Say goodbye to spots, 10 ways there is always a suitable for you!

By Elizabeth Olson,2015-12-20 16:28
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Say goodbye to spots, 10 ways there is always a suitable for you!

    Say goodbye to spots, 10 ways there is always a suitable

    for you!

    In brown dotted on the facial skin pigmentation spot, autosomal dominant inheritance.Sun exposure can cause and aggravate the skin.More skin lesions appear in about 3 ~ 5 years old, more women.The number gradually increase with age.Good hair in the face, especially the nose and cheeks, involving the neck, shoulder, back and other exposed parts, the exposed parts no rash.Damage to light brown or dark brown needle size to mung beans macula, round, oval or irregular.Scattered or clustered in distribution, isolated don't merge.No self-conscious symptom.Summer after insolation rash color deepened, number increasing, the winter is reduced or disappeared.Always have a family history.

    Let you say goodbye to the freckle method is introduced

    Step 1: spot suppression

    By reducing the melanin formation, formation of dark spots to interrupt the chain, inhibit the new spot, to prevent the east west long spot, to remove repeatedly.

    Step 2: in addition to the spot

    French PG cream effectively penetrate into the skin base layer, quickly decompose melanin deposition in cells, eliminate lipid peroxides, strong resilience and comply with all kinds of nutrients, the eradication of spot is not in evidence.

    Step 3: the spot

    To clear skin repair, cooperate with herb essence contains some uv radiation factor, as moisture barrier on the skin, build up prevent spots, the walls of the regeneration make spot effect more durable, spots to no longer!

    Step 4: nursing

    Some care products is more than a simple spot product, it also pays attention to spot after skin care, it contains various nutrients, full of daily necessary nutrition for the skin, make skin age inverse growth.

    Several food for women to get rid of freckles

    Cucumber gruel

    Take rice 100 grams, 300 g fresh, pure 2 grams, 10 grams.Rinse cucumber, eager to peel into slices.Rice wash clean, wash ginger smash.Pot about 1000 ml of water, fire, rice, ginger, under high heat to boil, to gradually cook to m lousy nowadays into the cucumber slices, again bring to a thick soup, into the refined salt to taste.Two times a day warm clothing, to moisturize the skin, the spot, to lose weight.

    Modern scientific research proves that cucumber contains rich thick potash and inevitable number of Hu Su, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, classes, egg quality and mustard, phosphorus, iron and other nutritional factors.Often eat cucumber gruel, can remove freckles, whitening skin.

    Tomato juice

    Day by day to drink 1 cup tomato juice or tomatoes, often to the prevention and control has good impregnation.Thick because tomatoes contain rich vitamin C, known as the "vitamin C inn".Vitamin C can restrain the activity of tyrosinase in skin, useful engrave tide dark look formation, thus make the skin white tender, dark spots fade.Tomatoes are the best treasures.

    Women how to eat to freckles

    Lemon sugar juice

    Stir the lemon juice, add rock sugar in moderation.Lemons are rich in vitamin C, thick 100 grams of lemon juice contains vitamin C can be as high as 50 mg.It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins, etc.Often drink lemon juice, not only can white tender skin, protect skin vascular aging, eliminate facial, and also has the prevention and treatment of disseminated.


    Take 30 grams of black fungus, jujube 20.Wash the black fungus, jujube

    denuclearization, add water right amount, cook for half an hour, Sir.Twice a day early, after dinner.Often eat, you can spot, strong and handsome abundant muscle, and used in the treatment of facial spots, thin.Black fungus in the cookbook, "compendium of materia medica" in on-site, it can go on black patches.Black fungus can embellish skin against skin aging;Jujube and replenishing qi, spleen and skin, help to black agaric clear spots.


    With winter vines boil water to clean face, bath, can make skin moist, remove freckles.

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