Tai chi man words with true kung fu

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Tai chi man words with true kung fu

    "Tai chi man: words with true kung fu

     Tai chi man"Where is the selling point?Some say that Hollywood film starKeanu reevesName, and scripted play, still can attract from "speed", "the matrix" fans of the way.However, inKung fuFan's opinion, the biggest selling point is not to watch this movie keanu reeves, not moreChen tiger huTrue, but the movieKung fuCombat is, after all, their friendship of theTai chi man".Lonely people are shameful, though in many media description, keanu is lonely, but his heart in hotmusicAnd kung fu, it is the matrix era Chen tiger hu for his training, to their appreciation to each other."Tai chi manCan't get out of the general architecture of kung fu, it is no big deal, there is great kung fu is enough.

    Today's Chinese film, kung fu andactionPiece already than it once was, the proportion of the more frustrating is, in the past, hush less true kung fu fighting.althoughJackie chanJet liAlready old,Donnie

    yenThemselves they,wujingHard to seal, but these are not problems, domestic martial arts actor a catch a lot, but the key problem is that the market has changed, now the big star words about the mainland market, even if has a kung fu and action is not professional, don't look beautiful.And special effects and photography developed now, a lot of movements rely on computer special effects, such asStephen fung"Tai chi".Or film technology developed, make a lot of professional actors also won't like beforeJackie chanThat fall into the meat of "true", such as"No two detective"In the fight, not to mention non-professional actors fighting effect, even the jet li, wu,ch0uPeople such as kung fu, also changed under the condition of clips, now is a star, has no one is willing to try very hard to break, even a few years ago the "fuse" kill the Wolf, the pursuit of skills hard war fighting now rarely "to fight" in Thailand, Indonesia's "raid", these films way are more old-school, after all is the old port with the rest of the things, but it is a knife in the "fight", and large chunks of melee dog fight scene is also the old port of conventional techniques, the effect is very ideal.And these things but we have no, this is the Chinese kung fu movie now situation.

    This is recommended"Tai chi man"Reason, is not to say how good movies, but it can well meet the requirements of a kung fu movie fans.Professional actors is quite beautiful and combat, technique and real coexist;Way is more traditional, several section of combat end to end, are almost from beginning to end.

     Who is Chen tiger hu?Said he is keanu reeves chefs don't surprised, because the two relationships in the matrix was established.Kung fu, Chen tiger hu is chengdu people, practice tai chi, won many domestic martial arts awards, by the by yuen wo pingThe United StatesAfter, won the national karate competition 60 kg all-around champion (1996, followingBruce leeAfter the second to receive this honorChinaHand), tang tao champions (1996), Chen style tai chi chuan (1999), etc.And from the early in lifelargeField as jet li,AndyJoan,Stephen chowDouble, and later in the matrix cast as deputy refers to a personal trainer and keanu

reeves, later also served as Cameron diaz,Uma ThurmanLucy liuSuch as

    the coach and the double, he fell in love with keanu is in the period of the matrix, more than ten years along the way, from teacher and pupil became friends,"Tai chi man"Is keanu reeves his desire for many years, at the same time also is tailor made for good elder brothers.

    Tai chi manIn the fighting, very not good-looking?At least in professional martial arts actor is very wonderful, under deduction, dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance at the very least aesthetic effect is also some.Joint authors of this article dream of crows, practiced martial arts for two years, fur, such was learning the north send fist stick, once saw coaches teach foreigners tai chi, body, action is very good-looking, in private coach taught two, please.Results to practice my half was coach "click", the reason is very simple, we speak of tai chi chuan, like many old people in the park playing, action is slow, cultivate one's morality relating.The real tai chi chuan is not the case, the traditional theory is called "may", it's very easy to do it quite difficult.

    Tai chi chuan is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, boxing theory is very secret, authentic tai chi form requires body relax, stretch, and combining with the waist abdomen strength, arm strength to the right when the wave hands like a cloud, is "loose sink strength".I a relaxed slightly as the old man in the park to play out a result, muscle tension, long reach and that's the only way it came out, look very "hard",

    this is not a tai chi, just follow suit.In many films of tai chi chuan can only consider, belong to the level of watching.Such as "tai chi master wu tai chi practice very well, and jet li in the tai chi zhang sanfeng relative to some" hard ", "tai chi"Yuan XiaochaoTai chi can't remember, too many special effects.

