Loyal dog eight male story

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Loyal dog eight male story

    Loyal dog eight male story: the story about watchman


    To some extent, the film is almost aJapanAkitas (Japanese Akita) the ads feature selection;Only, we would be so willing to pay to pay the ads feature films, and we also be whole get a snot a faint sigh tears: this money well spent.Ha ha, modern people - we will pay for my eyes, and in addition to general we all can't cry.Yes, we are in the big screen penance for many years before his own practice almost lachrymal

    flame-resistant, filmmakers pulled a face is sad after the big dog, our instant penance of immunity by it to unravel.

    This is a strange phenomenon.Handsome girls cry how many times the camera apart when we returned to laugh, but the big dogs out just let it sit in front of the camera after sitting quietly on the bed, with a lot of film to a full range of features at the same time a rather shanshan beautiful story, but can we finally that psychological line of defense completely crushed.I thought about the problem, thenOne day,Suddenly enlightened.Because some animals tend to be more sincere to us, and they have not evolved a brain to think, their instinct decided they don't play all games with us, so they are also more sincere to us -- what don't you want anything, do not to do all by its animal instinct.So for a head of looks quite some lovely animals, we always more easily off guard and then with honest relatively;In this way, they can easily finish easily.

    The film, to put it bluntly actually simple can use almost straight white to describe, but perhaps it was because of its simple and clear so that it was even more touching.Like in the movieThe plot, in fact probably can occur in many breeds;But other dog owners may have less attention, the Japanese beat them eight male (Hachiko) built a sculpture, and made into the body of the it specimens income their national museum of science.As early as 1987 Japanese director silurian mountain) directed the movie "the loyal dog eight male story (Hachiko monogatari), eight male reputation has already spread to all over the world.The remake an old movie, since Japan continued its calm the narrative style of quietly elegant, to deduce the modern version of the faithful dog story;I thought I would see this movie just dinner sent a long time, leisure time, the result finally after unexpectedly completely lost.

    Story is the story, the character is character, still is that so the dog dog also;Just, we maybe too long didn't find some little touched in everyday life so it's too easy to screen in the sentimental?Richard Gere (Richard Gere) as Parker Wilson (Parker Wilson) in one day to go home by train at night, professor jian arrive an akita puppy in the railway station, he was hoping to give this dog to the railway station after administration rejected helplessly will be brought home, the puppy, because can't find the owner of the puppies so he can only put it has been raised.Once, akita dog eight male followed the scent of the master all the way to find the path of the station to get to work, master the master had to take it home before he goes to work and to work must go through eight mr.s has ever remember the master of the railway station, host to go to work in the morning, at five o 'clock in the afternoon watch the master at the gate of the railway station on time, etcreturn

    This is a not need commitment agreed, to have one person and one dog into the most beautiful a scenery line on the border station.If no accident, the movie but just a little fun here small life;Parker's death, however, pushed the story from the boring into the moving.

    No one told eight male parker has left this world, already will never come back again;Perhaps, tell the eight male will not understand it.In its heart, host just went to work as usual, but this time go to work time is very long and don't know when he will come back.So eight male repeating the same thing day after day, every day in the

    evening a little time to go to the same place to wait for, looking forward to one day pushed open the door is his own master.

    So-called touched, is need time to precipitation.On the first day is only natural, the second day, the third day is just a habit.Habit is a terrible thing, however, such practice and used to wait forever, the first and second years or even 10 years, no one can easily say, he is not touched.Because don't say is a dog, even a once loved his people, whether also have such patience to repeat one thing, through ten years.Even if the whole world has forgotten parker, eight male still in begging to watch his own master suddenly come back one day.Eight male story touched all the people around the railway station, people will give it food and it has been living in the edge of the frontier station has been waiting for its owner.Until it is old, died.Maybe, so to speak, eight male is outside the station has clung to a spiritual symbol, not just a wishful thinking of the old dog.

    Ten years.If it weren't for years so not to eclipse the lives of the eight male gradually, perhaps today, it will still clever ground sitting among the flower bed outside the station waiting for his master.A day or even a year, a year or even 10 years, is a big difference for us maybe;For a dog is just a watch.Watch for the arrival of may happiness, watches a total will never be disappointed in the distant place of happiness.From the prime watch until middle age, from watch until now, has been to death;Dog is a dream, so in the end of the paper light penetration in it see parker as the most beautiful that moment in that distant memory as dusty back - it is like when his younger ran past pounce on its owner, beside him running jump, licking his face, holding his feet and feel the warmth of his arms...

