Germany, home of Tess winner

By Jeff Ford,2015-12-20 23:13
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Germany, home of Tess winner

    "Germany, home of Tess" winner

    A teenager reading hardy's novels, is pregnant with a heart to understand qiong precious jade play leading lady look at her.Aunt, qiong precious jade is reluctant to add the plot of "girls lost their virginity" to the heroine, Tess and at the age of 16 the childlike, ignorant of the age, things went back her life tragedy of stain.What's more, let her back this stain men everywhere in the future become her nightmare.For a long time, I have a deep-rooted thought, Alec is capture Tess the culprit of happiness.

    If the intention of the novel at this point, that is too mediocre.Is Alec, Angel, social, and Tess's own weak jointly created Tess's tragedy.By contrast, Alec was the secondary factor.

    First of all, social chastity concept is deeply ingrained in the minds of the Angel and Tess.This makes be seduce conception it was born in traditional farming family Tess heart for a long time not to go around the heart and make her automatically at their

    low Angel position.Plus two people born of gap, she felt that she is not worthy of him.The Angel has never occurred to his mind the goddess, the embodiment of virginity, could have such a painful memories.It is ironic, Angel, the meaning of the name is an Angel, in the eyes of Tess, Angel is elegant and natural and unrestrained like an Angel.She ever thought, it is the angel on their wedding night cruel abandoned her tidings from now on.Angel was in fact a hypocritical selfish ghost.This status from setting can see: a middle-class family background of children on the farm work, experience life.It's like high school students now go to military training, do the same, the formality.Angel heart, is still boasts superior.

    The combination of the two men in fact what all would not necessarily have a happy ending.Tess's unilateral infatuation and quirks of things, let in between two people tragic feelings that seem deep careful.

    Alec is not to blame for the reason is that he didn't rape Tess, he seduce her.The two are quite different.The former is in the case of a woman is not willing to, the latter is the woman willing to.So Tess will the Angel asked her if she would swear with his conscience, her losing her virginity entirely the fault of Alec when silent.If the Angel forgive Tess's soft and tender, if society concept can be more tolerant...It's a pity that Tess Angel disappointed now.God sent the angel is not to save her, but to punish her against traditional moral behavior.

    This version of Tess and image of the novel is a little different.This version to add some of the modern people to understand, Tess seems to be more independent and strong, every time she refused to less of the weak and shy, more powerful and unwilling, even with a little shadow of scarlett.

    I think that the, Tess has two flashes.One is on their wedding night infamous past confesses to her husband, and there is no defined.Tess's honest Angel lining to be very hypocritical, disgusting.Second, in his father's death, the family into despair, Alec persecute her, and she write Angel before every letter of sea, Tess indignation, wrote a

final letter to Angel, thundered against his cruelty, including hatred expressed "I

shouldn't take such a treatment.".Reaction against unfair fate, this is only an awakening

Tess's self-consciousness.

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