How to make a will talk, people will do

By John Dixon,2015-12-25 12:50
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How to make a will talk, people will do

     How to make a will talk, people will do!

    A, the society will not wait for you to grow

    In this era of talent, the society has no effort and patience to develop slowly.You can't?You don't want to?You don't like?It doesn't matter, substitution!This is the reality.

    Day and night will only complain about people, is not mature.When you know you should be how to face the society, how to quickly adapt to the society, you don't have the time to complain.Because at that time, you spent time to study, work and interpersonal network.

    Young man in his 20 s, want to have a sense of responsibility and sense of mission.

    1) the sense of responsibility, responsibility for their own future

    Young people want to know, again and again to relax and indulge their behavior, seemingly insignificant, will let you slowly form a habit of lazy perfunctory, eventually kill you for a lifetime.Can say, those who don't want to grow up, hinder the growing up of young people, in the end is that they are willing to take responsibility.But you should know, pressure is not a bad thing, it is these pressure, driving you step by step forward.

    2) a sense of mission - efforts to achieve their goals

    For example, a man with sense of mission, when he was aware of their lack of ability, he will be very consciously to consult others learn, constantly charging;When he realized that his own circle is too narrow, he will expand your circle of friends, consciously increasing their connections.

    1, do a good job "apprentice" is promising

    "There is no such thing as a free lunch".

    When they come into a lot of young people in the society hold high expectations to oneself, think they should get reuse, should be a rich reward.In fact, this society is according to the strength to speak, for an enterprise, first to create benefits for its employees, whether to have this ability, to see if you can constantly enrich himself.

    2. To talk business should have a gentle heart

    Try to be "not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses".

    Young people in addition to work hard, have a common heart.No matter how much you can, you still need to be modest and prudent;No matter how limited, your ability you also cannot little;No matter how much you are achievement, you still need to keep a sense of crisis;No matter how you meet difficulty, you need to keep calm, overcome difficulties...This is a peaceful heart.

    3, in their 20 s, young people who have just enter society should keep calm state of mind in the speech, mainly grasp the following points:

    1) there are some things don't too seriously

    The Indian poet rabindranath tagore wrote in his poem: "if you cry for losing the sun, you also miss the stars!"In the field of life, there will be

    lose, win as long as you work hard, do your satisfaction.You are young, big deal once again.

    2) to understand a disadvantage is a blessing

    It made me think of a noun - concave ground effect.The lower level is much easier to gather more resources.Above the ground if there is a concave, according to the laws of nature, water or other substances are easy to converge to the land of the concave inside so as to present it to them a aggregation.

    3) put yourself in the position of the usually, don't take yourself too high

    Second, the accumulation of their own popularity

    As the saying goes, "good towards someone in a few", have the ability, also need someone to appreciate that someone is

    promoted.Handle interpersonal relationships, form their own networks, also is the best choice for every one of us to reduce the business cost.That is to say, if you want to be a outstanding top talent, we must pay attention to develop their interpersonal skills, to operate their contacts as well.Improves the network competitiveness, you will find opportunities in the work life, show their own competitiveness.

    The ancients says "dating f is better than no ehrsson," is to let us make good people than they are, as a friend can make us have a role model, and the direction of the have a catch-up, promote their progress.In addition, when after your connections established, will often maintenance, don't lost contact with people, or wait to have trouble to think of others.

    Three, sincerity is the best way of life

    As a young man show a positive image of you as soon as possible

    The young man, speak, act, sincere first.

    In our daily contact with people, which for us is true, what is false, we can feel very easily.For those who are sincere person, even if we start don't like them, finally they sincere will impress us, the so-called "sincere will find a way";And for those who are hypocritical people, we would like their smile, and even feel welcome, but time is long, we would give way to their "xiaolicangdao", "false" tired, hate, ultimately unconsciously away from them.So, everyone likes to oneself sincere person.

    Balzac once said: "only those who intend to open to each other to establish the spiritual communication between each other."A friend to do heart, nothing is more important than sincere.

    Young people should be responsible for their own words and deeds, care must be taken to promise in interpersonal interaction, considering the variable factors and accidental situation as far as possible, in case of sudden certain conditions, hinder the fulfillment of promises.If you attach importance to the promise, you should try to comply with, or to request backing down at the right time.Deliver on their promise is responsible to the people, is responsible for his own image, responsible for their own future.

