Subvert innovators said nokia is not return to the mobile phone market

By Ann Chavez,2015-12-23 09:33
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Subvert innovators said nokia is not return to the mobile phone market

    Subvert innovators said: nokia is not return to the

    mobile phone market

    For some time, anecdotal hearsaynokiaWill return to the mobile phone market.Every trouble, always can inspire IT media and nokia "die-hard" enthusiasm.However, April 27, nokia official reiterated that there is no production or sales of mobile phone plans, to these rumors poured cold water.In my opinion, should be of the gesture.

    Is the so-called, a good horse doesn't eat grass.Throughout the world in recent years, the strategic adjustment of telecommunication giants almost no back out of the case.

    To paraphrase of the more popular recently subvert the concept of innovation, the large enterprise business system has been damaged by outside force.Ecology has been destroyed, start again talk easy?

    Our in the subversive innovation: the principle of the survival of the era of mobile Internet, "a book, the innovator's dilemma" of the proposed theory with godel's first law of development.

    Godel's is a famous German mathematician.He proved that any form of a system, as long as including the simple description of elementary number theory, and is a self consistent, it must contain some system allowed by the method not only can't prove I also can't disprove proposition.To use on the enterprise development, is an enterprise depends on the innovation of the system if it is complete, then based on certain values, it does not produce enough from within the reform of the power, to break through its ability to the border, but constantly to improve and consolidate the system.To overcome these enterprises, also not necessarily from the area.In simple terms, a perfect operation of the system is broken, the power can only come from the outside.

    In a perfect system, even if you do things right, doesn't mean the system is not weakness, and boundary, it is weakness of the system.Do you remember the jokes circulating on the Internet, nokia CEO agreeMicrosoftAfter acquisition of said a words: we haven't done anything wrong, but I don't know why, we lost.

    As the nokia's not proud of it function machine, insteadiPhoneAs a representative of thesmartphonesThe rise of;Beat Microsoft, not the other operating system, but competition from mobile devices and systems;beatQQIs not the same kind of communication software, but WeChat based on mobile phone address book.

    Only from external to subvert our system innovation, to reconstruct a new industry.And once mature, the emerging industry will subvert our innovation by other

    external forces.And subvert the existence of innovation, but also created a threshold, decided the enterprise of be reversed if you want to win, you must have enough can reverse the "new industry" the power of the mature, otherwise will return to fail.

    As the Nordic telecoms giant nokia, and probes into the strategic choice may refer to Ericsson through "path".

    Ericsson is one of the world's three major mobile phone giant.Remember after graduating from college, I bought the first mobile phone is the "small fat" - T20sc Ericsson, at the time of the machine in the end, this should be the most powerful one.

    Those years, Ericsson in the GSM/GPRS network era was a brilliant success, and have 2 G/GSM field market share of 40% and 2.5 G/GPRS nearly 50% of the market, there is no doubt is the industry leader.However, the tech bubble burst at the beginning of the 21st century makes Ericsson mobile phone business was hit, severe losses.Ericsson from these mistakes and decided in the second half of 2001 will bring huge profits for its phone unit separation, and the joint venture was established with SONY, while their focus on the wireless network and telecom equipment.However, this strategy did not bring Ericsson mobile phone, 10 years, SONY Ericsson mobile phone has been tepid, failed to revive the Ericsson's vision in the market.In 2012, Ericsson will SONY Ericsson stakes for the entire quantity to SONY.In the same year, it's on the telecom equipment market share is 38%, the world's largest.

    Since then, it was never able to return to mobile phone business, there is only one intersection recently it is trying to enter the market of mobile phone chips, but also an end to exit.At that time, Ericsson said chip market also faces fierce competition, price erosion and accelerating technological innovation challenges, to succeed in this rapidly changing market, need to invest a lot of research and development, therefore, Ericsson decided to stop chip development, and transfer part of the investment to the field of wireless networks.

    Ericsson's transformation is successful, its decision to give up the is also considered.

    It is subversive innovation threshold, make no ability to return to the Ericsson has brought it brilliant market.Because, subvert our innovation is a spiral process.Any enterprise want to enter, or to enter a market, must have to subvert our innovation "one's speciality", otherwise it will be difficult to competing with the giants in the market, can only make the market "abandoned".

    Nokia must understand the subversive innovation is also reasonable.After selling mobile phones, nokia only three business: network business, map operations and patent authorization, including network business is its core business, contributed to nokia about 90% of total revenue.Recently, nokia's big news is the acquisition of alcatel-lucent.Obviously want to buy nokia, stepped into the telecommunications

    equipment manufacturing in the first camp, become enough to contend with Ericsson and huawei communications giant.Today, it turned out that nokia will sell once map business, which is closely linked with the mobile phone business reason is the intersection between business and its main business map too little.

    The mobile phone market now is quite stable, no one want to share from the mobile phone business, but who can shake the iPhone and android's position, even if Microsoft also not line.Cell phone is a complete ecosystem, at present, including apple, each mobile phone manufacturer, do things are in the repair and improvement of the existing system.Apple Apple watch, watches and other intelligence is also for the perfection of the ecosystem.

    Because of this, if you want to start from mobile phone business, redesign strategy, to build a mobile team, trying to stage a comeback in a giant standing market s difficult.Subversive innovation for future mobile phone market, to be sure, not i

    mobile phone, smart dressing equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), virtual reality may have such potential, but who dared promises?

    Nokia, do now is continuously and the mobile phone business "draw a line," acquisition of alcatel lucent, seeking to sell map should be based on such consideration.Only lightly, completely standing outside the circle, perhaps to find the boundary of the mobile phone market in the mature system and blind spots.Is, therefore, instead of mobile phones on the market is melee muddy water, might as well put his "a mu 3 distribute land" till well, to seek to stand at the next tuyere, to conduct a subversive innovation.

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