Takeshi kitano kojiro chrysanthemum summer movie reviews

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Takeshi kitano kojiro chrysanthemum summer movie reviews

    Takeshi kitano kojiro chrysanthemum summer movie

    reviews: takeshi kitano's gratitude and support

    "This is a film about childhood, a film about growth, about summer movie."

    "A middle-aged people aren't happy, don't want to see an unhappy child. Because of his unhappy childhood, or because of what?"

    A lot of people at first thought the simple-hearted introversion and lonely boy is kojiro chrysanthemum, later kitano uncle say with a smile to the end "kojiro is chrysanthemum! Fuck, go!"Everybody is suddenly enlighted, understand why called "chrysanthemum kojiro summer".

    This DVD I find for a long time have not been able to find a few days ago a friend came back from nanjing to bring me a, finally was able to not have to listen all the original OST flow ha la.

    The work and the thousands of performers, "the main propositions are similar: affection, search, and the friendship between people, which takes the slowly to, trying to be less than the former hurried to be more memorable.

    With a long stone let the warmth and light music, an uncle and a boy's journey on this stage, although had ready to fully be touched, but inevitable in the process of film will be into that with the sun, sunflower, burdock leaf and corn taste of summer.

    Kitano Wu Dashu drifting, what kind of god, god looks at the beginning of, in addition to bring us helpless laughter, is highlighted along the way encounter a variety of human world: abnormal gay, innocent and kind hotel waiter, personality also a passionate lover, toured the country stray poet, protection rackets Mafia thugs, his bark is worse than his bite car race...The world is not completely pure, is so beautiful.

    Be unlearned, idle, bully, haggle over every ounce, small volume, revenge, love, love of petty gain...Kojiro chrysanthemum is such a ubiquitous middle-aged uncle, because lost money gambling and had to hitch a ride to go to Tokyo on foot, but clearly no background to make a ridiculous tattoo, yao can't swim yet love putting on AIRS, being rejected is secretly smash the car ride glass revenge, stealing other people's food, put the nails on the road, for the sake of lanche at temple fairs in order to account for petty gain is close to play to depend on being beat...

    And uncle is such a ridiculous and sad, but in the way of the journey has never been a regret complaints, just to help the little boy round a look at my mother's dream.

    A lot of people to be cast into the abandoned the bus station for two days and two nights, but no one wanted to stop downloading them a ride of that experience, said it

    showed kitano has been repressed loneliness and sense of alienation, which is starting at the center of the film.

    Appear in the film's climax after the place where they worked so hard to find my mom, but found mother remarried, already have a new happy family, a little boy couldn't come home.

    Ancient soil was the faggots alliance, in this case is that the processing of: "oh, mom is not here, she may go to far away places, we continue to look for!!!! Must be, must be found!"

    Kitano uncle to comfort the little boy, almost method cheat with threats to the bell of an angel, said it was before moving to his mother, just shake the bell, the angel will appear to protect him.Is male shook the bell, the angel did not appear, the boy didn't give up, he kept shaking, the angel of the bell is a symbol of hope.

    Film is not the end, the little boy's mother found trip over, big boy journey again.I was moved by the film's most not uncle kitano because're incapable of being played on the temple fair, cheat is male said that from the moment she fell down a flight of stairs, but he suddenly went to nursing homes, looking for his own mother, but only after find out through the window far glanced at his left eye.The window after less than a second look in the eyes, simple, pure, sincere and persistent...Is such a look, in my mind the position quickly over the gao cangjian the tall figure.

    As a road movie, the film scene, from the water on the reed frog, eating vegetables leaf caterpillar, into the blue sea, twinkling stars, grass incense cicadas, creamy eyeful green, and meet all kinds of people on the road, it has been a summer graffiti in the eyes of a child.To compensate for the little boy is, or to compensate for their own childhood, kojiro chrysanthemum and three other men: good Sir, fat, bald guys, the edges of the four also abandoned by society, began to accompany the boy playing wildly.

    Together "is just a group of boring lonely adult, child as an excuse to play."Kitano Wu Ziji is explained.

    Around the head blue sky, clear river, Mr Mr Octopus, aliens and Indian elder brother, together, in the big dipper play "in the 123 s, wooden".

    Boy laughed and laughed very happy, he spent a memorable summer.Kojiro chrysanthemum also laughed and laughed very happy, he also spent a memorable summer.

    Angel wings shake, shake, the little boy ran home, step by step through the light music, through the road with the sunlight.

    "There is hope, takeshi kitano with the big dipper in the sky, with the angel of the bell, with the crazy mau green, in the end is male brisk pace, gradually kojiro chrysanthemum mercy and content of laughter, to represent himself to the life of a kind of hope.

    Go not over of road, can't see the first journey, the end will return to the starting point, but in the summer trip, two "boy", began to grow, to go home."

    After watching the Trinidad performers, a cinema immediately I put those who deliberately for simplicity and deep to left behind, including the lijiang scenery, at home watching the "summer of kojiro chrysanthemum" DVD, after a long time

    immersed in the summer sunshine, like forget staggered out of the window when the wind.This gap is contagious.

    Kojiro "chrysanthemum is your father's name?

    - yes.Living like memory and he has not spoken.But looking back now, he is really a bit lonely.A bit like a grave this time the theme of the film XiaoQin feeling, it is support.(takeshi kitano)"

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