The FAA approved Yamaha agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle

By Bobby Sims,2015-12-18 04:14
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The FAA approved Yamaha agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle

    The FAA approved Yamaha agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle

    Abstract: Agricultural use unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) finally came to the United States from across the Pacific Japan. Yamaha in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has not yet hit start manufacturing commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), farmland in Japan since 1991 can see Yamaha remote control helicopters at work. Japan's Yamaha uavs already has more than 2 million hours of work hours, whereas before lawmakers in the United States has been sticking to thwart this technology applied in American agriculture.

    Just last week, however, the faa has finally made concessions for the application of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the United States, they give the Yamah agricultural aircraft operating license, this is the first time the license granted to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

    With this license, Yamaha can finally the pesticide for agriculture for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the United States.However, Yamaha

    to use in specific local agricultural drones, state and local officials agreed to have to pass through.Yamaha agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) was born in 1997, the world's current agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for a total of 2600 Yamaha farming, every year the drones to spray for 2.4 million hectares of land, Yamaha the working hours of uavs has already accumulated more than 2 million hours.As long as the states also agreed to use Yamaha agricultural drones, then Yamaha market will open at a draught rise in the United States.

    Yamaha's Rob Trester said: "we finally allows us to appreciate the faa existing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) agricultural technology to customers in the United States, we will help the development of the agriculture, the benefit of customers in the United States."

    Yamaha is scheduled to begin at the beginning of farming season in 2016 with pesticide spraying services, it also means that the farmers in the United States next year will have a significant innovation.

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