What is the future bank,Smart phones, custom and cloud computing

By Kim Burns,2015-12-22 04:10
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What is the future bank,Smart phones, custom and cloud computing

    What is the future bank?Smart phones, custom and cloud computing

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    Banks will usher in change over the next 20 years.Despite the bank's own development slower, but technology giants and entrepreneurial companies are offering more and more financial services.At present, 10% of income in starbucks has come from mobile financial

    services,amazonWe develop our own application to accept mobile payments, andFacebookThe help message application user transfer directly to your friends.Banks need to embrace innovation, and how to compete in the new era, otherwise it will gradually dying.

    Let's imagine the development of banking industry in the next few years, as well as the bank's ability to compete with science and technology company.

    Credit card will be replaced by smart phones and embedded chip

    "Digital bank" author Chris' na (Chris Skinner) predicts that plastic card will die over the next 10 years, and by smart phones, and embedded to clothing, watches and other items payment chips replaced.

    In some countries in Europe, the user has can use smartphone to gas.A bank application can determine the gas station position, simply type oil gun and driver code, gasoline brands, as well as the amount can be.After that, the gas station staff will put oil gun to connect to the vehicle, when the payment is completed, the oil gun will automatically start refueling.Future, through the interaction with gas station software, the car will automatically buy gas.

    The future has arrived.At present, the user can use at the entrance of the subway near field communication (NFC) chips and the bank application, through smart phones to buy the subway tickets.In the next few years, users don't even use a smartphone, you only need to support NFC ring linked to the credit card, can achieve the same function.If you wish to withdraw from the ATM machine, the user will no longer need a bank card.Users only need to via smartphones, log on to online banking, scan the qr code, through the menu select the withdrawal.

    He expected, the new economy will be based on the chip and online payment services, and cash in all transactions accounted for not more than 30%.For now, however, even in the most technologically advanced country, cash payments are still not completely withdraw from the market.In Sweden, for example, the proportion of cash payment is only 70% at present.

    Bank branches will change to the exhibition hall

    In the 20th century, the main functions of the bank branch is a cash business, such as deposit and withdrawal.In the 21st century, most business is dealt with will be done through online channels, and bank branches will no longer be necessary.If you can through the application of bank to handle the business, and contact customer service to solve the problem, so why long lines in the site?In the future, will become the exhibition hall bank branch.Here, the user will learn to use the mobile banking application, and understand the bank's new products.

    Such companies have emerged.In 2012, the polish mBank social bank launched a new digital architecture.The bank's clients can go to pay via Facebook and video services.Then, the bank closed almost all outlets, while maintaining traditional infrastructure costs are used for the development of new services and advertising.In the end, the bank's 75% of the customers are increasingly turning to the more convenient online platform.

    The Atom is another typical case of digital bank.This year, the British financial institutions got a banking licence and is currently preparing the full launch services.The Atom will only through mobile applications and wearable electronic devices to provide services.If you want to open an account, so the customer needsdownloadMobile application,

    registration and select the account type, submit a photo identity, as well as detailed personal information.

    Cooperating with goods and services vendors

    Banks haveGoogle(weibo), Facebook, and other tens of thousands of online stores do not have a little advantage, this is for user's credit card information.

    Outside of their own markets, goods and services the seller customers what other activities can only be guessed at.Travel products, for example, the seller is not clear that the customer has just bought a ticket to Thailand, and the jeweler loyal customers wife's birthday is not clear.If the seller for this kind of information, then will be able to promote their luggage, forward backward a customer to promote women's necklace.

    Bank holds all the information, but cannot open sharing confidential data.However, such a taboo is not involved in the anonymous data.

    Financial institutions through cooperation with entity business to make money.You can to the bank said: "I have 5 cases of red wine, need

    shipment as soon as possible. Can you help me take a look at what the customer needs to buy red wine, and to offer them discount? Can be divided into income."

    Eastern Europe's biggest bank, one of Ukraine PrivatBand are adopting this strategy.

    The cost of the smart tracking system

    He says, the technology to make Banks more humanized, to identify the client identity and predict their needs.This will be the future of our face.For example, if you have a Facebook said in a news release, you want to attend a concert, the bank may tip in the comments, you can afford to buy tickets, and the bank will also be happy to help you.

    And if you're on Twitter, said in a news release that "I'm thinking of buying a used jaguar", the bank may ask you to send direct messages: "are you crazy? You already overdrawn 20000 dollars!"

    Compared to now, the bank of the future will have more user information.The bank will know customers losing a job or the chance of promotion, and customer's income is rising or falling.New technology will help to make decisions, so that the loan approval process automation, individuation.

    API era

    Each bank has multiple software system, the software system developers from many generations.Over time, more and more software code, and innovation is becoming more and more difficult.Only use an application program interface (API) and digital core to integrate these services to the unified system, the bank didn't have the ability to compete with technology companies.

    Therefore, the expert inside course of study is looking forward to a new era of software development.For example, some media are discussed the importance of "API first" design concept.Even if the focus is on the user interface, but now is not the case.First of all, you need to study the API architecture, and the front is not particularly important.

    Banks need to through the API to develop their own digital core, better interact with the user.German Fidor bank innovation provides a good case in this respect.

    Fidor bank recently won the global banking awards.The company's API platform to help customers and partners directly connected banking services.Based on the technology, customers can through the Twitter account transfer, encryption trading currency, and through the bank platform to provide services to a third party.Germany has appeared a generic API, through this API customers can use any bank service in Germany.Poland has a similar system.As long as the authentication in a bank, you can also open an account in other bank.

    All computing to the cloud

    According to Forbes magazine reported that the bank is actively moving to cloud computing technology.Contemporary financial institutions are more and more similar technology company, so we need a powerful computing center.

    The first step has been taken.In the summer of 2013, the Dutch DNB bank announced that it will use the amazon AWS to provide a range of banking services, including website, mobile application, retail banking platform, as well as the high performance computing and analysis of the credit risk and so on.Other international Banks are using cloud computing solutions, such as the Netherlands Robeco bank managing

    $8 billion in assets, Spain's sixth-largest bank Bankinter, Suncorp bank and Australia, etc.

    So, the bank will have what kind of future?Traditional Banks ceased to exist or will transform into a technology company.

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