The Internet of things technology into the engine Add motivation for the smart home

By Marcus Taylor,2015-12-23 22:08
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The Internet of things technology into the engine Add motivation for the smart home

    The Internet of things technology into the engine Add motivation for the smart home

    Intelligent household in China for more than ten years of development, first appeared in some high-end residential areas, has not been large-scale application.In February 2012, the ministry of industry and information technology issued the "Internet of things" twelfth five-year "development plan, clear the Internet of things as strategic emerging industry to foster the development of the intelligent household in nine key areas to demonstrate the application in engineering.The current local governments with increasing investment and construction, can say that the Internet of things technology will become a new engine, the development of smart home that the

    development of smart home industry will have important influence and meaning.

    Influence on the development of the Internet of things technology for smart home market

    The Internet of things is through the radio frequency identification, infrared sensors, global positioning system (GPS), the information such as laser scanning sensing device according to the agreed protocol connect any item with the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to realize intelligent identification, location, monitoring and management of a network.Mingled with the support technology of the Internet of things sensors, rfid and electronic technology, computer, communication network, the technology of smart home is everywhere, the influence of household equipment through the sensor network technology throughout most of the subsystems, subsystem can say a lot of smart home is the Internet of things.In particular the Internet of things influence on intelligent household main performance are:

    A concept, the development of the Internet of things to redefine the concept of smart home, intelligent household from the "digital home" upgrade to the level of "intelligent household".The significance of its market space and development direction of intelligent household,

    industrial scale and so on has carried on the expansion and extension, to the smart home brings the second "life".Before the concept of Internet of things not formally proposed, smart home is actually dominated by the "digital home", is to a variety of electrical appliances connected through the computer technology and network technology, quick and easy to realize all kinds of data exchange, thus improve the living comfort, playability and entertaining, such as air conditioning remote control, digital television and computer video sharing and online real-time services and products such as lighting and curtain induction control applications, the period of the household life is in the phase of data acquisition.After rising Internet of things, the great leap forward development concept, the period of the household life is no longer a passive data reception, but to initiative control and interaction, through the radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors,

    GPS global positioning system, GIS geographic information system, audio and video information such as dimension sensing device, according to the contract agreement to anything connected with the Internet for information exchange and communication, in order to realize intelligent identification, location, tracking and monitoring and alarm linkage management, make the abstract concepts into practical application before, so as to promote the development of smart home to a higher level.

    From the development environment of observation, the Internet of things is intelligence household environment, as countries increase support for the Internet of things industry, it will speed up the development of smart home industry.At the same time, the Internet of things related standards introduced gradually will also guide the application of intelligent household industry specifications.

    Three from a technical level, intelligent household, as a branch of the Internet of things application industry in more than one link is the application of the relevant technology of the Internet of things, with the development of the Internet of things technology for smart home is mainly manifested in two aspects: the influence of the first, better interoperability between network size.Here small net subnet refers to the family, it is can bus network, wireless narrow-band networking and TCP/IP networking;Net refers to the existing Internet, network, communication network, or the next generation Internet (IPv6), it must be a TCP/IP network.Traditional intelligent household USES mostly in the form of the axis of the copper cable, 485 bus and communications, terminal equipment distribution by dial code or by other means a bus address, the user through the local terminal and control operation, there is no interaction between size of mesh.And the smart home keep smooth communication with the external network, is one of the most emphasis on the Internet of things applications.Must pass between small net and

    net cable broadband, 2 g / 3 g wireless way.As the fourth generation mobile communication 4 g (i.e., the td-scdma LTE) technology is gradually mature, family information exchange will be more convenient.Second, the gateway controller ability to ascend.Smart home controller also known as the home gateway, which is the core of the smart home system, it needs to be in the home many relatively independent terminal products integrated into a unified system, and provide the external access interface.So must have a strong ability to access gateway controller, to achieve a variety of forms of access equipment, support flexible access, to adapt to the bus, the RF wireless RF, Zigbee, bluetooth, Wifi, the needs of the wired network.In the further development of Internet technology, the household equipment storage, found each other, intelligent network and gateway control ability will be greatly improved.

