LG 49 uf770v high-definition television

By Ethel Simpson,2015-12-12 06:13
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LG 49 uf770v high-definition television

    LG 49 uf770v high-definition television review

    Whatever you have ready for 4 k high-definition TV have already moved strides towards the mainstream.Compared with full 1080 p hd TV, 4 k television must be more expensive.Therefore, to find a suitable mid-range product becomes the core requirements of most people.If so, LG 49 uf770v is qualified to be consumers like to choose?

    Appearance design

    49 uf770v LG is a 4 k high-definition TV, which means that is not a big run up on the screen of the 49 inches high resolution is 3840 x 2160.As one of the latest LG TV, it USES intelligent webOS to meet the requirements.For now, webOS is the simplest and most efficient option.

    Product interface layout here we do have some insufficient "high-end" flavor: it has only 3 HDMI 2.0 interface, is located in the TV side.Besides, there are a pair of USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0.

    The remaining part behind, such as cable interface, rf module, audio output, headphone jack, etc.LG 49 uf770v support wi-fi connection, of course, although must be wired network more stable.

    Although Soundbar support is one of the standard is now almost, but 10 w speaker LG 49 uf770v itself is very nice.The speaker sound quality is better than imagined, the bass is also very to force.Voices not gone with the wind, but the music part is somewhat poor.This is inevitable, after all, the trend now is to thin sacrifice quality.

    As the TV in a face, LG 49 uf770v appearance not good-looking, plastic feeling is very heavy, especially the thick plastic base, but also a provincial.Although "to what bike", but the price almost 49 inches significantly better see some SONY TV.Ok, this base is indeed a pretty steady...

    But the LG Magic Remote Remote control is good, especially for smart TV.The remote control when operating webOS interface is very relaxed and happy.

    The television screen

    WebOS should say is currently one of the best smart TV system, and the Wii is a little similar control way is intuitive, can be very useful.

    Very important functional software designers, so when you're using almost no interference by any irrelevant options.Convenient options panel from the bottom, HDMI switch and smart TV two provenance.In addition, a fast interface and convenient user adjust images and sounds.

    Quality experience

    Before LG 49 uf770v gives person's feeling is good, it is a pity that is almost all its points in one of the most important quality experience.SONY's 49 x8307c with good quality performance, but was lost to the android TV, LG is just the other way around.

    Considering the hd PuQing even now, there are still a lot of video sources, most of the 4 k of these resources is optimized, the TV so that they can be on the look and feel as close as possible to 4 k.The main defect of LG 49 uf770v right here.

    When playing 4 k content, LG 49 uf770v performance is very good, the image is very clear and sharp.Its performance is very have administrative levels feeling, with 4 k that 8.3 million pixels almost can build a kind of stereoscopic feeling.Smooth dynamic performance, high brightness, making sense of details were stronger than 49 x8307c SONY.

    But when you play is a high-definition video source, especially television, trouble will come: image becomes very "dirty", full of noise and blur, scene when partial dark effect is terrible.If you look at is PuQingYuan, more serious problems.On the optimization of the 4 k source, 49 uf770v LG is not successful.

    In addition, LG 49 uf770v processing ability weak disadvantage even when play 4 k content is also very obvious.Play 4 k content, webOS will become very card, almost impossible to use.

    Overall rating

    LG 49 uf770v is hard in the face of the mid-market 4 k high-definition TV.49 inch size even it matchs the sitting room is not bad, 6500 yuan price also is people.

    However, it is the biggest problem is the optimization of the 4 k content is so bad, at least for now is very fatal flaws.4 k content from fully popularization, after all, still have a long, long way to go.If during this time we have to put up with bad hd, PuQing picture, that is very, very afflictive.

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