Hemostatic sponge and prevent hair loss hat the new medical devices approved listing

By Evelyn Brown,2015-12-22 02:38
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Hemostatic sponge and prevent hair loss hat the new medical devices approved listing

    Hemostatic sponge and prevent hair loss hat: the

    new medical devices approved listing

    Speaking of "medical devices", you will think of the needle knife cut in the operating room, or constantly jumping Numbers on the screen of the monitoring instrument?In fact, the medical equipment also has a more novel member of the family.Recently, the United States food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the two kinds of special medical equipment.

    Professional plugging loopholes, hemostatic sponge "syringe"

    Pictures from: xstat

    Above the things look like many mini compressed facial mask comes in a huge syringe, and, in fact, it is a crucial moment can save a life magic props.This is a known as "Xstat" rapid hemostatic device, in 2014 by the us food and drug administration (FDA) approved to use on the battlefield, and now, it'll walking into the life of the masses, too: on December 10, 2015, the FDA approved the hemostatic device into the civil domain.

    In severe trauma occurs, the bleeding first priority is to keep the wounded soul.For some small wounds, the most simple compression hemostasis may have enough, but for the deep wounds of gunshot wounds, bleeding is a difficult

    problem.Previously, the way people tend to use filling gauze to stop bleeding, the process will bring the wounded secondary operations, and it is not always work.

    And the emergence of Xstat enable people to have a new choice for the rescue the wounded.These look like mini compressed facial mask small particles is compressed sponge made of wood fiber, after contact with water, they are rapidly expanding in 15 seconds, plug the wound, prevent blood loss.

    Rapid expansion of compressed sponge particles.The original video from: CNN

    On the surface of the sponge particles also covers the composition of chitosan coating, the material have the effect that promotes blood clotting, which can also help the bacteriostasis.Special injector can easily fill out these sterile compressed sponge into the deep wounds, seriously injured people if not immediately arrived at the hospital, they can also use it first stopped bleeding.Of course, this is just a temporary emergency measures, in further treatment, the doctor also need to remove the sponge.In order to avoid omissions, the sponge particles can also joined the under X-ray imaging.

    Hemostatic sponge "syringe" using powerpoint, scene seems a little ones...The original video from: CNN

    Prevent trichomadesis cooling caps

    Recently, a kind of hat can help prevent hair loss also received FDA approval.However, its role is not to defend the middle-aged man's hairline.This kind of cool "cap" is for the use of in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

    Hair loss is a common side effects of chemotherapy, in film and television drama, we often can see lost hair of the hero in the battle with cancer.And now, the female breast cancer treated with chemotherapy can take this cool hat to reduce hair loss.This is called "Dignitana DigniCap" device is a set of computer control cooling system, the head in chemotherapy, it will help the patient's head to keep low temperature.The aim is to make the scalp blood vessels constrict, in order to reduce the hair follicle cells are exposed to a dose of chemotherapy drugs.At the same time, the low temperature will reduce the activity of hair follicle cells, slow down the rate of cell division.And many chemotherapy drugs are applied to the process of cell division, cell division, they are affected by chemotherapy drugs also can alleviate some.Clinical trials showed that the cooling cap in the chemotherapy of breast cancer in women patients does have some hair loss prevention effect, however, it also brings some side effects, such as cold stimulation caused have a headache.

    Cooling cap does not save lives like hemostatic sponge, but to prevent hair loss it also helps to improve the life quality of patients.Look, the word "cool" in the future also should have new meaning.

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