Stalingrad love great patriotic war era

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Stalingrad love great patriotic war era

    "Stalingrad" : love great patriotic war era

    Review of the Soviet unionhistoryGo on, can be from many Angle and position.Mr Putin has a famous saying: think of the past, on behalf of you have a conscience;But want to go back to the past, it is not the mind.This sentence fully explainedRussiaPeople's feelings about the Soviet union, it has brought Russia national honor and prestige supreme, also make oneself cast a layer of lingering shadow.Perhaps because of this, this year in Russia's largest movie studio"stalingrad", although the story background is one of the most important historical events in the past Soviet union: weiThe war, but for the period of the political environment and the ideology, the film is not too much elaboration;On the contrary, the director of the narrative Angle of view, in a big house in the war, the remaining ordinary soldiers and residents.

    For fans who are not familiar with great patriotic war,"stalingrad"Is to understand the history window.Compared with the Soviet union, the controversial history in the middle of the 20th century, during the second world war in the Soviet union is simply a lot of, and in

    particularstalingradThe battle.On June 22, 1942, the germans launched barbarossa invasion of the Soviet union, blitzkrieg offensive to unprepared, alsoGermanyWhen the Allies of the Soviet union off guard, in the land of their retreat, capital, Moscow at a siege, is only one step away from American state.But in the Soviet army and arduous struggles, this lasted nearly four years of the great patriotic war, eventually ended in the Soviet union's pyrrhic victory, and directly to reverse the situation in the whole of the second world war.

    For this period and Pearl Harbor, the Marco Polo bridge incident equally important historical events, for decades, all over the world have a lot of film and television, literary works.But different from us in a lot of the Anti-Japanese War movieJapanPeople, in a playful way to shoot this period of history, that let a person produce? WhyChinaPeople in the face of such a silly enemy, can play a full eight years of doubt, the soviet-german war film and television play theme, mostly tend to be more real, with calm and objective attitude to describe.

    Hitler personally the invasion of the Soviet military plans, code-named "operation barbarossa", which is specific content, with 3

    million Nazi Germany's elite army, with rapid blitzkrieg assault of the Soviet union from three directions of the three most important city, the capital, the second and third largest city of Leningrad in Moscow and Kiev.In it,stalingradBecause on the volga river, belong to everybody of traffic arteries, is an important city of sustaining oil supplies, and named after the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, as long as the successful occupationstalingrad, it will be important influence on the soviet-german war game.Then, the germans in 1942 began to attack by the end of June, and on September 13 successful invasion of the city.Although the germans struck stalingrad, but that doesn't mean they win, the subsequent are numerous street, although the germans was once occupied the ninety percent of the city, stalingrad, but always can't fully occupied, deeply familiar with the terrain of the Soviet guerrilla ambush, which lost, suffering.Eventually, with the Soviet

    unionterroristWinter arrived, in the case of the cold, disease, faulty, the city of the German army surrendered finally declared.

    Battle of stalingrad, is head of the German defeat for the first time in world war ii, become the key turning point of world war ii.Also because of this battle is so important, the historical position makes it has always been the focus of historians and literary and art workers.Just have a number of movie, such as Germany shot taken by the battle of stalingrad, the Soviet union the bloody battle of stalingrad, and most famous

    Hollywood production the enemy at the gate.This year, Russia's nearly 200 million yuan of investment, coupled with the latest IMAX and 3 d technology, once again took to stalingrad as the background, the war movie called the stalingrad.

    The above three films, the most well known is the enemy at the gate.thisThe FrenchThe directorJean - Jacques ArnoldDirected and Hollywood starsJude lawandEd HarrisFilm, from the Angle of the relatively objective to describe the battle of stalingradA littleDrops.Is one of the most impressive, portrays the Soviet government propaganda ideology as the fascist Nazi Germany, forcing the hand recruits the charge without bullets, Russian troops can only forward can't back.These indications to Siberia and there is no trained recruits, and have no weapon, once want to retreat, will be laterconfederateOfficer shot, they

    have to constantly rushed to the slopes of the German machine gun array, and the human, become a victim of tragic.The plot of this reduction history, humanity controversy in the enemy at the gates appeared more, make the film with strong reflection color war, coupled with large as two army combat and majestic as the sniper tense confrontation, the movie, entertainment, also makes it a reaction the representation of the battle of stalingrad, film and television works.

    Today, in Russia, director Mr Mikheev banda, cukor, directed by the "stalingrad" on the frame and have certain similar to the enemy at the gate.Two pieces to the sniper many scenes, also with defensive side street fighting in stalingrad, and building.Story of opening of the Japanese earthquake in previous years, to a Russian man save trapped underground in the German girl, then from the Angle of his memories about the battle of stalingrad.The story back to seventy years ago, several Soviet forces in the old house before a building located in the volga river port and the germans, wit and at the same time and the last tenants in the house, the 19-year-old girl produced a delicate feelings.

    See the film, the audience will find that IMAX and 3 d are stunt, large-scale war scenes in films in less than five minutes, most of the time is the defensive side of the snipers and house, plus oil painting texture set, what didn't give IMAX3D.In addition to the original in some passion play, the introduction of version also delete all.So if you want to see big

    battle scenes and sensory stimulation of the audience, I'm afraid to be disappointed.Film's most let a person feel fresh or description of the citizens of war stalingrad, one of the citizens to have such a dialogue: "this is my home, this is the city I live in, you in battle, every day every day in front, but we still have to life!"So, we see the film, stalingrad citizens to walk on the street is in ruins, meets the heavily armed German in another moment, lie in the Soviet...Although side bullets whizzing, but they face is numb.Both sides of the death and survival this opposition, at this moment, had reached a kind of magical harmonious coexistence.

    Film for the battle of stalingrad, unfortunately, detail also call it a day, at this level to reflect on war, also just stop at "I hope and I love the woman happy life" this level.And director think a couple are, enough to give the German and Soviet hero are respectively arranged for a woman.Quality of the urine point, full of mediocre feelings occupied most of the time of film, drama down the rhythm of the whole movie, made as admirable as the above details in a flash, hide in the mediocrity of the whole movie.

    However, in the aspects of the scene, the movie is done to restore historical truth.That has appeared in a lot of film and television, game boy fountain sculpture, hand in hand again let the audience, the endless ruins bloodstains on everyone's face, plus always floating in the sky black

    ash, the time is a reminder of the horror of war, anti-war theme of the film is also to be able to stand out.

    "Universal values" in stalingrad, also complied with since the Vietnam war of revelation for the theme of the film in this paper, the war.Decades ago, Germany and the Soviet union, but also for war jangkie its power lusts and spell it out;Now they are in front of natural disasters together, become a savior and saved.In the war, we all like pavilionFloor of a buildingThe girl who was shivering, see tomorrow can't see hope;In peacetime, stretched out a helping hand, you can save the original is the enemy of study.No longer for the sake of what socialism and played out, a good living, is the most important thing.

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