Do you dare to live beautiful ice hotel

By Andrea Coleman,2015-12-16 06:43
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Do you dare to live beautiful ice hotel

    Do you dare to live beautiful "ice hotel"

    This year, Sweden's ice hotel (Icehotel) finally

    opened.Starting in 1990, it is to collect all kinds of ice sculpture design of the room, to create a different room for tourists to experience.It is a good way to marketing, they will continuously doing this activity, to this year's already the 26th.

    The hotel from April began soliciting ideas, selecting from among 130 received the 19th, then please list in November.These people are not well-known artist or designer, but from all walks of life, and even have never been in contact with the snow and ice.It does not affect their ideas, most of these rooms with a sense of science fiction.

    This suite of inspiration comes from Germany in 1920 thriller movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Dr Gary's cabin (card), surrounded by abstract house, often appear like a thriller movie, dizzy, he sleeps in it will not have nightmares

This one is called "Under the Arctic Skin (sky) in the Arctic,

with countless lined up circular groove, simulate the feel of the


Many rooms are in snow and ice made the geometrical sense, using

some of the architectural elements.Like the room with a circular

circle "Live Your Time" (well, why I will think of table).

With different Angle of triangle plane of the wall.

    Looks like a cave, practical is the arched door of gothic style.

    Some room fittings is very brilliant, hanging in the head of a bed that "love capsule" and ice sculpture on the lamp with a decorative style.Ice sculptures carved a sofa, next to five circular groove of the seat, can let a group of people to the party.

    Beside the bed to add an ice sculpture screen, somewhat the effect of the shade.

    There are also two simulation animal sculpture, elephants and peacocks.Ice sculptures of peacocks have the very high "cold" feeling, ice crystals was used to simulate the feathers eyespots,

very beautiful.3 meters high simulation, the elephant is a bit too

walk to the corner, suddenly saw may be startled.

Swedish sculptor Anna Sofia Maag

    A year to build up to 48000 hours for all rooms, but all melted when I was in the spring, only to find the former design in the picture, a little pity.So the Icehotel recently announced that it would build a open year-round ice hotel.

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