Trek MH370

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Trek MH370

    Trek MH370

    Malaysia airlines in 1965 into a kite logo design is reasonable.The country's residents at a bamboo frame, delicate and gorgeous leather kite, stronger, lighter, both means rich, also by people in the room to ward off bad luck.Zero 42 points on March 8th, flight MH370 tail logo printed on the kite flew into the wind, it is a solid, auspicious cowhide kite more reassuring.Despite serving 10 years, the Boeing 777-777 production models are thought to have absolute security, very suitable for escape when danger;Captain Mr. Harry ahmad shah, 53, is the master in this line, before boarding the plane, his smile, as usual.All in all, it's

    going to be a certain can be arrived at the end of the voyage.Not surprisingly, after a smooth flight MH370, flight attendants will soon issue meals - including two optional staple food and coffee, milk and ice cream.About two hours after takeoff, the cabin lights will be shut down.High in the extremely cold hypoxia, the most people fall asleep, didn't pay attention to the plane through the vast sea, south China sea and the dark mountains, islands and cities.

    At this point, the plane 10668 meters below the shallow sea of the gulf of Thailand and warm, 227 passengers should have completed the belly, drowsy.People each bosom worry, took for his wife to buy handbags, buy gifts for children, with a certificate of award-winning, full of Nepal trip photos SLR cameras or falsely use another producer name others do false passport.People in closed cabin is multifarious a microcosm of China's society and framework, they also reflect the social at present several popular life status: busy adventure and struggle, and thrifty and the pursuit of a comfortable life.No matter to those who take risks or simply relaxing and southeast Asia over the past 20 years is a good choice.

    In this article are flying over tens of thousands of times on the route of a kite string broken suddenly.Source from all over the world is

contradictory to the clues of the recorded its last - in 6 ? 56 '12 "north

    latitude, longitude 103 ? 35' 6" the clear point, it suddenly

    disappeared.Without making a signal, without leaving any traces.

    A mystery.

    Each bosom worry

    MH370 in the middle of the night silent, only the cockpit must stay awake.Under normal circumstances, even if the flight attendants cannot easily into the cockpit, the door has a password, and the only open the door inside the cockpit personnel to open, otherwise, "tens of kilograms of TNT all Fried."

    At 11 PM on March 7, 5 points, the captain harry and other 11 crew will need to get to Kuala Lumpur international airport (KLIA).Next, harry to get the flight documents, check flight information, claimed the flight mission.Could meet the tropical air are marked with red in his map.Zero 42 points on March 8th, C024 gate closed, MH370 began to slide, into a opened up a route for 25 years.

    KLIA airport staff channel video shows that the pilot and copilot past security manner as usual, the check-in luggage with me.

    Beginning in 1981 to become a pilot, Mr. Harry has opened a total of 18365 hours of the plane.In the early 1980 s, he left the pleasant

    impression is always smiling.He led a team of word of mouth are cool.Ng YarChien are stewards of the 10th, can speak Chinese, is

    considerate.Steward Patrick popularity is also very good, a current chief thought, at the same time as his brother and mentor two advantages.

    Copilot hamid, 27, is slightly more complicated.His flight record is 2763 hours, two of his high school classmate to his evaluation is to try and, smile, kind, intelligent, focused, favourites to fly.However, there is a blonde girl out of the video evidence Australia claimed that he had two young girls in flight please into the cab, smoke, chat, photos, play.

    MH370 a total of 35 business class seats and 247 economy class seats.On March 8, remove the 12 crew members, it is also loaded with 154 passengers and 73 other passengers.44, Indian women Kranti Shirsath hope in Beijing flights to north Korea, to see her husband working in the nonprofit organization;51, sharma has for years been enthusiastic help fishermen rights maintenance, she plans to transfer to Mongolia's capital ulan bator to attend the United Nations food and agriculture organization of the conference;Reforming card couple from mumbai is on a flight, they are going to Beijing to attend the graduation ceremony son, with their peers and their youngest son, age 23.

    Chinese people have always been MH370 the main board.XinXiXi is freescale semiconductor co., LTD. Tianjin planning staff, with seven Chinese department of her colleagues had just ended on business trip to Malaysia factory.XinXiXi is the mother of a four-year-old child, like to travel photos posted and her husband love laughing girl.Sharing the same flight and coke, 32, slightly, 35 years old geezer has couple and their Wang Moheng less than two years old son, the child's grandpa and grandma.Live in the family in Beijing east fourth ring resort in Malaysia sabah is chosen as the destination for this trip.A year ago, jiao slightly to take care of son, resigned to become stay-at-home moms.She is a typical Chinese society of the new middle class women: good, the tail from wagging the dog, family oriented and hope on the basis of the pursuit of quality of life.

