A review of the raging bull opening of long poetic solitude

By Joan Wagner,2015-12-24 00:45
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A review of the raging bull opening of long poetic solitude

    A review of the "raging bull" opening of long: poetic


    Some people say that a movie to watch five minutes before she can decide the quality of her, and the director Martin scorsese and photographer Michael chapman in 1980, "raging bull", the beginning of the conquered the I 2 minutes and 10 seconds, with the depth of field is fixed cameras long lenses.

    Film began, when after starring Robert DE niro subtitles appear, we see a picture of a black and white picture, high sensitivity of film make the picture presents a harsh texture, indicates the film will be different from the mainstream Hollywood films (this is Michael chapman first camera black and white).As the music sounded, the ring, the picture on the left side of the, a shirt wearing boxing boxers do the preparation before the activity alone, he is the protagonist, played by DE niro - boxing champion jack motta.At this time, we will find all the movements are slow, see the hero in the ring and naked, jumping.The audience seems to be filled with smoke, sometimes the limelight, more foil out the hero's inner loneliness, and boxing fence around also seemed to herald

    the hero's life from the shackles of the parties and the whole picture perfect shows a kind of poetic loneliness.

    The camera shooting technology difficulty is not high, fixed, fixed depth of field, seems can complete amateurs, technically he isn't old Martin later shot "nice guy" in the same show DE niro long to walk more than johnnie to "big event" embodies superb scene scheduling strength "the seven minutes of shooting", even in the 1960 s, the director cui wei and NieJing photographer no Stan in the batman Zhang Ga nikon, proposed method "GaZi into barracks" long, far from creations.But why have such a great artistic appeal?I think there are two reasons:

    A, high-speed photography, is we commonly known as the rational use of "slow motion".As is known to all, high-speed photography of the reasonable use can show a kind of unique artistic charm, and this period was moderately "slow", make preparations for slightly boring activity unexpectedly as elegant as dance, (by the way, the film shooting boxing scenes are using slow motion, then, of course, is not long, but the montage) as you can imagine, no high-speed photography, the long will be dull.

    Second, the graceful music fully apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of the picture.Although in the eyes of some people, to join the music long is not long in the true sense.But I think, this footage soundtrack is indispensable, the Italian composer mas carney light opera "country knight" interlude song music, beautiful melodies, sentimental and romantic, with high-speed photography show the protagonist dance movements, until the end of this long (I estimate that the director should be according to the length of the music to determine the length of the lens), this piece of music the whole picture is full of tension, the join of the mood constant ups and downs, suggests that the fate of the protagonist, poetic play a decisive role on the lens.This piece of music has repeatedly appeared on the big screen, the source of the original is in the film, after 14 years, Jiang Wenyong "sunny day" at the end of the swimming pool of a scene and the success of the replication in this scene, the music of the same, the same high-speed photography, just long changed to montage.

Back to the beginning, the beginning of the movie the long although very poetic,

but the movie is indeed the cruel reality, in a sense, I think it's black-and-white images

and video images of the tone, the pursuit of a strong artistic effect of high contrast.

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