The phantom of the opera is really about love

By Beverly Alexander,2015-12-24 13:05
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The phantom of the opera is really about love

    "The phantom of the opera" : is really about


    A began to watch"The phantom of the opera"Is not very understand Christine feeling, also can't deeply understand the character of" the phantom of the opera ", later in the process of again and again see, gradually understand their inner complex.When it was once thought to see a movie, the film is a pureloveStory is between Christine and raul, think "phantom of the opera" is a in the play the author hold the attitude of the characters.

     But in the realmusicShow, I found that the author has given great attention and sympathy for him, and in many ways even positive

    attitude.He is a geniusmusicThe home, is a great director, is also a highly skilled magician.His ugly face, but with exquisite and rich in the heart.He was deeply in love with Christine, hoping that she became the heroine of his music.Because of the living environment, he has a strong affection and musiccontrolDesire, added to raul's jealousy, almost made him mad, on the roof to see Christine and raul, his exaggerationactionAnd changeful tones, to fully demonstrate his contradictions, pain, jealousy and love mixed with complex emotions.His love is selfish and warm, but also by hook or by crook and extreme, however, it was originally a love, he is a man of psychological is not sound, but he also has the power to have love.When all people fear in the face of his heart, Christine got close to him, how can you let him not to love?Before his deep love, teach Christine singing from the heart, until she can really stand on the stage to become the leading lady, when she was a success, he was close to her, in a dreamy way his inferiority to block him, he was afraid to let her see his ugly face, under the mask to hide his deeply self-abased.I gradually found that "the phantom of the opera" is very cute.When at last he want to kill raul. He's just in order to get a little love from Christine, he loved to the point, can regardless of anything.He wants Christine how much heart, how much he is longing for love, get the happiness as a normal person.That a kiss for he may be a summons or guidance, he also seemed to be in the moment become a normal person, or because he

    was the first time such a respect and love and thus understand the have more deep love than his love for kristen.

    Christine is love him, but not that kind of pure love, which mixed with too many other feelings.As the song sings, he used to be Angel of Music, is the representative of her dead father's Friend and Companion, is her Friend and soul mate for many years, and his Tutor, teacher, teach her into the Music, learn to sing.In the loneliness and lonely days, Christine growth is "the phantom of the opera" to bring her the wonderful music, fatherly guidance and long-term companion.

    Several alternates with emotions, especially "the phantom of the opera" the outstanding music full of charm, she was deeply attracted to the temptation, also confused when singing stopped.Her pure curiosity has led to a "phantom of the opera" she took off her mask, so wide awake from the psychedelic, from fear to fear, from fear to sympathy, again until finally helpless, with deep sympathy.

    She has a heart of innocence, the longing for love, the desire to find love, so the aspiration and raul will be staying in.But at the start of her desire to also did not fully understand what is love, there is no completely rejected "phantom of the opera", she also afraid of the dark, fear of "the phantom of the opera" bring her pain, so when raul planning to catch the "phantom of the opera" is so hesitant and his father's grave

    to pray, wish my father told her to do, she does not give up, because in a sense, she is with the help of the "phantom of the opera" and spiritual support to have today, but she had no way to choose.

    The last moment, she realized the "phantom of the opera" the mutilated face under the incomplete soul is distorted, is can't change, and she eventuallyIn the earthquakeAnger and awakening, willing to sacrifice themselves to save the love in my heart.She gradually from "the phantom of the opera" the shadow to come out, she constantly in a series of complex psychological activity, the growth of mature, in the end may and willingness to sacrifice for her true love agreed to marry "the phantom of the opera", she has experienced a transformation, also looking for the love, from the "phantom of the opera" the complex emotions, the only thing left, only sympathy.She inadvertently save "phantom of the opera", she is forced to have to accept his condition, only in this way, raul to safe.At that moment, she is sincere, that give "phantom of the opera" the kiss, mingled with the admiration of him, at this time to his hatred, sympathy, pity and helpless and even some faint hopes and love for raul, because she is not sure even if doing so, he also may have to continue to kill raul.Heavy kiss of the mixed feelings, thus resolving the "phantom of the opera" hatred, will also be herself and "the phantom of the opera" the feelings of aAn end, perhaps, a kiss, not only made "the phantom of the opera" felt him most real existence and a sort

    of love, a love, as a normal person can get another beyond the his love for Christine's dedication of love.At that moment, she like virgin love kiss to wake his heavy soul, or, perhaps, she moved by the spirit of sacrifice for love "phantom of the opera", caused him to give up their love for the perfect love also, anyway, the moment of "phantom of the opera" the kiss, mingled with the admiration of him, at this time to his hatred, sympathy, pity and helpless and even some faint hopes and raul, it's so cute, really seemed like music angel also bring people happiness.

    The author want to convey, through is it touching love, whether it is "the phantom of the opera", Christine and raul, all of them with love to understand and tolerance.See the ending there, I was moved to tears, for "the phantom of the opera", for Christine, for the beautiful love.The legacy of "the phantom of the opera" the kiss, mingled with the admiration of him, at this time to his hatred, sympathy, pity and helpless and even some faint hopes and raul's mask, and he wants to leave to people, a story about him...

    That reminds me one kiss the frog prince, after beautiful princess kissed him, and turned into a prince, have a happy ending, phaseThe letter"The phantom of the opera" is the same.Film in the end, older raul put the drums will be little monkey in Christine's grave, saw a clade black ribbon of red rose, that's the whole"The phantom of the opera"The classical picture of, no matter how many years, love should be the same...

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