    Ride to a mystery of passenger flights to fly to Beijing, and after a journey of Nepal's nine old man self-help tour group members.This group of university teachers has been or is about to retire, intellectuals after the diarrhea and vomiting, was seen after sakyamuni was born, and their respective agreed new travel plans, and say goodbye to each other.29 to join "the Chinese dream, ode to painters" painting and calligraphy art exchange pen, families and staff also sit in the

    MH370.One of them is especially worth mentioning, xinjiang painter mamat jiang abramovich's name in the list of missing just released by the official media as a Mosaic, and he was just a hard progresses and the central academy of fine arts of older students, xinjiang kashgar a guileless husband of village cadres, and excited about just winning painting maniac.On March 7, 8 o 'clock in the evening, he in Malaysia to call his wife nur guli said: "I'll pay you back tomorrow to Beijing, bought a bag".

    Of (among) all the passengers, there are two iranians dreading the most reason.19, poly and Delaware, 29, is printed with others in the name of the passport and ticket boarding.Reporting loss both passport last year in the Thai island of phuket.The two iranians in February from the island of phuket on a tourist visa to enter Malaysia, tried to fake id from Beijing flights to Europe.

    They passed the airport layer upon layer toll-gate with MH370 puzzle together with the other members of the air, in the face of the conventional routes in Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on one of the most brutal.

    Above the shallow sea

    After taking off from Kuala Lumpur MH370 will after two mountain range, a volcano, Ken escape over Malaysia's largest artificial lake lake, then from the airport of melon reading, flying over the northwest.At this time, the rising phase has been completed, the plane into the sea.

    MH370 finally sends a signal to place below is a shallow sea, romantic and not dangerous.That water attracts a lot of Chinese tourists, caused a popular southeast Asia travel boom years.To Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur route opened in 1972, extending to Beijing in 1989, civilian travel more convenient.

    A communications company in China in 2009, wang moved to

    Malaysia branch.He remembered, climb the completion of the aircraft, passengers ate the plane directly after a meal to turn off the lights, unless there is a bump or emergency situation will turn on the light again, it is generally fly directly to the end.Many people will sleep on the plane.Everyone has a seat before you can watch TV, entertainment display screen.

    Although the scenery under the plane sailing on the whole are shrouded in the dark night, the south China sea to thousands of meters above flight still secretly an influence.Susan, the chairman of the woods hole oceanographic institution Alfred little and researcher professor

    David gallo understand knows this.Two people participated in the wreck excavations, positioning and air France flight 447, black boxes, "temperament for the sea.They told the blog world, this area is less than the maximum depth of 100 meters, are more likely than 60 meters are shallow, on the satellite image, a color change on behalf of the block and submarine ridge, so the bottom of the sea is not completely flat, but it is not commonly referred to as "the rugged mountain".In addition, the area of the bottom of the sea is likely to be covered by sediment.

    On the one hand, air, ocean and air flow is one of the largest natural risk on route.A southeast Asia routes of domestic airlines captain said that bad weather this area in recent years more and more frequent, the spring there is a typhoon, the possibility of generating, moreover because of the close to the equator, summer thunderstorm, the plane will usually change course on orbit thunderstorm.

    On the other hand, once the breakup and fell into the sea, looks gentle this piece of shallow sea will bring great trouble to search for fragments.

    Ocean, and the wind never stop.The state oceanic administration the first Marine institute of Marine and climate research center, professor Fang Yue told the blog world, in the middle of march is the distinctive

    quality in winter and spring.In the south China sea monsoon mainly northeaster in the winter, the summer is southwest, is now mainly PianDongFeng and northerly winds.

    Spring is coming, north east has waned, driven mainly by wind ocean circulation with diminished.The biggest characteristic of the sea physiognomy is very gentle, from the shore to the middle, 10 meters, 20 meters, 50 meters gradually deepened.On the satellite image, it presents a kind of dreamy light blue, ocean currents at a rate of 10 to 20 centimeters per second gently.But here, no matter how is not a group of people with dreams expected end.

    Reliable route

    As a moon kite can give people confidence in Malaysia, people should disappear have greater expectations of MH370 safety performance.

    Captain Mr. Harry was a cheerful flight geek.His colleagues, said harry, not only for the Boeing 777, also flew at 50, Boeing 737 and airbus 300 aircraft.He is the identity of the latest business card printing "Authorized Examiner", that means he has already become a certified flight test officer.

    For 777-200 type of driver, if you do not meet the situation, they don't need to worry too much.Several southern airlines captain told the blog world, modern pilots are mainly managers rather than a controller of the aircraft, besides must manually, landing might manual take-off, other time basic plane in the automatic control state.

    From the point of the map, MH370 journey north, route more like a shallow arc, through Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hanoi, sanya, Hong Kong, guangzhou, Beijing and other flight information region.

    According to international practice, before flying away from a zone, the atc will inform MH370 the next zone of the communication frequency, and said goodbye.MH370 correctly repeat frequency and say goodbye.After the link up and down a zone, MH370 need to report their flight number, height, position and transponder number.

    Transponder octal number 0 to 7, a total of four digits.If there's an emergency, the pilot can be through the transponder send code corresponding to the ground: 7500 is illegal, 7600 is the communication failures, distress code is 7700.

    "Transponder of four digits, each two sets of Numbers on a button, put all of the first point screw, screw to the second point in the opposite

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