Will be the new elementary particles CERN traces found surprising

By Beatrice Nichols,2015-12-13 11:03
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Will be the new elementary particles CERN traces found surprising

    Will be the new elementary particles?CERN traces

    found surprising

    The European centre for nuclear research (CERN) under the large hadron collider (LHC) of two groups of physicists, said in a report this week, they found some traces, may mean that the nature of fundamental particles have a brand new - if it is true, then it will not only is the heaviest of fundamental particles found so far, and may even change the entire particle physics.

    After two years of maintenance upgrade, after the LHC in April this year again, haven't broke the big news at the end of this year.They found a pair of ultra-high-energy photons, with a total of 750 gev of energy.Look, this is likely to come from a 750 gev, the decay of new particles.

    This number is very severe.Although this energy don't look too much, only about one over ten million the joule, but - if it is true, then this is the energy monopoly by a particle, it can be a top 800 hydrogen atoms.Known the heaviest elementary particles - the top quark, the energy is only 173 gev, only a quarter of its;Won Nobel Prize two years ago the higgs boson, also only 126 gev.

    If this is true, it will "upside down", a theoretical physicist at CERN, Gian Francesco Judy cut (Gian Francesco Giudice) inAn interview with the natureSaid.The higgs boson is the "standard model" the last piece of the puzzle, but the new particle is a new thing, "theory of the novel, dwarfed by the higgs boson."

    Schematic diagram of particle collisions.Image: CMS/at CERN

    But the premise is that it exists.We observed a photon may be from the mysterious new particles, can also be from coincidence.One group of physicists (code is Atlas), the report says, the probability of coincidence is 1/93.It is very small, but physicists are far from satisfactory.In general the gold standard for particle physics is the so-called "five sigma" : this means that when the probability of coincidence reduced to one over three million five hundred thousand of the time, everyone will admit that this is true.

    Usually so weak evidence was not worth it to release, but another group of physicists code (CMS) is also observed this phenomenon.The Atlas group observed photon pairs, to more than 40 theory predicts;While CMS saw more than 10.

    If - again if it is really a new particles rather than statistical accident, so there are many kinds of madness and not so crazy.Maybe a republishes the higgs boson, after all, although we have discovered a, but it can only have a no one rules.Could also be a graviton, the quantum gravity in the legend of the carrier.Even in the end we may find that rule the "standard model" of particle physics for decades to finally be completely collapsed, triggering revolution of physics in the new century, this model has been just won Nobel Prize this year gave the first gap of neutrino oscillation experiment.

    It was, after all, four years ago at this time, also from the LHC, is also two groups of physicists consistent observation, eventually found the higgs boson, as the

    standard model added missing the last piece of the puzzle;If four years later they are in the same way the building, also be stead fast.

    But all this is just speculation.From the first sign of the higgs boson, to the people to make sure it's found that apart for half a year;This mysterious new particle if really exist, and must go through a similar validation.Next year the LHC will be ten times the amount of data in the year, then to look for this mysterious high-energy photons signals will be.

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