    4 and express myself with jokes

    To be optimistic.

    Optimists may not humor, but surely humor is optimistic.

    No matter what difficulties in life, there are resolving way, might as well a little bit more smile and humor, a little frustration and sadness.A narrow mind, ideas, negative people won't have a sense of humor, humor belongs to those who otimista gas flat, passionate about life.

    Even in plain, not equal to idea of life, also don't allow yourself to become discouraged, more do not whine, together with other colleagues in the sigh, and should keep optimistic state of mind, let oneself become humor.Because optimism and humour can eliminate the hostility between each other, build a close interpersonal atmosphere, and help

    yourself and others had become more relaxed, eliminate the fatigue at work.

    1) expanded aspect of knowledge.

    2) the proper associations.

    3) accumulated ceaselessly.Often see some literary works, some humorous story, brain teasers, etc., is beneficial to cultivating their own sense of humor.

    Doomed to the fate of two seconds

    As the saying goes: "people rely on clothes horse saddle."A person's dress can directly reflects his accomplishment, temperament and character.It can often before other people know you or insight into your talent show what grade you are.

    1) clothing clean and decent.

    2) don't have too much useless.

    3) pay attention to the expression, smiling.

    Fifth, purposefully self-promotion

    Properly express themselves, will make them full of confidence and strength, the strength and will promote our more perfect myself.Young

    people in their 20 s, not only to show their talents, let the people know, more need to promote themselves on purpose.

    The human resources management at Coleman said: "employees can get promoted, largely lies not in whether efforts, and lies in the degree of appreciation to your boss."Visible, get the appreciation of others sometimes is more important than ability, and you want to get the appreciation of others, must first to others a appreciate your reasons.So, how to do it purposefully promote themselves?

    First of all, to have confidence in yourself.

    Self propaganda, the first is sure of his abilities.At any time, want to see themselves as leading role, at any time, any place, all want to tell yourself "I am the most scenery, no one can steal my thunder", constantly hint yourself, cheer for yourself.

    From here, we can see the power of faith.A positive thought can lead you to be successful, and a kind of negative thinking before you act has condemned you have failed.Many successful growth trajectory, have confidence.Confidence can be converted into a positive energy, it can stimulate the subconscious mind, release the boundless enthusiasm, energy and wisdom, and help us to achieve great wealth and career success.

    Second, the knowing to packaging.

    Here a packing, of course, is not necessarily can cheat, so a person not only should pay attention to dress appropriately, have grade, attractive, more should pay attention to your inner temperament cultivation.This is what I call the inner packaging, such as their own honest and reliable, his great knowledge, or their own sedate and easy, all of these should let others really feel from your every move.Of course, this requires you to constantly enrich himself, be a rich connotation.

    In the end, often give oneself look for opportunities.

    Six, in their 20 s, talking contacts more and more widely

    Many young people introverted, do not want to or don't know how to deal with people.This is their biggest confusion.Said the dialogue, do good, will be, the key is to establish contact with people, and successfully opened the topic.

    In their 20 s, had past the age of "children"

    Communication should start from the etiquette

    1) address: remember each other's name, and address each other correctly

    Also note 2) handshake: young people, people who are senior to first hand and lower status people to take the initiative to go to the front of the other party;Older people usually first hand;Women generally held out his hand first.So, in order to "insurance" for the purpose of, no matter what the other older status, position, or gender, have to wait for each other first hand, you don't too "active" to shake hands with others.

    3) distance: people should keep a certain distance in a relationship, different relationship between, distance is also different.Anthropologist hall thinks "interpersonal distance" can be divided into four kinds: close distance (0 to 18 inches), usually used in between parents and children, between the lover or lover;Personal distance (1.5 4 feet), general applicable to friends;Social distance (4 to 12 feet), used to have a public rather than private relations between individuals, such as the relationship between the superior and the subordinate, between customer and sales clerk, etc;Public (12-25 feet), such as teachers and students, between the speaker and the audience.

    4) introduction: introduce the content general include name, domicile of origin, occupation, position, company, or home address, school, experience, skills, interests, etc., of course, should be according to actual needs to introduce and simplified, not necessarily the content one

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