Monet how wonderful eyes

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Monet how wonderful eyes

    Monet: how wonderful eyes

    On December 5, 1926 Normandy winter cold air afflict all person's lungs.Pooh town, a room, a pair of eyes blinked.Nobody knows, at that time, the eyes can not see.

    Then the eyes closed, never open.

    Argenteuil poppy oil on canvas 50 * 65 cm, 1873

    Many scholars believe that the eyes can last all the time, have already can't see the view of the earth.Evidence is 14 years ago, this pair of eyes have degenerative cataract, once on the verge of blindness.Three years ago, this pair of eyes underwent two operations - first got yellow depending on the disease, can see everything is yellow;Then god practical joke, let the eyes of the purple visual disorder, see everything in

    the world were purple rendering.So, before finally closed, what color is this pair of eyes to see, no one can know.

    This pair of eyes closed this year was 1926, art in the world is entering an era carnival.This year, the horse gayle express to complete his "threatened the killer", fully reflects his surrealist style;Henry Moore began in Mexico in the mayan culture thor Turk temple at the gate of the rain god statues as the prototype, creation of the leaning of the human body;Great Picasso ended 10 years ago his cubist period, starting to surrealism;Henri Matisse as early as 20 years ago, tired of playing his brutalist of character, is the immortal to promote him to sculptures, murals, illustrations, and engravings.

    It was a great year, just over a quarter of the 20th century, but the artists have set up their banner: they are not content to simply "they can see" performance.They almost universally opposed to the study of natural image.Most critics have believe that: only the most thorough get rid of the tradition, can lead to progress.

    of the maner of bothe stone arch: the water reflection Oil on canvas, 65.8 x 81.5 cm in 1885

    But in the eyes first saw the first of the world, is not the case.It was 1840, and this pair of eyes first saw the sky in Paris.That year, the German painter PASCAL xie friedrich.After three years, British history one of the best landscape painter, John constable, died, and his eponymous William Turner is in a whirl of don't understand of the public, carefully draw water, steam and mist, and plotting to Swiss scenery beautiful beauty, for his beloved watercolor painting.In France, and a great jean - auguste Angle has completed the neoclassicism monument, are disciples, build academic art barriers;"Romantic lion", the kernel delacroix, are obtained, draw out the Chopin ", and "George sang like", he has finished the

    crusade to Constantinople, he is go to great lengths to mock Angle "line is everything", while in his painting as a writing brush, such as hair, side roar "colour that line!"

    In this long 86 years from 1840 to 1926, this pair of eyes to see how many things?No one can truly know.Can be used as evidence, is this pair of eyes once studied some of the paintings, some scenery.It is full of countless pairs of eyes had looked at a hands canvas, finally signed in the corner, the owner of this double eye is Oscar - Claude monet.

    Outdoor sketching

    At the end of 1863, monet and JiYe ran to the Fontainebleau, on the edge of a forest there and the oak tree and the stone.He almost abandoned the studio, daily at the linger.Soon, renoir and west weasley disposed of Lyle studio, running and frothy.Manet's success gives them confidence that don't have to care about detail, shadow, contrast, with fast brush, complete all outdoors.

    The problem for monet, he is not a pencil, watercolor, selection of toner, he also don't want to draw a sketch in the outdoor, then ran back to the studio for processing.He accepted the kind guidance, to see the color of the world;He has long been Dan encouraged, said "finished painting the most powerful" on the spot.And he went further:

    He rapidly to act natural moment, leave the studio who keep out the light of light and shade, with a small canvas and paint tube, drawing to the sun.As long as the finish on the spot, even as manet, bear "before the painting finished".Monet don't believe all the established rules.He studied courbet,, koro, Dan brown, kind, but not completely trust them.He finally believe, only his eyes."On the basis of personal impression, rather than use the rules of the common feelings, to complete the painting."

The corner of his studio in 1861

    In 1861, he completed the corner of his studio, it is delicate and harmonious paintings.18 6 for two years, "the hunter" medal to colorific

    harmony with further experience.But he didn't go so far, he needs more outdoor light.He saw walking in nature, oak, fluidity, the water and wind, sunshine and always let him dizzy.These not safe, those requirements "to beautify the reality" of things, but the perfect scenery outdoor sunlight manufacturing.His confidence: "one can draw what he see and understand, by observing and thinking to live."Because, as he told the JiYe exclamation: "every day I will find more and more beautiful things."

