\" and \"help\" and \"care\", \"cure\" positive message. The theme is the \"soul\" of the film, so to speak.

    11 students exhibition, everybody cheer for hom, hom said sincerely want to join the university, study the robot.

    12 hom micro-robot jing is colourful.

    13 professors and gayle, Mr Callahan hom decided not to sell the robot to gayle, teach hom an invitation.

    14 brothers two people talk, hom thank brother's guidance.

    15 the pavilion, the fire teddy sacrifice to save the professor.

    16 teddy's funeral and memorial.

    If the hero has been by my brother so helping the bottom go to, the character is clearly no development to speak of. In retrospect, many animation works, the protagonist in the first act, when life seems to have a similar to the role of mentor, but is bound to be towards the end to lose in the first act the teacher. \"Lost\", of course, a variety of ways, but the purpose is very clear, the hero needs to \"stand up and walk out\" of its own. The film is very regular, but also the most thoroughly, that is let him die.

    The \"lost\" is happened so suddenly, and irreversible. Hom on his tireless guidance, for the first time made clear his \"want to stay here\" idea, crucially recognize the profound meaning of his brother. In order to irreversible, however, will give the hero in this deep sense of life completely change a heavy blow. One thing

    worth mentioning is, my brother the role set is the very unified idea and action, this is also manifest in the last save action. Therefore, the first act, brother to depict the success in place, the role is related to the film the basis of core continues. At this point, the role of the shape is qualified and has a bright spot.

    In addition, professor again about this paragraph callaghan. Here to show him and gayle conflicts, the surface is a little lips gun between scholars and businessmen, are actually carrying personal grievances. But prof callahan for hidden villain, although on the suspense does not reveal too much in the first act, but hidden inappropriate, but affected the shaping of the characters. That is to say, in the exhibition, stimulates callahan decided to set fire to steal the micro robot, and decisive faked his death plot in where? The whole scene one he only two appearances, obviously the processing of the two plots are too weak or lack of bedding, such an intense enough to cause a person to take action. It is a pity.

    17 hom depression, the people concerned. Great start again, to treat small macros. Hom inadvertently found tiny robots.

    18 to light for the treatment of small macros, guidance on the road, with a single-chip hom catching up.

    19 in the abandoned warehouse, small macro found someone in the mass production of micro robot.

    20 mask attack little macro, macro and great efforts to escape.

    Brother died, to light, the story to enter the second act. In after the first act of matting, everyone can understand this means should start instead of brother to continue to perform the duties of \"protection\". As above, the great action is based on their medical duties, his ultimate mission is to \"cure\", the patient to patient satisfaction. Is precisely this, for a small macro channel played a crucial role, from the state of abandon bereavement out of it. Although the paragraph in the present, the great white don't have a complete understanding of the macro and master, but its attempt to treat movements, which promoted the looking for the warehouse, found that masks the key plot; And secondly, in times of crisis successfully completed the hom protector of established.

    In addition, this section has presented more concentrated and rich \"old jingshan\" the us-japan wind mixing city street view, detail also blended in a lot of exquisite and vivid life breath. However, in personal opinion, the city still can't rise to the narrative level, only the background of the story. Failed to participate in narrative. It us-japan elements in addition to affect the character set, not for any of the plot plays an indispensable role. And such as \"batman - Gotham\", \"- harry potter hogwarts\" or \"big eye monster - electric power company\", \"simba - Africa\", etc., pulled off stage, the story also collapse of a big role. This point, is also not as good as Disney's own

\"invincible king of destruction\" and \"ice\" do well.

    21 small macro call the police, the police don't believe, and to light leakage and electricity quickly running out.

    22 small macros and white home secretly.

    23 white small macros for treatment of bereavement, hom people aware of the fire with a mask.

    24 small macros for great battle mode chip and armor.

    Hom and great relationship further, in fact, more like in restoring or small macros and brother relationship. Great to know hom, cause and hom also because of the great white, will thus get rid of the depression. At the moment, however, white is still not fully as brother can always give the right guidance, because this is not the white one. The other characters, the first act of the level in the second act all increased. Brother four classmates, also as a part of it in the second act. White is responsible for \"protection\", four people responsible for the \"help\", and everyone is responsible for the \"guidance\".

    Hom to combat masks, designed for light armour and fighting chip. From

    opening sporting robot can see small macro the hot-headed teenagers will think of to fight the way to solve the problem, this is in accordance with the characters. When insert the chips in, brother chip this close-up, moral is actually in the heart of the great white is brother's spirit. When the macro insert their own chips, white is always struggling with the contradiction between the two chip. This is where the real contradiction between brother and hom, determines the behavior of the hom behind this contradiction.

    25 small macros and white came to dock, peek masks were carrying large components, you appear at this time, the people from being discovered by the people of the mask.

    26 Drive people to escape mask after 26 all, fall river rescued by the great white.

    This is the first time you under the mask of attack, also contributes to people's life and death together. To light in this period is not only the contact between people, finally also to save the people, giving greater protection. This paragraph, with a relatively strong plot amplifies the personality characteristics of four friends. Although these roles in the film is more as a whole to promote the plot, and itself is a continuation of a function is used as a brother, but the director is very interesting to

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