Hundred shares one wanchang technology 002581

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Hundred shares one wanchang technology 002581

    Hundred shares one

     wanchang ? technology (002581).

    The north road 3 billion shell

    On August 21, suspended for four months of

    wanchang ? technology announced restructuring plans.

    Wanchang ? technology according to the disclosure of the contingency plans, the company intends to for the price of 15.51 yuan/share, issued 189 million shares, to raise 2.93 billion yuan to buy anonymous group, shenzhen three 20 trading objects such as total 100% of north road, north road to achieve the backdoor listing.

    After completion of the transaction, the north road of wanchang ? technology will become a wholly owned subsidiary, wanchang ? technology controlling shareholders will also be changed to anonymous group, its hold about 26.38% of the listed company;Pan Aihua, xiao-min Yang will through direct and indirect ways combined control 29.43% of listed companies, the company actual controllers.

    Wanchang ? science and technology, the original actual controllers bao-lin gao stake decreased to 10.02% from 23.47%, will cede coach throne.

    Wanchang ? technology main trimethyl orthoformate and triethyl orthoformate is production and sales of high value-added chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, since it was established in January 2000, the company has been committed to the comprehensive utilization of acrylonitrile unit hydrocyanic acid gas.In domestic initiative "exhaust hydrocyanic acid method" production trimethyl orthoformate and triethyl orthoformate new technology, the traditional "metallic sodium method" an innovative technology, is a new technology of circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources.Compared with other "synthetic method of hydrocyanic acid" process has obvious cost advantages, has won the "eureka" world invention exposition gold medal, with high content of product, low production cost, no "three wastes" emissions, etc.

    Business income reached 317 million yuan, 2013 net profit of 88 million yuan.In the first half of 2014 revenue of about $2014, net profit of 51 million yuan.Business performance is good, the past three years from 2011 to 2013, net profit of 66.23 million yuan, 86.01 million yuan, 66.23 million yuan.

    Wanchang ? science and technology, said the deal is completed, the listed company will become the business covers pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological medicine research and development, production and sales of the company, strengthen all aspects of synergy.

    On April 30, the north road to the parent company earnings information, the net book assets of about 662 million yuan, trade increment rate of about 342%.

    Results also showed that the north road in 2012 and 2013 respectively to realize the business income is 288 million yuan, 288 million yuan (unaudited);Net income of 73.7838 million yuan in 2012, to 110 million yuan in 2013.Announcement to the north of the road of profit forecast is 2014, 2015, 2015, in 2017 is expected to achieve the net income, after not less than 163 million yuan and 230 million yuan respectively, 305 million yuan, 369 million yuan.

    After issuing the total equity: 1.41 + 1.89 = = 330 million shares

    Assuming wanchang ? technology net profit is constant, the year is 102 million yuan, the combined net income per share to 14, 15 years: 2.65/3.3 = 0.8 yuan/share 3.32/3.3 = 1 yuan/share.Give the 40 times earnings, the 14 years up to 32 yuan.

    The north road profile

    Xiamen north road biological engineering co., LTD., established in December 1998, is Beijing university and the xiamen municipal government cooperation in the field of biomedical science and technology.Company has a registered capital of 131.369 million yuan, with a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan, is the north anonymous group six biopharmaceutical core enterprise in the industry, is a national high-tech industrialization demonstration project and xiamen city high-tech enterprises, are approved by the ministry of personnel of postdoctoral scientific research workstations at the same time.

    Now the company's main products for the injectable mouse nerve growth factor (well the complex ? NOBEX ?).The complex ? is nerve injury therapeutic drugs, is the first in the world was confirmed in nerve growth factor for clinical medicine, also is the first by a Chinese take the lead in the industrialization of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

    North road of the investment of the construction of the Beijing university biological park, xiamen torch hi-tech zone is "area many garden" the only with a theme of biological industry in the core zone and a model of "industry-university-institute" cooperation.Series products of the company is committed to the development of nerve growth factor,

    cell factor, polypeptide drugs and antibody drugs, by creating effective new drug research and development system, integrate the resources, the north road into a star enterprise of biological industry in fujian province and China biological medicine of famous enterprises.

    The injectable mouse nerve growth factor "complex" and "interferon" genetic engineering interferon is its leading products, in April 2013, 2014, 1 -, the total sales revenue of Peking University accounted for business 98.33% of the total, 98.33% over the same path.

    Development goals

    Nerve growth factor has significant curative effect, low side effect and great market potential, has become the basic condition of "blockbuster" drugs, the Chinese market is likely to achieve annual sales of 5 billion yuan.Well the complex will become the first brand of nerve growth factor, its market share will reach more than 50%.Rely on well by the complex market north road to the first step in the company strategic goals can be achieved.

    By 2020 north road will be able to produce cytokines, peptides and antibodies to three kinds of biological drugs in global sales of the top ten, a total of 30 biosimilars, become the world's biological medicine is the most complete company.The 30 species accounted for 80% of the

    world's biological medicine market, sales of more than $80 billion in 2010.

    Effective new drug research and development system successfully developed every year more than 25 new drugs (equivalent to the sum of the United States FDA approval of new drugs each year), the launch of the new drug of the past 60 years is 56 MSD, nearly 10 years to launch the new drug of novartis is 17, the current research and development of a new drug takes 10 to 15 years, the average cost of about $1.5 billion, so the new highway is completed will also create a new drug research and development of new history of the world.

    Of course all this is based on the restructuring of success...

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