Like a Olympics live rocket launching---- Iron man is the director

By Joann Stephens,2015-06-24 13:40
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Like a Olympics live rocket launching---- Iron man is the director

    Like a Olympics live rocket launching----"Iron man" is the director

    [abstract] Musk and his ferry, the falcon 9 launch and recovery of the live broadcast of the show science, made a comparable to the Olympics.

    Since humans entered the space time, a rocket images has been played many times in a variety of media, believe that many people are familiar with.

    If is the rocket, the image is likely to be like this:

    A rocket standing alone on the ground, the front is the lawn, followed by the ocean, the camera images on the rocket,

    motionless.Occasionally there would be two cameras, a vision of a close shot, a director by switching the picture, look less monotonous.

    As the launch time is near, a calm, without any feelings of voice will come up to a few technical terms, from time to time (such as cooling pipe separation, confirmation, etc.).The sound of another task is to notify the countdown.

    As the countdown to zero, the engine start, the rockets set according to the laws of Newtonian mechanics to orbit.Camera images follow the rockets figure, at the same time, ring announcer's voice: "rocket launch."Then a series of terms.

    If it is a Russian rocket, so the picture is likely to be like this:

    A rocket standing alone on the ground, it has no grass and ocean.The same camera, the picture and broadcasters, the only difference is that he speak Russian.

    If it is manned missions, occasionally the camera images on the astronauts in the "soyuz", and they also will be very fit to posing as a calm expression: "-_ -".After the spacecraft orbit, the picture in detail, such as floating pens and other gadgets, will sign for everyone weightlessness in space.

    If it is broadcast in the Russian mission in the United States, the English version and Russian version together.Into space appears to be turned into a common thing.

    Until the rocket live to raise the family.

    Space exploration company (SpaceX) the successful launch of new rockets Falcon 9 FT (Falcon 9 FT), and ten minutes after the launch very

    perfectly recovery stage, created the first in the history of human space, and success will Orbcomm company's 11 communications satellite into orbit.

    Ferry company CEO elon musk, finally achieved the dream of "vertical take-off and landing" recycling the rockets, the space age since then opened a new chapter, according to his vision, which can greatly reduce the cost of rocket.

    While the falcon 9 rocket launch webcast, overturns the same form of similar programs.Musk staged the like to prepare the Olympics grand"rocket show".

    Live broadcast of a total of 45 minutes.Before launch, can see in the picture to ferry excited headquarters staff, the display of each district and launch facilities.It feels like the Olympics or NBA Official before the start of a warm-up, but that is about to launch rocket is not a cold machine, but the athlete's readiness to play in.

    Elaborate each lens.

    Images of the musk himself, like a director commands from a behind the scenes, launch all kinds of preparation before the noise in the background.

    The excited crowd.

    Capsules engineers appear as a facilitator, good image and characteristic, good lens flu (take acting classes finally come in handy).Lauren Lyons as well the total MC.

    Falcon 9's head, John Insburcker to introduce you to a lot of the rockets' knowledge and launch details.

    Show even brought in science and technology circle "net red", "Wait but according to" founder Tim Urban, the site has large space report musk entrepreneurial journey.

    Between the speaking of host and guest, the switch of rocket scene, vision, middle, even to the camera installed on the rocket the close-up.In the picture on the right side of the "dashboard", adds important information technology at the same time feels dye-in-the-wood.Launch time, speed and altitude, flight phase profile be clear at a glance, the picture below there is a "task progress bar".

    Engine ignition starts, the host had a vivid rocket science, and the difficulty of the vertical recycling rocket and significance of commentary in some fun of "bad", such as: "a lot of people think that" space ", just fly very high, and then come back, like a lot of tourists. However, our main task is to deploy the launch. The real satellite into orbit."In silicon valley technology companies, the style of inspections in various ways, is undoubtedly the most "high".

    For nearly 10 minutes after launch, the rocket show the height, the rockets recovery.When the stage in a mass of orange flames while landing on the launch platform, the crowd erupted, to raise the headquarters staff and came to the scene audience all cheered.

    Rocket can be sold so incredibly nice, rocket business can do that.

    People totally been conquered by the magic of science and technology, all seemed so natural, blast off, stage from, recycling, and satellite orbit deployment, call it a day to celebrate.Can really see a like to watch sports science show.

    Inspections of the broadcast made ESPN's level.

    And in a few decades ago, the space launch live events of the sense that gives a person is a religion of noble and serious, such as writer William, tryon described his watch the Apollo 8 lunar flight, "across a chill my back down, strange feeling in heart, like a storm coming."As well as writer George praise Mr Description, "the Apollo project as we show, when faced with space, how weak human have tenacious spirit."

    SpaceX is a start, it is the first but will never be the only one, the space exploration journey so perfectly presented to the market.Hope capsules and its peers, to give us more rockets, and the more moving moments.

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