    New applications based on Internet of things

    Traditional intelligent household with the method of cable, not only need professional construction and maintenance, and long construction period, high cost, poor system flexibility and low ability to scale at the same time, many users cannot be upgraded after the completion of the project, make consumers suffer.These shortcomings eventually lead to the traditional intelligent household cannot scale promotion.In this

    context, under the age of the Internet of things of intelligent household combined with a variety of technical advantages in the direction of the intelligence, science and technology, human nature, simple development will become a necessity, at the same time, the aim of the Internet of things is to develop green all wireless technology, including perception, communication, etc.Based on the technology of Internet of things smart home applications include:

    First, the security alarm.Intelligent home gateway host by external a variety of wireless sensors (such as smoke, gas, door sensor, infrared, temperature, humidity, etc.), to achieve the perception of the environment.If the gas leak occurs, the gas sensor can the wireless transmission of data to the mainframe, the mainframe field alarm and remote alarm after receiving signals, so that users take timely measures to reduce the loss.

    Second, the light curtain control class.Smart home gateway host of intelligent switch and outlet by means of wireless modules such as centralized management and control.Users can also set a variety of advance contains a variety of scene model of lighting, curtain, let the scene mode timing cycle.

    Third, home appliance control class.A user can realize wireless air conditioning control, exhaust fan, washing machine and dryer control, yard watering, pet feeding, etc.

    Fourth, audio-visual control class.Users can through wireless set-top box, DVD, computer, such as multi-channel audio and video signal source, according to the needs of the user to send to each terminal devices such as TV, acoustics of the room, to achieve a variety of audio and visual experience.

    Fifth, the energy consumption management class.Smart home gateway host timing by embedded in intelligent switch and intelligent electrical outlet of the micro electric energy measurement module, get the current main electrical equipment (including lights, air conditioning, water heater, etc.) the energy consumption of information, uploaded to the energy conservation and environmental protection system, realize effective detection of residential energy consumption information, combined with the power sector peak valley electric charge policy, energy consumption analysis and energy saving Suggestions are given.

    Internet era, the enterprise how to promote smart home

    For the enterprise, how to grasp the market trend, how to withstand can still gain a foothold and market share in the ebb tide, has become

    many enterprises need to face the problems and thinking.The author thinks that the enterprise to better seize market opportunities, the master should pay attention to the following aspects:

    First of all, intelligent household developers and real estate enterprise cooperation, comprehensive management platform is the commanding heights.Intelligent community management platform is the era of Internet of things intelligent household management center, the integrated use of wireless networks, Internet of things technology, build community public data resource center, comprehensive exploitation and utilization of all kinds of information resources, so as to realize intelligent household, community management, integrated management of convenient service.Enterprises can through its software platform to provide home networking services to smart home users, including family security, family, health, remote control, energy management, media management, etc.

    Second, strengthen enterprise cooperation.The innovation of the Internet of things is the application, compositive innovation, a single enterprise is unable to fully achieve a complete solution.A mature technology, and perfect service, many types of products and friendly interface of the application, will be the provider of equipment, technology solutions business, operators, service providers, the result of

    the collaboration.As the industry matures, support different device interface and interconnection agreement, can integrate various services of generic technology platform will be the result of mature iot industry development.

    Third, technology research and development, and system ability in product planning.With the development of Internet of things intelligent household will be applied and double drive technology.Application to market, but the application needs to have a technical support.So enterprises should be based on their own core competitiveness, by improving the technology for more cross-industry application.Smart homes on the market at present the manufacturer use electric power carrier transmission technology mainly includes the X10 technology, radio frequency technology, concentrated wiring technology, etc.From the developing trend of the future, wireless smart home has become a mainstream development, wireless intelligent household will be the development trend in the tide of the Internet of things.Therefore, enterprises should seize the trend trend, strengthen technology research and development, and connecting with the consumer demand, timely adjustment of product structure, with strong stability, humanized design and high cost performance products, in this way can intelligent household into ordinary people's real life.


    Smart home as a powerful engine, to promote the development of electronic information industry continue to increasingly attached great importance to by the relevant government departments and enterprises, become the new growth point of leading technology innovation and economic development, has the important strategic position.Practice has proved that in the past few years with the development of various technologies, smart home has indeed changed, its function from the edge of the development becomes a focus on the core function of the application of patterns from the past the same modular layout to the experience of the sense of individuality, applications by the experience of the past a few will become the reality of civilian life.

    To promote the development of the popularity of smart home, to adapt to the family informatization trend, zhejiang dahua wisdom network technology co., LTD in zhejiang province and application of digital home industry promotion agency, to participate in organized by the ministry of the second annual contest of digital home solutions, the key to promote intelligent household experiential consumption and Internet application service prosperity, speed up the intelligent household products and Internet application, let users of smart home "to see clearly, felt good, buy and use".

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