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    Hidden love, Daisy says.

(a) he and she.

     He in the UK.Just a like her words online readers.How to say, she is just a play with words of woman, never let it become in numerous paper along the word.Paranoia is a way of doing their mockery, depressed and helpless.

     One day, he appeared behind her post, wrote some feeling is very serious.And very serious told her that he loved her text expression, but do not break temperature, cold, looking at the text fragment like watching a movie, will keep in mind there are images and scenes, and music.

     Words, it may have been a hidden meaning to pursue her heart.So she never said that the network is rubbish recycle bin, it can only be recovered some or repressed and spit out excess of diarrhea.Each to write a novel, knock at text, in

    the brain are lonely and silent colorless scenes, characters.They will appear in a station, a street corner, a strange little town a hotel, a bed, a wall lamp, a gentle music.Silent colorless forward, there will be death or continue to live until the last.Love is not intentionally, but let a person pain has been wrapped in warm the cold body.

     Always hope that people can read these by hand on the film text.Therefore, never take the initiative to ask until he tells her, watching her novels like watching a movie, people feel pain but see the hope and warmth.Is the torrential rain outside the window, across the glass, her trance and felt the wet face.

     He asked, ever seen a Daisy.

     Have seen.Has been in her city contains a Daisy.Tracks sew on the edge of the wall, brick wall moss spreading edge, there are endless, on the outskirts of the fields, everywhere.Jiao yellow, like the sun.In the green branches and leaves densely as the highlight of life, let a person strong visual life, but also so humble.In her words, therefore, it is almost the only she had been in the plant.Don't like it because it is

    beautiful, but because it is close to one's own soul.

     How is my city.It is a kind of wild flowers, has strong vitality.She relished in the screen.

     No, I mean the movie.This "Daisy" is a movie, the south Korean movie.He said.

     Oh oh...Look good?She likes certainly movie, don't want to waste too much time.

     You can also.

     There will be endless daisies in the movie?

     The title to make her more anticipated has the endless Daisy flowers.Like had seen some TV shows to see large tracts of purple lavender, let a person see the beautiful world and pure love.Simple and beautiful, close to the beautiful world.For a long time, she is a woman guesswork enrich yourself.Most of the time, her readers all like to think of her as a lonely but QingLie beautiful woman.Keep walking, keep back.Then keep tidy your thick and thick hair, finishing process, is the

    process of thinking.Such a woman.She is always in someone else's message in his heart, most of the time, will not do any explanation.

     Of course.Or how can call Daisy?He sent word in the dialog box.She could imagine him in his heart, silent and sincere.

     Told me after the play, he says, at the end of the film, that is my favorite, a bunch of people surrounded shelter from the rain under the eaves, the rain stopped left...But the end let me very confusing, I want to hear your explanation.

(2) him.Her.He.

     Have I like movie line cap, and the wide and recreational sweater.There is a face clean, eyes clear, slightly melancholy woman.Large areas of white daisies bloom in the crisp green, he spent as heaven.The white and green, let a person always involuntary compensated with their own eyes, fear is only a unfinished dream, regret due to too short.

     My grandfather used to say, HuiYing, don't worry, the rain will stop.The sunshine after the rain will be more brilliant, one day, you will always wait for Mr Right.

     A woman doesn't like rain gear, always looking for shelter from the rain when it rains.Through the rain curtain always likes to lift his head through the rain curtain

    expectation.Got wet HuiYing said, it doesn't matter, anyway, nobody worried about her.The rain drops on clicking, she

    frowned and pulled his line cap, beside watching strange stranger with squeezed in a shelter under the eaves.Squat down a man on the right.His next to a plate of Daisy, she guessed that he should be a florist flowers of workers.The left side stood a man, sharp eyes had been fixed on the street.Feet is her painting materials in the water, and she is a weekend in the Dutch street street painter, in preparation for his art exhibition, and are trying to prepare a dream woman.

     The rain has stopped, huddled together, left to continue my life in the direction of the different rules.HuiYing know won't be your love, for the moment, and the 4 when 15 give her flowers every day man also won't appear in front of her at this moment.She can only continue to wait.Every day a pot of daisies, let her anticipation and look forward to every day, but the mystery man has never seen.

     Some say watching Korean dramas, can let a person was disappointed in life, to love to despair.In my heart, han has been a feast for the eyes of xiuse feast, even if the plot content more bad, but there must be two near perfect facialfeatures of men and women protagonist.Is the story of Cinderella and the prince charming, and the film must be two men love a woman without reserve, you planned to, in the end, there is always death to let love happy endings.Inductive and moving love, there will be audiences off with tears.Why I always in meditation, tears flow easily, because life touched by yourself.

     The film, in addition to the woman let me joy, is the endless

    daisies.All the plot of the no from han love line, two men and a woman, and then die.And no break in the gallery HuiYing pouncing on blocking the one gun, tears blurred his eyes at once.This love is directly inserted into the I heart the softest place.