    The station manager, by Jason Alexander (Jason Alexander) plays Carl (Carl) has been looking at this scene, eight male for ten years, he also looked at the ten years;Film gave Karl many lens, Jason in front of the camera but didn't say a lot words showed a very complex emotions - I think, some of his jealousy parker, parker more a little regret, if it did he put the dog into the administration will be eight male closed down and keep on his side...

    Carl is entirely possible for parker in eight male get loyalty and affection, he also could get parker might never know that kind of happiness;When he refused, however, refused to give eight male to provide any help, also rejected a now can only be looked at but never get happiness.Carl act like a clown in front of reporters, only to oneself can touch point eight male light also on the newspaper, but my sympathy from the bottom of the work of a worm, because only in this way, he can let oneself with oneself is wrong in his heart of that kind of happiness and more recently.

    We can not deny the fact that the dog with us is completely different.Because they are simple, so they are more likely to perceive happiness.The world has been constantly change, we followed the world is constantly changing.From generation to generation and for the animals living around us, the only constant is that they have a host, the host is their whole world.Master's every move and smile for them is that they all, so eight male can always watch, watch the world will one day be reappeared sunshine, to watch his master will one day be out of the door after, bring it all the joy and happiness.

    Why are we moved by, why do we cry.Because in as we all know, in front of the screen shot of the eight male never wait till it want happiness;The most difficult, and let our eight male still standing there, children of the unknown forever watches a reunion will never come.We touched and sad, because we already know the outcome;And we know that this will happen at the end of the story the outcome of the land

    So-called sad, because we all know the story for eight male finally only is a tragedy, but we are unable to prevent the tragedy;And we can't think of any possible good outcome, to have it all so sad end.For eight male, it doesn't have any way out, be to escape the coming of the tragedy.When we choose a dog as our relatives, friends, partners, or pet, this is just our life a very humble in the choice of countless choices;But when a dog chose us as his master, for it is it one of the most important life choices.I will always remember the ten conventions (10 Promises to my Dog)reina(shark Tanaka) off her golden retriever sox mother echoed in her ear, when you can have it all, and I have only you.

    Can say, "ten agreement" about the interpretation of this sentence might be far from this movie is so deep, the entire"Loyal dog eight male story"In fact just in order to interpret this sentence, and it, in the form of a kind of silent wins words without a heart when you say nothing at all in the dark will be the words with the fact that iron directly displayed in front of our eyes.This may be as far as I'm feeling, this movie more successful than "ten agreement" -- it in the "ten agreement" show a direct use of lens;Maybe we can have it all, but we nearby of the big dog, it has only us.

    One day, when we are not around when it suddenly, and it will continue to wait for us until we come back.Even if the whole world has forgotten us, as long as it is to live in this in this world, it will have to watch for us.It suddenly occurred to me that my life the first small dogs B, once it has been a hurt and the speeding car rolling, it almost is

    almost can't move, it turned out to be struggling to climb to my bed with me;At that time my eyes full of tears, I think I'm going to lose it.I give it to eat anti-inflammatory drugs, a miracle it up later.We are on our side of these little creatures are always less attention, but they gave us plenty of love and respect.I am thankful I also held around me nowdearZhou Yi big brother, one day it will respectively with me, I think at that time, I also will guard beside it.

    Read a story when I was a kidThe articleThe articleNo longer can the specific

    content of the exam, but I remember a point - because the author farewell to own a dog, so the author decided to no longer have any small animals, because each animal is a life, and when we can't for the life we choose to bear all the responsibility, we should not easily make any choice.

    dear, please follow me all the way, I will stay with you all the way;I know you must love me, please be assured that I will love you too.If every dog owners can have a clear conscience of their pet dog said such a word, I think, each dog will be happy.Every life should at least have a dog, I think - otherwise the man's life is incomplete.And when we choose a dog, we should do our best to take care of it.

    Eight male story was really a great tragedy anyone can't to change, and perhaps the greatest significance to the film is that it tell us should cherish well, we already have or will haveHave seen the film if each person in his own life can take oneA littleTime to accompany her side of the head of small animals, I think, eight male story than just as a unbeatable tear bomb much more meaningful.

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