Introduces a aos corps

By Elsie Bryant,2015-09-01 01:08
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Introduces a aos corps

    Introduces a aos corps

    The film as the invincible king of destruction, snow after a renovation work, Disney obviously changes in themselves more chest successful foot, appropriately nuanced. North American animation market shift, of course, good alexopoulos Disney service for several years should also have a little effect.

    Read book yet, so cannot be adapted to how much how to do analysis. Is foreseeable, Disney had diffuse wei so a new and following field for its development. After all by all nationalities in fairy tales, classics, and the world legend hold more than half a century, also do need the source of the emerging. As the first fruits of the pastoral did fruity and delicious.

    In this piece to make a rough segmentation, the topic.

    01 illegal robot competition, hom robot easily overcome Nemesis, become angry from embarrassment.

    02 brother teddy to rescue, motorcycle fleeing, exhorts small macros should not participate in illegal activity.

    Action movie is keen on hot start, it can more quickly to the audience generation into the situation. As diffuse system, let the opening is also a natural, still can make the bear children for a few minutes, he le? Uniform bear children, of course, is not the purpose of heat in the opening. Qualified hot opening at least can show the characteristics of the protagonist is obvious, such as small macro wit, brave and naughty, preliminary shows its strong talent in the robot. The follow-up for the hero of a series of corretly ability made a very good signal, to the audience. More importantly, in the opening scenes, had already established the deeper relationship of the two brothers, brother teddy \"protection\" and \"guide\" metaphor is obvious.

    03 brothers detained, kass bail 2 people, my aunt preliminary confessed their family situation.

    04 brothers two people talk in the bedroom, teddy wants hom right to use their n talent.

    Continue the clues of heat in the opening, the story started to get into the business, and further emphasizes the deep feelings between the brothers. When small macro is not clear objectives, or his objectives such as robot competition is on the

    subject, and even the violation. Therefore, here have a little differences between brothers, but the level is limited, wrapped in brothers emotional harmony. Because of the contradiction between the differences are not brothers, but it can lead to a point, that is between the macro and brother a \"distance\" of the concept, the \"distance\" is small macro as a hero to close. This is a paragraph of another task confessed \"of the story of two brothers\", \"common life\" and other important information. Content is more, but it was not processed procrastination, concise and clear.

    05 teddy with small macros to visit their university robotics laboratory, met the royal elder sister, mustard, lemon and Fred.

    06 teddy show their research to hom, great debut.

    07 hom I met Michael callahan, a professor at the dream of entering university robotics lab.