    In many cases, as in the film says, tai chi chuan is not seen as martial arts, tai chi is also the most complex martial arts in China, however, the so-called tai chi ten years don't go out, xingyi said three years farmland is this kind of circumstance, because tai chi is rooted in the basic way of thinking of Chinese culture, needs of all students.Yi jing, a Yin and Yang is called dao, then good, into the sexual.While taijiquan is built on the Yin and Yang of the operation.Therefore, the role of green xia is the whole movie is that behind the Yang Yin, although she does not appear on the surface, it is the indispensable element.

    Chen tiger hu lapping of Chen style tai chi chuan, and keanu reeves also learned tai chi for many years, as he learned how to don't know, but with Chen tiger hu's words, when foreigners' understanding of Chinese boxing meaning is very difficult, at the very least, "" with don't know what you mean.And keanu reeves heard Chen tiger hu said "four two dial one thousand jin", in order to let the teacher demonstration, is really the city to find half a ton heavy barbells.Belong to the difficulties, but keanu with their interests, or persistent learning down, it is said that people's

    concept of tai chi chuan is now is advanced than many Chinese people, this is true or not aside, "tai chi" production "for the deduction of tai chi chuan, to see a foreigner's understanding of Chinese boxing.

    Opening Chen tiger hu plays the role of and the driving forces behind the master paragraph, it is very authentic tai chi, between pattern and patternmovementIs a natural process.Along with the development of the story, Chen tiger hu tai chi began to pursue the "strong", stiffness is through the practice of soft, loose practice well, sink strength stiffness also came out, too much pursuit of stiffness, namely "hard", long reach and that's the only way it came out, as in huang said: "this is to practice tai chi?"In Chen tiger hu tai chi, from beginning to end is a gradual process, from to just punch output, with this for a general audience is also very easy to see that, but have to say in tai chi master is deduced, this process is very beautiful.

    Movie tactical combat, although be virtuoso, but overall skills and real pursuit, by yuen wo ping action guide always has been.Pure tai chi enemies from the martial arts competition, discharge power and "press" and "squeeze" the same technique;To Chen tiger hu interviewFor the first time,When fighting kung fu, where the fighting was more like a free fight, to fight through the switch to tai chi, but id at this time also started to "hard" to the limit.Tai chi in the following field grapple game, almost rarely except the wave hands like a cloud, is mostly some skilled fighter,

    toward the ribs, the joint operation, hold hands, eventually lead to fall after the lost key, released at the joints, neck artery, lock technology and according to the underground beat moves more and more.

    Film mainly free combat the second half of the fight, according to the design by yuen wo ping's action, though not as good as some movies of MMA purely practical, but the style is very good-looking.There is a fight are very impressive, similar SangBo Wrestling (Sambo Wrestling), a kind of originRussiaWrestling, with emphasis on forcing joint is given priority to, the fighting skill is very strong.Another is Chen tiger hu and masterThe seaAgainst just missed, tai chi boxing, to tell the truth, also don't know whether the cause of the age, the ocean play the effect of tai chi chuan, but this part of the play is the highlight of the film, fully the taijiquan soft stiffness, unloading force show incisively and vividly, such as shock wave forms, the an don't understand what meaning, perhaps to emphasize the "gas" of tai chi chuan, in the understanding of foreigners is such, but such a surreal style at homeMartial artsThe film is I can't find it.

    In general, the tai chi man fighting is very wonderful, beautiful, and show to the tai chi chuan is not so much as imagine, but in a limited number of tai chi combat captures the essence.Two sorry, first of all, due to the limitation of subject matter, did not show a one-to-many so that the old port of traditional pattern, that is to say the film scene is not big,

    just the pursuit of one to one combat, only a "a second" with the traces.Another is the "last" a fighting without fighting, Chen tiger hu and starring "raid"The division, wu, aceCombat must be quite good, but point now, it may be in the sequel.Anyway, "tai chi man" is itself a kung fu movie fans, the audience is those of us who like to watch kung fu movie audience, after all, in today's market, with real kung fu films are few words matter.

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