With laser booby space junk

By Travis Thomas,2015-12-23 18:12
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With laser booby space junk

    With laser "booby" space junk

    [reading] lasers from earth to break down space junk, reduce the satellite could trigger a crash.

     A group of scientists are studying in Australia, laser, from earth to break down space junk orbiting the earth rotation, reduce the fraction could trigger a series of satellite.The Australian national university institute of astronomy and astrophysics, dean of clay, told reporters that the project is very likely to become a reality, relevant equipment may operate within 10 years.

    There will be a catastrophic impact is not clear

    Humans into space, he said, leave garbage everywhere I, the plan is bound to succeed, there were too many space junk.Scientists believe that there are including the nails and bolts, small to big to rocket parts of more than 300000 pieces of debris, most of them are at a very fast speed to low orbit around the earth.Clay said, "from disastrous series of impact may only 20 years or so, then all the low orbit satellite is likely to be bumped out of orbit."

    For the first time put forward "induced into the atmosphere"

    The Australian government announced that it would take out $20 million for collaborative research with laser positioning, tracking, finally remove space junk.Team will integrate the government, academia and power, aviation industry is expected to total to $90 million.In fact, use a laser to deal with the idea of space junk is not the first time, but this time will be a huge boost to the concept.Scientists had thought with a laser removes debris from orbit, Australian scientists goal is to use laser decrease its running speed, make its last fall into the atmosphere burned.

    "Laser" will become popular type of work

    Currently in Australia in collaboration with NASA, with space telescope track space junk.According to the plan, the scientists will first launch tracking equipment, in order to avoid space junk collided produce more rubbish.If the project implementation and operation of laser will become the most popular technical work, may be recruited from their video game playing.In front of the players will be the real "Star Wars"!

    Clean up space junk "artifact"

    Began with the development of space, space more and more waste, how to clean up their has become a new problem, scientists are also put forward the creative methods, including:

    "Space slingshot" :

    In order to save fuel, the Texas a&m university, put forward "slingshot - satellite space sweeper", to be able to capture space junk, then space junk to the burning of the earth's atmosphere, using momentum after sailing to the next space debris clear targets.

    "Cubic solar sail" :

    Britain has proposed the "cubic solar sail", the use of small satellite solar sail capture space debris to low orbit.Original plan implementation in 2011, but the plan is still in the planning.

    "Electric chain" :

    In early 2014, the Japan aerospace exploration agency proposal "electric cable" strategy to effectively eliminate the space debris, current of electric cable can slow the speed of the satellite fragments or space junk.Deceleration of the satellite fragments will gradually fall to the ground, exhausted.

    "Derailed tasks" :

    The mission is put forward at the beginning of 2014, aims to search for and eliminate polar orbit altitude is 800 ~ 800 km of the abandoned wreck satellite, the European space agency plans to launch a "space trap", through "vega" rocket launch, the weight of 1.6 tons.

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