Departures, leaving the dead, and then continue to live

By Don Diaz,2015-12-24 00:15
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Departures, leaving the dead, and then continue to live

    "Departures", leaving the dead, and then

    continue to live

    Death, is never a good word, about death, never is a easy topic.

    So express or in any way from any Angle, open-minded or taboo, unavoidably will flush slightly unwell or have note in heart.

    When thedepartures"Straightforward presents death (" farewell" may be even more so), the people never want to experience rather than on detail more reluctant to careful aftertaste of the scene again and again, with the fear of death, to the death of sad sad, have a warm touched and moved, perhaps just because: with deep miss and preciousness, we are still strongalive;

    Go from cellistdepartures.Can infer the secular vision, can understand the vanity of decent, can understand the frustration of lost, let xiao Lin realize ever-present struggle: for the stress of life dignity of life and the meaning of survival.

    That was because of an affair behind his wife up and gone father, already in memory as fuzzy and will never forget.The put up raising his own mother, but failed to filial side also failed to see the last side.That kept each other alive followed behind his wife, also temporarily unable to open relative peace of mind to live so that don't understand of dim and away from home.The man who wandered the setback trough, struggling in the swirl of life, depressive and hard.

    However, he was against the psychological pressure is greater than the body hard work to maintain the survival of the individual basic.What's more, follow the old President sasaki, he again and again to witness moment of parting, aA littleLearn the ritual process, also from day to day learning about the survival significance.In his cello cloud

    thickens keyed the melody of recounting of the success or failure of their own life, also in the grave the rigorous work experience with others, accumulation and dispersion, sorrow and happiness of life.

    The film is not good, as mostJapanSoundtrack movie style: the picture beautiful, delicate, exquisite emotion, rhythm is gentle, but dull.Such films, can provide lively entertainment nor stimulate materialistic, only quiet mood is peace of mind, to chew slowly taste, and the feeling, is different from person to person each.

    Film in detail describes several different age and different sex, different circumstances of funeral ceremony, the only constant, isdeparturesaccurateactionAnd sincere attitude.departuresActions, expressions, rhythm has the strict specification, and from the rigorous behaviour and solemn expression, respect for the dead and the living of t-shirts, are thin convey in silence.Is this a few such as artistic performance of the ceremony and the friends and family sincerely TongDao farewell process, let this cold death moment, contains a warm gentle kindness.

    And the site of some of the parting scene, always let people moved to tears and beyond words.Not because of how the dog blood plotmusicHave more emotional, but because of the pain of parting forever regret, isolation of Yin and Yang is in the world can never avoid emotional but must endure forever.Today had cried off their loved, we

    assure you will be loved seeing crying, cry me the world, no one can avoid.

    Tears, is always the most precious most warm and affectionate farewell moment the most natural the most straightforward expression.Sad sad, would you want to give up, miss memorial, move feeling, such thoughts thousand feeling, wanton catharsis in tears, that the bitter taste of the salty, born in a day, will never forget!

    Pain has yi, the deceased HenYuan without feeling again.And what the living koo, don't hate will bring profound sadness.Death, always in shocking contrast with the value of life.

    People in the world still struggle, hard to breathe!Live, live experience carefully feel those who belong to everything in life, no matter the fortunes of emotions, no matter good or poor accumulation and dispersion.Because of, can also meet the sun of tomorrow, how lucky and how happy they are!

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