Review of alibaba this year fake international litigation

By Louis Grant,2015-12-24 21:09
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Review of alibaba this year fake international litigation

    Review of alibaba this year: fake international



    Phoenix technologies - Beijing time on December 21, news, bloomberg

    published an article said that for the alibaba group, the end of 2015 is one of the worst years.China and the United States regulators for fake criticised ali website, open cloud group also filed a lawsuit.As a result, ali wiping out more than $50 billion.As China's economic growth slowed, the overseas market is becoming increasingly important for ali, but ali to win the trust of the overseas merchants and shoppers need to restore reputation in 2016, rectify image, get rid of fake goods.

    The following is the full text articles:

    Lingering fakes

    The pinch of Star Wars fans just $4.59 can buy reach, Darth Vader figurines and light sword.Rugby player Tom Brady jersey for only one over ten of the NFL shop.A pair of Beats Solo headphones sold only $107, about half of the official price.

    These are all ali taobao, a subsidiary of cheap goods.Taobao is an online market, similar to eBay for buyers and sellers.Billionaire jack ma is trying to change ali's reputation, the company is seen as a cheap fake and unauthorized goods haven.21 months ago, Mr. Ma will these fake called cancer.After a bitter after 2015, Mr Ma going into 2016.In 2015, the Chinese and U.S. regulators for fake criticised ali website, open cloud group also filed a lawsuit.As a result, ali wiping out more than $50 billion.

    Ali want to achieve the goal of win trust overseas merchants and shoppers, clean up the company's image is very important to the next year.Ma hopes within 10 years, let overseas revenue accounted for more than half the total revenue of the company.China's slower economic growth makes ali this goal becomes more urgent.In China mainland, jingdong is winning users, in part because the company manage inventory, and sell goods directly to a user.Bloomberg, Bloomberg, Intelligence) industry research analyst Michael Ma think, jingdong this business model is more easy to control.

    "Fake problem should have been resolved now," London Research firm CM Research, managing director of Cyrus Mewawalla said, "but the fact is that it has not olved. It makes investors worried." s

    To crack down on fake goods

    Ali dilemmas in dealing with the fake goods and defective products are part of a broader problems in China.In China, the rampant piracy, from DVD to household electrical appliances.But as time goes on, the rise of China's middle class want to buy the goods of higher quality, which requires ali platform to its fake goods to clean up.

    Ali through to a third party merchants advertising revenue from the taobao platform.Taobao merchants sell goods are multifarious, from toys and food to medical equipment.Because these goods are not ali autonomous management, so it is difficult to confirm whether they are the real thing.

    However, Mr Ali said, they are hard to crack down on fake goods.

    Ali said in an emailed statement on Friday: "ali is committed to the protection of intellectual property rights, to crack down on fake goods. All fake goods is the world's electricity company has to deal with a problem, we're doing everything we can, to crack down on fake goods."

    Ali established a team of more than 2000 people dozen false, for the first time in 2014 public offering (IPO) moved forward in addition to 90 million products links.Ali website, according to brand owners can through online complaints platform infringement report, was accused of selling fakes merchants have 3 days to take out evidence to rebut charges, otherwise the goods will be pulled from the shelves.

    Ali, working with brands such as Nike, adidas, remove taobao fake shoes, watches and handbags, thousands of merchants have been punished.

    Malicious market list

    Ali's these efforts, however, still not stopped outside criticism.

    Last week, the U.S. trade representative's office warned that ali, if you want to stay away from the "market", we must do better on to crack down on fake goods.In 2012, taobao are removed from the list of "the market".The U.S. trade representative's office issued a stern warning to ali, the company next year during a crackdown on fake goods and respond to the behavior of the complaint will be to supervise.

    The U.S. trade representative's office said the rights owners criticism ali platform for the complaint response too slow, difficult to use, the lack of

    transparency.Although no again will taobao market "malice" list, but the United States trade representative's office suggested that ali, simplify the registration and request execution procedure, shorten the time of removing fake goods released links and punishment.

    If taobao again by "market" list, it will damage the ali's reputation in the United States.Ali on sale in America, is trying to develop relationships with retailers and entertainment companies in the United States.

    Ali is China's largest electric business platform operators, is highly dependent on domestic market, China accounted for more than 80% of its revenue.As China's economic growth is slowing, growth in other global markets is crucial for ali.

    Overseas expansion

    "The next 10 years, ali will no longer meet the Chinese market, they want to attract foreign merchants to come to China in selling its or his goods," michelle says.

    Ali, created jointly by ma and others, in September 2014, completed the record IPO.But after four months, China's state administration for industry and commerce issued a "white paper", accused the ali allows merchants need not unauthorized store business license management, selling counterfeit designer and fake wine, handbag.

    Despite the protest against ali, state administration for industry and commerce also said finally, the paper did not "judicial", but the incident is a significant influence on ali's share price.The state administration for industry and commerce after the criticism, ali's share price fell by more than 40%, the lowest record in September.

    Sue open cloud group

    In 2014 after discontinuance, open cloud group lawsuit against ali again this year, accused of ali tort.Ali express, open cloud group charges with no basis.

    After that, warned the U.S. trade representative's office and ali's report.The report with the clothing footwear association (AAFA) for ali before selling fake blame coincides with mine.Chairman AAFA Juanita Duggan, said ali would not eradicate the fakes, may be afraid of losing customers, worried that these customers selling goods transferred to other platforms.

    Senior director of consumer technology association international trade arrigo Sage Chandler, said the eb point site has a huge number of goods that supervision and fake goods more difficult.Amazon and eBay early also encountered similar problems.

    Amazon strategies include immediately suspend sales to crack down on fake goods, and destruction of inventory in the distribution center.EBay said that they will take the initiative to remove the suspicious goods, sales restrictions, cooperate with law enforcement and the right owner.

    "Want to fundamentally solve this problem, otherwise goods will be the occurrence of one after the other," chandler said, "as long as there are fake goods, they must keep fighting."

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