In 2015 Google in the layout of the machine learning what are important

By Ricardo Garcia,2015-08-26 02:22
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In 2015 Google in the layout of the machine learning what are important

In 2015 Google in the layout of the machine learning

what are important?

Artificial intelligence by Google as a engine, the development of the industry in 2015, Google will artificial intelligence permeated every aspect of its various products, and thus more usage scenarios for users and more intelligent function.This article is a black box to Google's inventory of artificial intelligence report, 2015, will take you deeper understanding Google 2015 ai layout.

"Machine acquisition is one of the key, the method of change, we use it to reflect on everything we do. We will carefully applying machine learning technology to all of our products. We are still in the machine acquisition technology research and development of the earliest stage, but you will see that we will be in a systematic way to machine acquisition technology is applied to all these areas."

-- -- Google CEO sundar skin looked

In February, 2015,

Google machine learning video games

Google to salute atari in classic game

The computer program was inspired by the human brain, it learned to 49 classic atari game.Google DeepMind is a key to the success of the project.DeepMind technology company was founded in 2010, by Google in 2014 to 400 million pounds.

In March 2015,

Google mass used in medicine research and development of machine learning

After years of research, deep learning neural network is applied to virtual drug screening, high-throughput screening is accomplished by computer, can detect whether the drug should change or add quantity.The system USES the total more than 200 37.7 million data points of different biological processes.

The development of surgical robot of artificial intelligence

Google and health care company Johnson & Johnson to reach an agreement, joint development of artificial intelligence, surgical robot help surgeons for minimally invasive operation, increase operation controllability and accuracy, reduce the damage to the patient.

Google self-driving car will be available within five years

Google claims that we intensified the efforts on research and development of self-driving cars, Google auto will be officially listed by 2020.

In April 2015,

Google contact lenses for real-time monitoring of blood sugar

Google and drugmaker novartis cooperative development of contact lenses will be listed within two years, a new product that will be used for real-time monitoring of blood sugar.The circuit and chip in the contact lenses can through tears of blood sugar, measure the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.

In May 2015,

"Now on Tap" features make Google Now become smarter

Google announced on Google I/O 2015 Google Now the new features of "Now" on the Tap, it allows the Android operating system manual assistant understand what is happening on the screen, and to act.

In June 2015,

Google camera instant translation of artificial intelligence to expand into 27 languages

Google translation application allows the user to instant translation through camera to capture the content, the function has been introduced for some time, but at that time, only with the seven languages, upgrading to 27 languages now.

In July 2015,

Google Search to help you avoid congestion

Google announced in the Google Search to develop a function of traffic condition to provide users with a specific location.Users input the target site in the Google Search Search box, contains a location in Google to provide the results of the future distribution of stream of people every day in a week.On this basis, the user can revoke queuing, equipotential troubles.

In October 2015,

RankBrain: Google USES artificial intelligence to ranking pages

RankBrain is Google developed a machine learning system of artificial intelligence, help to optimize the search results.It is part of the Google search algorithm, can be found in the billions of web pages with specific queries the most relevant web pages.

Artificial intelligence research center DFKI investment in Germany

Google through its branch in Germany, German DFKI artificial intelligence research center for the investment.DFKI is a nonprofit organization, its about 450 scientists, scholars, and other professionals are language technology, embedded intelligent and augmented reality, and other fields to carry out the research project.Google the move was look for mining the artificial intelligence in the forefront of Europe's technical capabilities.

For deep learning new courses

Google announced a new Brian Residency Program.The project period is 12 months, similar to a depth of graduate student or doctoral course in study.Deep learning is a branch of machine learning, the purpose is to simulate the human brain.

In November 2015,

Google ai reply mail for you

Google introduced different mailbox "auto reply" function in the past, they will use a new tool more intelligently to reply your email.System will automatically identify the email after receipt of the email need to reply in time, and provides three suitable candidate reply answer, users can choose send directly, or edit after sending again.

Google open source of the second generation TensorFlow deep learning system

TensorFlow principle

Google announced that open source of the second generation TensorFlow deep learning system.The system will be turned into a symbol to express all kinds of machine learning algorithm chart, thus effectively shortens the time to write the code that is used in speech recognition or photo identification such as multiple depth of machine learning field.TensorFlow named originated in the operation principle of the system, namely the complex data structures (Tensor) will be transmitted to the analysis and processing in artificial intelligence, neural network, its performance than five times as fast as the first generation of artificial intelligence system.

In December 2015.

Google chat robot of artificial intelligence development

It is alleged that Google using artificial intelligence technology and the technology of "bot", is trying to develop a new mobile instant messaging services, make its question-and-answer session to complete certain difficulty.Users can send text messages to friends or chat robot, they will search for the network and other sources of information to answer questions.

Overall, Google 2015 artificial layout is in line with "the machine acquisition technology applied to all of our products' goal.

On the one hand, Google constantly expanding coverage areas, extend from the traditional Internet to self-driving cars, intelligent medical and other fields, so as to expand information fetching, promote the accumulation of information and input.

Google, on the other hand, the deepening of artificial intelligence research, research and development of more advanced deep learning algorithms, improve the strength of image recognition and voice recognition, optimize the function of translation, open source deep learning system, and collected information for deeper processing and processing, information output.

Efforts both supplement each other, Google step by step to artificial intelligence penetrates into every aspect of its products, continue to maintain their place in the industry's giants.

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