     HuiYing, said van gogh painting sunflower, I draw a Daisy.Daisy like little sunflower.So she on a day to paint the vast expanse of daisies in the countryside.To reach that Daisy across the slope, she will pass a small river.Wood wooden bridge in the river only a tree, every time she walked carefully, finally one day she fell into the river.

     The gallery said, flowers can be sent to love.Can also be

    sent to death.He

    lived in his boat on

    the every day, and

    look at a woman in

    the painting, until

    one day I saw her in

    the river.And then

    he secretly built a

    wooden bridge in the river.He fell in love with HuiYing, secretly every day give her a basin of their own kind of daisies.But he will soon receive a pot of black tulip isolation, it is means that people die.He is a killer, each received a bowl of black tulip, he will go to kill a person.

    Is on is a policeman, he's a day for investigation, and had to use him sitting on the streets make HuiYing HuiYing do cover

    drawing.That day, he just took a pot of daisies, just in front of the 4 when 15 separate HuiYing now.Such a beautiful misunderstanding let her think he is the man she had been waiting for.

     Finally two people very natural love each other.

    I don't understand, HuiYing is really in love with is on, or fall in love with because his hand with the basin Daisy imagined him.The whole film, through some readme three people to relate the plot, there is no suspense.The only suspense is when is on appeared, some illusion it was he who let a person feel the flowers.Is a shot of the film and the film itself, but it is still very tender feelings, thus making the love is not strong, shooting also not enough stimulation.Is the death of those scenes are beautiful, simple one has brought.Record and director, suddenly became tender feelings in front of the south Korean beauty, unexpectedly let a person can not find that year of infernal affairs "just".The director of China, south Korean actress, let a person feel some regret, who in the assimilation?People who don't have language bloody scenes appear pale and still have not let a person have enough imagination.

     End, when HuiYing know gallery is the man who has been to give her flowers.She stood out among the muzzle, urgently looking for gallery, kept saying a silent language.He read all of her lips, also read her love.But everything can't remedy, two of the world, he is bound to be a can't have love of man.His hands had to push him to the brink of death.Her desperate for

    him that a gun is blocked.The final death, finally let me understand she will fall in love with any a man holding a Daisy, because she is too long, such as the inability to distinguish.Is on has been also understand, so willing to die.Only the gallery because of inferiority, but had never asked her love.

     The final death, the film love is covered with beautiful colors.But it has not been from the plot of Korean dramas.A Korean "gray space" in the rain like the night in the sea, let a person see the happiness of death, and the beautiful love.The eaves of the same place, the same, the same a glaze ground into flowers in the rain, HuiYing in this place of love, actually is on her left and right, but was not found.

    Starting point back to the end, the end back to the starting point.The whole film is a straight, thrust, the process of memory.There is no suspense.

    (3) her.He.

     Have you ever seen a

    Daisy?She asked him.

     A movie.South Korea

    quan zhixian, starring

    the department?He asked.

     Well, in South Korea have such a movie.

    Well, said a police a killer at the same time, fall in love with a woman painter in the right story.He beat letter very fast, so it is sometimes and he spoke, she always doubt what he said is copy.

     I like Daisy because the plant and to see the film.Her drink a mouthful of the cold water, these days it's going to rain in the evening, she just sat near the window, as a last resort won't shut the window.She likes to be sprayed in the cold rain on the skin, skin feels it is a hunger and thirst.

     I didn't see the film because of the director.His honest said.

     They are in the same city.Haven't seen one side, the opportunity to chat much.She is a woman, not how to open the QQ chat sometimes many words just complained in the text.Also have the occasional time, is in a certain time she suddenly want to chat, just want to find a chat can concentrate on the object, or you can chat, chat happily.But there are few opportunities, no one will want to pure chat and chat with her for her.

     He is no exception.Talk every time, I was in a hurry.So slowly, she chose not to chat again.The world itself is not people need extra pay for you, if there is a love in Korean dramas, too beautiful, so not true.Her serious for those who never deliberately, because such love she can also imagine one thousand or even ten thousand...And, of course, she also has the ability to allow more readers with tears, it's a pity

that she is not telling a lie.

     A truth is pointing to the heart."Bang" a loud death directly.

Do you know our city also has a Daisy?She asked.

    There are?I don't know.

     Outside your home

    can see Daisy.Like the

    sun, has a strong

    vitality.In the seam in

    growth.She thought of

    her last night watching

    the "Daisy", and then because of miss the roadside ono Daisy, in the early morning around in slippers, umbrella stand in the sun looking down the delicate and charming the daisies.Yellow, pieces, a rustling.The humble but tenacious life, who will focus on them?

     Last summer, at that time should be in August.She is here in the morning on a bunch of daisies, plug it in transparent glass on the table.Two hours later, all died.In a long time, when she entered the door to see the cup of dried flowers on the table, not replaced.Was later nephew touch fall cup, a bottle of crashing on the flower.Her silence of the cleaning. Cleaning.Finally no longer have the reason to use in the face of it, for a whole year, she has never set foot on to that corner under the wild Daisy.

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