Christmas gifts, DIY tea health

By Theresa Wood,2015-12-23 01:15
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Christmas gifts, DIY tea health

    Christmas gifts, DIY tea health

    Now, a lot of office worker girl likes drinking tea, because compared with coffee, tea contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids, tea helps of age, and have health care function.Compared with the traditional tea, bubble tea bags to carry, convenient, taste is more abundant, so more popular with young people.

    Below we will introduce to you a DIY tea bag concrete method, relative to the sale of tea bags on the market, oneself start work make tea more advanced material, the price also cheaper ~ in addition to yourself, to family and friends is also very suitable!

? prepare the material

    Tea bag:

    1 cup of tea in bulk Lemon or orange peel At the end of the cinnamon, cloves, or other dried herbs


    Consider taking 1 box paper A small bowl

    1 the scissors

    Clean order books

    Cotton rope

    A pen and paper

    Rub PiQi

    ? making process

    1, first choose one type of bulk tea as basal taste (I am a mix of black tea and green tea as a basal).To choose a good tea in a small bowl and set aside.

    2, then to taste.At the end of the first rub some lemon peel, then add in half at the end of the small spoonful of cinnamon clove or other you like dried herbs.In a small bowl mix stir gently.