Doraemon, jingle, doraemon, blue fat man..

By Wanda Robertson,2015-12-23 02:35
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Doraemon, jingle, doraemon, blue fat man..

     Doraemon, jingle, doraemon, blue fat man...

     Doraemon since its birth in 1969, and became popular all over the world."Doraemon" is divided into cartoon, animation short film, medium-length, theater version, gaiden.Cartoons since 1969 serial, vine, F, not two male personally written serial 1345 back, short singles at least 50 volumes, big long cartoon 17 (plus its disciple compilation of more than 24);Animation since 1979 on Japanese TV premiere, the movie theater version launched in 1980, every spring since it has a release in Japan (except 2005).

     Doraemon is popular is amazing, he is not as the existence of god, but as people generally exist in this world."Doraemon" story we all know: the main tells the story of cat robot from the 22nd century - doraemon, jingle, doraemon, blue fat man..., entrusted by the original master wild than the repair, back to the 20th century, help repair the grandpa's grandpa wild stories than male.

    On August 8, 2014, the first 3 d theatrical version "STAND BY ME" in Japan.To commemorate guru vine f. 2 male's 80th birthday, not by yagi dragon and yamazaki your director's "doraemon: stand by me" is different from previous version of the movie theater, it will be in the original readers familiar from the country of the future all the way to ",

    the snow-capped mountains of romance, the male wedding eve, "goodbye duo la A dream", the duo la A becomes to the seven, such as the most classical short story, the CG + 3 d shooting mode, familiar and unfamiliar with great friends children can understand it, to the classic.Yagi dragon A and yamazaki expensive is A big fan of doraemon in that film, they joined the many original small eggs, such as idol singer star field, fantasy creatures wild hammer, etc.;Followed, also made a wild than home 1:6 entity model, including such as streets, porch, sitting room, corridor, study every detail perfect.

     According to TV asahi, doraemon all items in the most popular before six is: any door, time machine, bamboo dragonfly, time to wrap, shock gun, air gun.Let's see, "STAND BY ME" with what?

     Where any door: it can be.But it can't through time and space,

    and at the same time also can't go into the bottom of the sea.In "stand by me", big male you know, late every day, so any door has played a great role, push open the door to school every morning.Later, big male want to save the lost in the snow kamei, through any door into, for his picture last a successful marriage.

     Time machine: it can travel at any time.But if falling down from it, you will never get lost in the cracks of space and time.Double light machine has three hands, for a time, a used to adjust the space, the other is used to brake.Time machine parts mainly includes: field generator, using magnetic field, produce thrust;Reclined at the table, there is only one seat, carrying more than words can only stand in the back;Energy box, in a time machine on each side has a, energy storage time travel;Engine, 22nd century invention, mabey uz propeller engines.I can

see you, in "stand by me" in a deluxe edition.

    Bamboo dragonfly: it fly where you want to fly.But the effective time is four hours, after the battery will run out.There is a switch, a press on.Usage: put a bamboo dragonfly on the head, the propeller spin, produces the anti gravity field around the body, so the earth's gravity is blocked, people will fly up;As long as thinking about the direction and speed of flight in mind, the brain can send commands to a computer, the propeller can change speed, makes the corresponding change.In "stand

    by me," the bamboo dragonfly is doraemon give male the first gift, some funny male children play with three things to learn for half A day.

    It is a principle of the helicopter.Bamboo dragonfly is one big shirakawa, in ancient China to play, a rub his hands, and then hand a loose, bamboo dragonfly will fly in the sky;After the rotation for a long time, would fall to.Was surprised by western missionaries, called the "spiral of China";In the 30 s of the 20th century, the germans according to the principle of its shape and invented the helicopter propeller of heaven.

     Time wrap: with that, the objects can be rendered in the past or the future. It looks like an ordinary cloth, printed above sizes clock design, the front, the red and the reverse is blue (or black). When a object in positive coverage, covered object speeds up the passage of time, and

    presents the future state; If the negative coverage, are covered time will turn the object, presents the state of the past. In stand by me, began to appear is male office broke A vase, on campus is small, run into, to Sue the teacher, doraemon wrapped time wipes vase will be restored to its original state. Later again is big male want to save the future kamei got lost in the snow, with time to wrap oneself grow up quickly.

     Of course, in the "doraemon: stand by me", the classic items with great speed again, including: memory bread, transparent cloak, automatic glove, change the camera, wind energy, apartment trees, condensate gas cloud, printed with shell, hate, lies... And these items with our childhood, childhood growth, recall the happy and sad. In douban, I saw a film review "everyone, eventually learn to grow up alone"; At the time, I saw a film review "company, is the biggest happiness".

     In the future, we will together...

     Doraemon's can be found everywhere, doraemon company at any time, "doraemon" never ending. In life, work, affection, I also hope to continue our childhood and youth that is pure, the enthusiasm, the dedication...

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