    At that time the young students, dressing is mostly Bohemian look - in other words, the gipsy, to unruly.But renoir later described, monet dress is have emotional appeal of bourgeois, though poor, but dressing like a playboy."He had a dime, but wear lace sleeves, the gold buttons!"In their poverty, this clothes helped us a lot.Then students eat poorly, renoir and monet eat only two things: their daily is a green beans, lentils.Fortunately, monet dress which, can cheat some dinner with my friends.Every time have a meal, monet and renoir two people will be crazy to eat Turkey, poured into the stomach bei temple red wine, eat other people's house supplies, only leave happily, renoir later said to his daughter,

    "That was the happiest time of my life!"

    Monet and his garden

    Impressionist generation, mostly in the before and after the arrival of the 20th century, was called into the dark of time.Kaye bot, west weasley, pissarro, van gogh, gauguin, Cezanne - they fell to the in the last decade of the 19th century to the first six years of the 20th century.Most of them are able to taste the 20th century, before seeing the turbulent years, genre and socialism in the 20th century, the first ten years.Such as Picasso's cubism, fauvism Matisse;Gauguin to death all love his island;Abstract, performance of various kinds of socialism in sprout all the way;Used to be a couple of seurat has become the past tense.

    In fact, the artists of the 20th century, after the end of the 19th century that the burgeoning rebel, suddenly found himself know some mo from.The rebels in the 19th century, delacroix, courbet, manet, and then the monet and renoir, plan to clear out all the classic program, when obstacles are ruled out one by one, impressionist did, can put the vision can see accurately painted on the canvas.But the resulting, it is the whole of western traditional abandoned.Van gogh, gauguin and Cezanne, do is this: the artists of the 20th century, than ever to pursue originality.They are no longer content to review the master skill, they have to constantly create new doctrine.In fact, there will be ten years from the 20th century was the death of van gogh, early know this.Later generation painter, not not painting the portrait of "right", only:

    "I exaggerate the golden color of the hair, I use orange, chrome yellow, lemon yellow, and in the back of the head, don't draw the common wall of the room, I draw the infinite (infinite). I use the palette can bring up the most intense, the more blue drew a simple background. Golden head lined with strong light blue background, the mysterious look like a star in the sky. Oh, my dear friend, the public can only think this exaggeration is a comic, however that for us what does it matter?"

    Take the sun umbrella woman: monet wife and her son, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm in 1875

    This is the fate of a joke.Monet are those "try our best to restore eyes can see everything", "abandon all existing skills" paintings, had affected the van gogh;Any farther from the high, will no longer be seen "reduction" as the tenet.Monet the spear is handed over to the offspring of fighting, but the offspring is not completely follow - or that offspring inherit, is only the monet immortal spirit.

    Maybe impressionist's greatest victory, is to create such a monumental example: artists have drawn anyway, some days may gain respect.In the 1860 s and 80 s, the long and cruel war, those poor artists, some people can't stand down, such as van gogh died years not lent, in the franco-prussian war dead JiYe.But at the arrival of the 20th century, monet, renoir, pissarro, manet, the once treated as a monster, a traitor, rogue, cheats, was an international reputation.

    Monet and renoir is lucky, they live long enough to enjoy when they had enough time to live in victory.They saw himself as a classical painter, their work is bought by the government, or by collectors.This may not make up for the poor and cold, they early but had to "noble style", "balanced composition", "the right sketch" attacked their people, by this time finally can shut up - classic art of stale mould completely knocked down by them.It will never change the position of critics and artists, critics, the prestige of the damage, never recover.All art revolutionaries

    since the monet's struggle as a legend, when the object to the public on their innovation methods, they can come to a "monet and renoir were criticized so", and then can be very proud to stick to it, and believe that time will deserve the crown back to them.

    Like monet in alive, see time gave the crown due to the back to him.

    Sunrise impression oil on canvas, 48 x 63 cm in 1873

    We are lucky enough to have an Oscar in the world - Claude monet so unique eyes.This pair of eyes unable to determine the volatile of history, unable to determine the whims of public opinion, unable to determine his name will be in after years, critics, and great searchings of young artists and collectors to comment, but the eyes so keenly possession can see all the time: the sea, card meters of Normandy, argenteuil, the Seine, pooh, London, Venice, the Dutch the Dan town, his ship, he the wheat-rick, rouen churches, gardens, arch bridge and water lily, and was moved in these things above, in the 19th century to the 20th

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