People through luxury to highlight differences and social status

By Elsie Hudson,2015-05-07 22:00
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People through luxury to highlight differences and social status

    People through "luxury" to highlight differences and social


    The paradox of classical economics, luxury:

    For people in the Christian world, thrift and asceticism is a need to pursue the good.The poor natural need to work to live a happy life, the rich are destined to have an obligation to do good to the society as a whole, generous and generous, this way of think of wealth, the purpose of which is high.From economics point of view, in the middle of the whole system is static, no vitality.It is weber topsy-turvy proposition of capitalism and the protestant ethic and the economic vitality of the whole society, or even shrinking.Luxury is for god's voters need to abandon bad habits, this luxury linked with all sorts of crimes.

    About from the beginning of the 16th century, a unified Christian thought slowly began to collapse, with the rise of the nation-state, the popularity of the various views, nation-states gradually replace the church as the core of economic activity, the protestant in this process

    played a strong role, preliminary for luxury to remove the bondage of moral, and therefore to legal status.Weber for capitalism and the relationship between the protestant has his mature theory.Anyway, accompanying with the development of protestant is the rise of capitalism, the large increase in economic activity and wealth, economic vitality, and trade between the countries together.