By Gary Ramirez,2015-11-20 05:42
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    Hidden love, Daisy says.

(a) he and she.

     He in the UK.Just a like her words online readers.How to say, she is just a play with words of woman, never let it become in numerous paper along the word.Paranoia is a way of doing their mockery, depressed and helpless.

     One day, he appeared behind her post, wrote some feeling is very serious.And very serious told her that he loved her text expression, but do not break temperature, cold, looking at the text fragment like watching a movie, will keep in mind there are images and scenes, and music.

     Words, it may have been a hidden meaning to pursue her heart.So she never said that the network is rubbish recycle bin, it can only be recovered some or repressed and spit out excess of diarrhea.Each to write a novel, knock at text, in

    the brain are lonely and silent colorless scenes, characters.They will appear in a station, a street corner, a strange little town a hotel, a bed, a wall lamp, a gentle music.Silent colorless forward, there will be death or continue to live until the last.Love is not intentionally, but let a person pain has been wrapped in warm the cold body.

     Always hope that people can read these by hand on the film text.Therefore, never take the initiative to ask until he tells her, watching her novels like watching a movie, people feel pain but see the hope and warmth.Is the torrential rain outside the window, across the glass, her trance and felt the wet face.

     He asked, ever seen a Daisy.

     Have seen.Has been in her city contains a Daisy.Tracks sew on the edge of the wall, brick wall moss spreading edge, there are endless, on the outskirts of the fields, everywhere.Jiao yellow, like the sun.In the green branches and leaves densely as the highlight of life, let a person strong visual life, but also so humble.In her words, therefore, it is almost the only she had been in the plant.Don't like it because it is

    beautiful, but because it is close to one's own soul.